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  • Rob and Sven find out who is the best fighter

Custom clip request 

All fighters should wear black pants, white muscle t shirt, white socks must, and black kung fu style shoes but if not available any black shoes.  They should fight in a private room with no one else seen.  The victory poses should be at least 30 seconds and many angles.  There should kicking and punching sound effects like in your other amazing videos.

Sven and Rob are watching kung fu films on Youtube, copying some of the moves and kicks.

Rob thinks he is the best fighter as he practises some kicks.  Sven says “my kicks are more powerful and can knock anyone out.”  Rob thinks he is full of it and asks Sven to fight.  Sven tells Rob that he will knock him out.  Rob and Sven walk to an open area to get ready to fight.(2 mins)

They both go into their fighting stance and begin.

Each fighter does many kicks and punches to the stomach of the other, and to the face.  They do round house kicks, and spinning back kicks.  Some of the kicks and punches are blocked, some of them make contact and hit the opponent. After the first 4 mins, Rob does a combo of punches and kicks to Sven.  Rob does a final kick to Sven’ stomach.  Sven starts to feel weak and drops to his knees and Rob gives him a final push on the chest with his foot and Sven falls to the ground.  Sven is laying with his arms and legs spread out.  Rob puts his foot on Sven’ stomach.  As soon as Rob’s foot touches Sven’ stomach, Sven lets out a long groan/moan like he is angry he lost the first round.  Rob is happy at his victory and tells Sven, “you can never beat me.  I’m a black belt.”  Sven responds “I let you beat me.  I’ll destroy you in the next round.”  Rob keeps his foot on Sven’ stomach and grins and lightly laughs.  “Alright, I’ll let you up this time.  Next time, I’ll finish you off.  But first….my secret move.”  Rob slides his foot horizontally across Sven’s face to knock him out.  Sven gets knocked out and Rob continues to put his foot on Sven’s stomach.  Sven is on his back with his arms above his head and legs spread wide.  Rob keeps his foot on Sven’s stomach while the camera shows many angles of Sven and Rob, a close up of Rob’s foot on Sven so you can see Rob’s white sock.  Rob is ready for round 2 and uses his foot to jiggle Sven’s stomach to wake him up.  Sven starts to wake up in a groggy groan.  They begin to exchange fighting words.  Sven gets up from the floor in a kung fu style jump up.

Round 2 – Both fighters in their stance.  They continue to fight with lots of kicks and punches to the stomach, groin, and face area.  After 4 mins of back and forth fighting, Sven and Rob lock hands and try to push the other down.  While still locking hands, they both twist so now that they are back to back.  Sven uses his foot to give Rob a back heel kick to the groin.  Rob slowly falls to his knees in pain.  Rob is moaning still in pain. Sven stands beside Rob and kicks straight up in the air which kicks Rob in the face.  Rob is knocked to the ground on his back with his arms above his head and spread, and legs spread out.   Sven laughs a little.  Sven walks to Rob and slowly puts his foot on Rob’s stomach.  Rob lets out a groan.  Sven laughs “he he.  You were saying about beating me?  I’m also a black belt too.”  Rob continues to moan.  Sven says “just give up now, man.”  Rob says “no way.  No one defeats me.  I’ll beat you.”  Sven still has his foot on Rob’s stomach and smiles.  Sven says “if I let you up again, I’ll finish you for good.  Just give up now.” Rob says “I’ll finish you.”  Sven says “if you say so” and helps Rob up.

Round 3 – Both are in their fighting stances and start kicking and punching.  Lots of karate moves, spin kicks, round house kick.  Finally Sven starts beating Rob, but Rob doesn’t give up easy and tries to continue fighting.  Every punch and kick Rob does, Sven blocks it and strikes back.  Finally after 4 mins, Sven does a combo of kicks and punches to Rob.  Sven kicks Rob to the wall and pins him there with his foot against Rob.  Rob is too weak and falls to his knees.  Sven comes closer and says “now I steal your finish move….he he he”  Sven puts Rob in a forward headlock and kicks Rob in the face 2 times with the back of his heel.  Rob moans loudly and falls on the ground on his back with his arms and legs spread wide.  Sven comes over to put his foot on Rob’s stomach.  Sven says “I told you I would beat you and finish you.  I’m a black belt.”  Rob says “ok you beat me.  I give. I give…I give up.  Go ahead and finish me.  You earned it.  But, don’t steal my move buddy…please!”  Sven chuckles while he still has his foot on Rob’s stomach.  Sven says “nothing personal…buddy” and slides his foot horizontally across Rob’s face, knocking Rob out.  Sven puts his foot back on Rob’s stomach and enjoys the victory.  Sven enjoys many different positions, including arms hanging down and stepping on Rob’s stomach, hands on hips and stepping on Rob’s stomach, and even switching to his other foot to step on Rob’s stomach. Many camera angles – close up of Sven’s foot showing his white sock on Rob’s stomach/chest.  Camera angle from Rob looking up at Sven with Sven’s foot on him.


Alternate ending:

After Sven puts Rob in a forward facing headlock and back heel kick’s him in the face two times, Sven starts to kick Rob back and forth over and over with the same leg.  Sven gives Rob a kick to the groin and Rob grabs his balls in pain.  Svenk pushes Rob with his foot and Rob falls onto his back.  Rob is laying there with one hand on his balls and the other hand on his stomach.  Sven walks up to Rob to finish him with a jump onto Rob, but has Sven jumps up and comes down, Rob raises his fist so Sven’s groin lands on Rob’s fist.  Sven grabs his groin and falls to his knees and moans in pain.  Rob gets up and beats Sven with a series of kicks back and forth, finally a kick to Sven’s stomach and Sven doubles over.  Rob pushes Sven with his foot.  Sven falls onto his back.  Rob kicks Sven’s arms to be above his head and kicks Sven’s legs wide apart.  Rob stands over Sven with a grin and says “I told you my kung fu is better than yours.  I beat you.”  Sven says, “ok buddy, I give.  I give up.  So what do you want me to do now?”  Rob says “just stay down” and does his super move to slide his foot across Sven’s face horizontally and Sven gets knocked out.  Rob continues to stand with one foot on Sven’s stomach.  Rob flexes his biceps and then puts his arms down at his sides while he continues to keep his foot on Sven’s stomach.  Camera shows many angles including Rob’s shoe and white sock for an extended victory pose scene

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Rob and Sven find out who is the best fighter

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