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Part 1 (3’)

The video fades in Lillian standing, back against the wall, shirt tied in a knot, hands behind her head. The thug is right in front of her. He says “So, another new comer. You also think your stomach can take my strength?”. “I am not a new comer” says Lillian. “I am the strongest in the gang”. “Oh, really?” he says. “I’d better get ready” and he takes all of his serum. “I remember you” he says. “Moaning like a weakling…”. “Fuck you, I never…” But she doesn’t finish her sentence. The thug sucker-punches her, taking her by surprise. Lillian is stunned, and sags, keeping her hands always behind her head.

She slowly lets the air go off her body, and slowly straightens up, surprised by the power behind the punch. “You were saying?” he asks, and he punches her again. She grunts and doubles half way, putting her hands on the wall. “Strong… punches…” she says. “Thank you” he replies, and punches her again. She doubles forward, grabbing her stomach, looking down, trying to recover her breath. 

The thug straightens her up. “No defending yourself” he says. Lillian puts her hands behind her back, and says “bring… it… on…”. He starts punching her stomach over and over, left and right. Camera turns to POV (as if it was the thug’s eyes). Lillian tries to contain the situation, doubling forward, administrating her breathing, but the continuous punching weakens her gradually, until she falls to her knees, grabbing her stomach.

The thug says “No protecting yourself” and pins her against the wall, hands above her head. She says “let me… recover…”. But the thug starts to deliver again uppercuts that go deep into her midsection, making her double all the way. He straightens her up and strikes again. The drill goes on and on, until Lillian is visibly tired.  He pauses for a second and gently pushes his knuckles against her upper stomach. “Tired?” he asks. Lillian replies “please… stop…”. But he delivers yet another uppercut below her ribcage. The impact makes Lillian freeze for a second, and then slide down to the floor. Camera fades out on her suffering face.

Part 2 (3’)

The video fades in Lillian standing, shirt unbuttoned and open, back against the wall, arms spread and hands tied in crucified position (like her friends before her). She is visibly weakened, but still defiant. The thug positions himself very close to her. “Now that your abs are tired, let’s see if you can resist more than your friends”. Lillian replies “My stomach is resistant”. “We will see about that” he says. He starts driving uppercuts into her stomach right above her navel, one every 2-3 seconds.

She tries to contain her reactions as much as she can. He realizes that, and says “You are strong, I will have to do better” he says. “Let’s try a bit faster”. And he rises the pace of the punching. The beating takes tall in Lillian’s body. She starts to lose composure and show signs of exhaustion. But she still makes an effort to stay standing.

He realizes, and says “Really strong, let me try the pit of your stomach” and starts punching her right below her ribcage. Lillian looks up, stunned, unable to breathe. As the punching continues, her eyes slowly close, and she slumps forward, losing control of her body, her mouth forming an “O”.

He stops for a second. She takes a deep breath and sighs. “Maybe you are stronger than some of your friends” he says. He grabs a baseball bat, places the blunt end against her stomach, and starts pumping it into her, once every 1-2 seconds. Camera turns to POV (as if it was the thug’s eyes). Lillian says “s-stop… my stomach…”. He continues, until she slumps forward, almost out. Camera fades out on her face slightly drooling (no spitting).

Part 3 (3’)

The camera fades in Lillian lying down on a mat, hands untied, shirt gone. The thug is standing beside her. “I can’t believe your abdominals are still working” he says. Lillian speaks with some difficulty “I told you… my stomach… is resistant…”. “We will need to finish the job” he says, and places his heel (no shoes) on her stomach. She grabs his leg, trying to pull him off, but he is too strong. He starts to push his heel into her belly, pumping in, once every 2-3 seconds. Lillian tries to resist, but her body gradually gives in, her arms losing power, until she just lies, shuddering every time the heel enters her stomach.

He stops. She slowly turns on her side, covering her stomach, softly sighing. She says “my… stomach…”. He says “You know I need to test how long you can resist until you are out”. She softly sighs, positions her back flat on the mat, and puts her hands above her head. “Just… do it…” she says. He brings his two hands together forming a double fist and hammers Lillian in the stomach. Lillian jolts, convulses and coughs, turning on her side and covering her stomach again.

He repeats the “bombing” a few times. Lillian “oofs”, her cheeks filling up with air and slowly puffing out (exhaling). The “bombing” continues until Lillian is hardly able to react. Camera fades out on her face slightly drooling (no spitting).

Part 4 (3’)

The camera fades in lying down on the mat, hands tied above her head. He kneels beside her. “Sorry, you know the drill”. He pins her hands to the floor. She sighs and says “go… ahead…”. Then he starts to drill deep punches above Lillian’s navel. Lillian has no more abdominal tone left, so the punches go deep. She gasps, the rest of her oxygen leaving her body. He continues until there seems to be no more air in Lillian’s body.

“Give up” he says. “Fuck you” she replies. “You are a badass, I give you that” he says. And he starts punching her harder and faster than before. Camera turns to POV (as if it was the thug’s eyes). Lillian’s eyes are slowly shutting down, her head lolling from left to right, producing ever shorter, weaker grunts (mouth open, no “mmmh” moans!), then exhaling.

He stops one last time. She seems to be almost out. She checks her eyes, she is awake. “Amazing” he says. “Let’s finish this”. He starts punching her again. For a long last minute he buries his fist in Lillian. She can only open close her eyes, open her mouth and softly exhale at each punch. The last punches only make her body shake, mouth half open, drool (water) slowly trickling from the side.

Language: Russian, with English subtitles

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Lillian's stomach is defeated

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