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  • Naomi's mission is to eliminate the witness

Custom clip request 

one  actress:Naomi ,wear leotards inside, coat outside, flesh colored silk stockings, sports shoes and three hole headgear.leotards like tihs:

four  actors:three wear police uniform ,witness wear suit

Shooting location:a villa 

1.Naomi wear taekwondo training suit ,is practicing taekwondo, the boss called her: there is a witness who knows the secrets of many of our drug trafficking transactions and is ready to testify in court. There are three policemen to protect him. I order you to finish him .I order you to finish him and take away the U disk with a lot of secrets.

She replied: the same day next year is your fate day!

2.In the villa, the witness was reading the newspaper in his room. Officer C said to him: you are very safe here. After a few days, the drug trafficking group is eliminated and you are free.Police B is on the first floor of the villa, and police C is patrolling outside the villa.

3.Naomi  wear leotards inside, coat outside, flesh colored silk stockings, sports shoes, balaclava,sneak into the villa. It's easy to finish the first policeman: Naomi thumbs down, Swing kick, side kick,and finish him with a roundabout kick and jump to his neck. He stands up and she breake his neck

4. After finishing the first policeman, Naomi sneaks into the villa(It's up to you to decide how to  sneaks into the villa. Naomi's wisdom and flexibility should be shown)

The second policeman found Naomi, say:who!.Naomi laugh: I'm the one who finished you.They fight a little fiercely. Naomi finish him with hand stand

Before finishing the police, Naomi   said with a smile: you are rubbish. I finished you like finish a insect

5. After finishing the second policeman, Naomi went up to the second floor and fought with the third policeman。The  third police is very tall and strong(he is much taller than Naomi),the female finisher was at a disadvantage at the beginning with third police, and the police took off her head cover. The police laughed:female dare to fight me .You're the 30th finisher to fight me, and the first female finisher

The female finisher suddenly splits and hits the police in the lower body with her fist. Then she  fight  the police with Taekwondo and karate, she finishes him with her leg against a wall.

This action can be done for a long time. Naomi  laughs while doing it。Then Naomi  take room key and  shooter from the police.

6.Naomi opened the door with the key, pointed the shooter at the witness: don't move, cooperate with me. 

The witness said in horror: help, officer Alexander, help me.

Naomi said triumphantly: are you looking for three policemen? Oh, I've sent them to God.

7. THEN  Naomi  tied the witness to a stool. In front of the stool was a table. Naomi  used Taekwondo and karate to punch and kick, making the witness to say where the USB flash disk was stored. After Naomi  found the U disk, she said happily: Thank you, dear, I will give you a special gift. 

Then she jumped to the table, making a split

and said with a smile: I will send you to heaven, reunite with your family, and rest in peace. Shot and finished the witness.

8.Finally, the female finisher unties the rope on the witness, wipes the fingerprints on the shooter, puts the shooter on the witness, and put the prepared the note on the table , call the boss: the witness has disappeared completely.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi's mission is to eliminate the witness

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