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There are a huge amount of neck breaks in the clip!

Custom clip request 

I would like to order a large and ambitious custom video request. 

Title: Ninja Agent vs The Mastermind

Ninja Agent: played by Melanie

Handler Agent: Played by Diana

Courier/Hostage: Naomi, her hostage outfit can be whatever, but I would like it look like she has been crying, like she had eye makeup and then cried and it got runny. When she goes to the gym with her thugs, her make up is normal and she should have a semi professional look, perhaps a pantsuit or something black or villainous, she can choose or whatever, as long as she looks very different from when she was a hostage. 

Mastermind: Older actor from Betrayed Ninja Karina if possible, outfit should be a nice suit, with ski mask, maybe goggles or sunglasses over eyes, and gloves. Very little skin showing, as he's paranoid at having his identity or face out there.

Henchmen: three actors total, one really muscular as he will be playing the buff bodyguard, lots of outfit changes, men must all wear ski masks at all times, switch up masks as well

Three men belong to the Courier, so their outfits must be co-ordinated somehow. The three men who belong to the mastermind should have all camo clothing. Bodyguard who takes steroid injection can have skull mask.

Gym outfit is black gi and shirt and gloves, and black yoga shorts, black calf compression bands. After she witnesses the security cam footage, she puts on mask to hide her identity

Handler outfit can be casual for the sleeping on bed attack, black tank top or black t-shirt and shorts. Her full ninja outfit is the one from Betrayed Ninja Karina, but black gi top, and mask must different than Ninja Agent. Boots like in the photo with pants tucked in as well.

Scene 1: The ninja agent stalks some hallways and defeats two guards, by hiding behind corners and sneaking around. Karate chops, holds or groin strikes, and neckbreaks, she must do these eliminations silently. She eliminates 2 guards, if possible one attack from above like in Stella Black Ninja. She uses a pebble or marble to lure a third guard away from a door, takes him out, then enters into the the main room. (2-3 minutes)

Scene 2: A hostage is sitting on a chair, Naomi. She has a bag/blindfold over her head and is positioned in the corner of the room. A masked man is sitting near a desk, reading a newspaper and facing the corner. The ninja agent sneaks up on him and holds him, drags him to floor and sleeperholds him. Just as she does this, another masked man gets the drop on her from behind. Don't move! he says. He tells her to get on her knees and put her hands behind her head. She does this interlocking her fingers. The hostage is alert, because she cannot see anything and is trembling. The man then grabs his walkie talkie from his belt, and as soon as he starts talking, the ninja agent does a krav maga like escape move where she grabs his wrist before he can react, is able to grapple him down and then eliminates him by breaking his neck. She takes the bag off the hostage's head. The hostage is scared at first, and the ninja agent puts her finger to her lip to motion for her to be quiet. The hostage is then happy to be rescued and immediately hugs the ninja agent, who then breaks off the hug and makes the hostage put her hand on her shoulder from behind to follow her. 

Scene 3: The ninja agent is now in the gym area. She has black gi top and gloves, black shorts, and black calf length compression bands on. She does some leg stretches, and then begins to box a punching bag. A small alarm sounds out from her laptop on the floor. She looks at the surveillance video and sees 2 masked men walking through a hallway. (I would like for you to film this with camera in high up area like real security footage, in black and white, so she can watch this). She puts on her ninja mask, and hides by the door.

The masked men enter the gym area. The ninja agent points the g directly at a man's head, pulls the trigger but nothing happens . She is shocked that it doesn't work, the click has given her away. He then swings at her head with a baton, but she ducks and rolls away. The two men don't attack, and we see the hostage from earlier enter, but she looks like a villain. She stands in between the men, triumphant, even softly chuckling as the ninja agent stands up. The lady introduces herself as “The Courier”, and that the hostage rescue was a trap. All the g..s there were fake. She talks about how she had a tracking radioactive agent sprayed all over her, so anything she touched can be followed for 48 hours. And now that they have her, they must deliver her and the laptop to who hired them.

The ninja agent throws the g.. at a henchman's face, then quickly lays into him with punches. The Courier yelps in surprise and quickly runs out of the room, while the Ninja Agent faces the two men. They try to hit her with batons, but she is swift enough to block or dodge and disarm them. I would like a lot of judo flips on the mat, or rolls, really showcase the ninja's acrobatic moves. Such as running and grabbing an arm and flipping them. I would also like lots of close hits. I am quite fond of close call hits, like she barely dodges a baton strike, narrow misses to her head, or she has to use her arms to block. If you can fit in lots of this, that would be great.

I would like for one scene where she ducks around a punching bag to elude him, he keeps hitting the bag and missing her then she sweep kicks him. The other guy does the same and she pushes the bag into him. She stomps on both of their stomachs and stands over them, triumphantly. Another masked man has snuck up behind her and tasers her from behind. She fights with him a little, and he is a better fighter so they go at it back and forth.

One of the fallen men recovers and holds her from behind, and the new fighter punches her in the stomach a few times to weaken her. One of them grabs her in a bearhug from behind, she scissors the other man's head and then double kicks him. They constantly fight unfair, a grab or hold from behind and others hitting her. She karate chops necks or knees their stomachs. One of them gets a hit at the back of her head with a baton. Another puts the rope around her neck, choking her. They work her stomach and face with punches and she is brought to her knees and hands.

One of the men takes a baton and hands it to the other, and together they press it down on the back of her neck to push her to the floor on her stomach. They each grab an arm with the other hand and make her to put her hands behind her back. (Lots of thrashing and kicking from the ninja agent, close up of her angry masked face) The more adept fighter takes the rope and ties her hands behind her back, her struggling the whole time. When they finish tying they let her up and try to make her walk, but she kicks out at them and refuses to cooperate. The Courier walks back in, this time with a needle. The adept fighter pushes the ninja's head up, and the Courier injects the neck of the ninja agent. The men pull her by her elbows across the mats to the exit, her feet dragging against the floor. (camera can follow from behind) (6-7 min or longer if need be) The Courier grabs the laptop and follows them.

Scene 4: The Courier meets with The Mastermind. They are standing in a living room, the stairs for the interrogation scene should be close. The Mastermind thanks The Courier for the speedy delivery, and hands her a small duffel bag or briefcase. She hands him the laptop bag. She looks over at the stairs on her way out, and we see the Ninja Agent standing. The men have placed her neck in his arms just keeping her in place, her feet can touch the floor. If she bends her legs she will hold.

The Mastermind brandishes a riding crop/whip. He talks about how much it cost for the Courier's service, but it was worth it, to capture one of the ninja agents who have been a nuisance to his crime empire. He hits her across her body with a test hit. He begins the interrogation, asking her how many ninja agents exist, how do her superiors contact her, how did they get wind of his operation, and every time she does not answer he hits her. Lots of varied shots, plenty of full body, but close ups of her tied wrists behind her, her body twitching as she gets hit, closeups of her stoic masked face, her eyes look angry but she says nothing as he hits her. Eventually he gets close and grabs her neck with one hand, saying he will eventually break her. She kicks/knees him in the stomach. The guards get ready to attack, but he raises a hand to make them back off. He walks over to one of the henchmen, and takes the taser from him, he goes back and tases her and she holdes her hands on his neck for a bit and then recovers. The mastermind's walkie talkie beeps and he steps away.

The Mastermind goes to the kitchen or living room, and the voice on the other end says they have the location of the person the ninja agent was receiving orders from by tracking the cell phone. The Mastermind tells the man on the walkie talkie to call the Courier again for another delivery. (2-3 min)

Scene 5: Handler is wearing black yoga shorts and black sports bra, and is looking in a mirror in a washroom. She yawns, then heads for the bedroom for a nap.

The same three masked thugs from earlier and The Courier pick the lock to the Handler's safe house and enter. They have rope and batons. The Courier is dragging a large empty suitcase/baggage, they intend to tie her up and put her in the bag. The Courier stays away with the baggage abut the thugs go up and stand outside the bedroom, looking inside. The Handler is above the covers, seemingly asleep, face turned away from them. One goes around the bed to the other side, one gets close, one stays behind to turn on the lights. The lights wake her up, she looks at them sleepily. One thug holds her neck and grabs her wrist. The other one gets on the bed and grabs her other wrist. The lightswitch thug heads over to them with the rope. She presses the button on the small detonator in her hand, they hear a weird hissing sound, and a giant blanket of white gas slowly envelops the room.

As the gas gets thick, she just watches unaffected, while they get affected and cough, their grip loosening, however she is alert and breaks their holds, then strikes them with swift punches/kicks. The two with rope stumble and look woozy, and they fall on the bed, still moving. The one with the rope tries to run, but she leaps on him from behind and wraps her legs around his stomach and guillotine holds his neck. She pulls him to the bed and finishes him off. The other two try to grab her, but she breaks out of their attempts, and blocks their punches easily. Lots of sexy take down choreography, her lying on her back but still able to fight them, rolling around or doing acrobatic kicks while laying down. Lots of grabs by them, but her easily getting out from their attacks. Eventually she KOs them all with the baton, hold or they are out from the gas. She pulls out the taped up package of gas grenades from under the pillow and smiles at them, and then she removes a noseplug from inside her nose (like one for swimming), and closes the door. (3-5 min)

The Handler is now dressed in same outfit as The New Mission of Ninja Karina, but different black ninja mask than the other agent, pants tucked into tall black combat boots. She goes to the kitchen and the Courier is looking at her cell phone, looks up and is shocked to see her. She tries to run but the Handler blocks the exit. The Handler opens up the baggage a little and looks inside. The Courier says that the plan was for them to ship her out in the baggage and then men to remove their masks outside. The Handler agent then opens up the baggage more looks menacingly at the Courier.

The next scene, the Handler agent is bashing the baggage with the baton. She opens it up and the Courier falls out, has messy hair and looks disheveled. She calls the Handler a bitch, and says she will never help her. The Handler agent then points to the henchman on the floor, laying on is back. The ninja handler puts one boot under his head, and with her other foot she snaps his neck. The Courier covers her mouth in shock and says if she lets her go then she will betray The Mastermind.

The Courier is sitting on a chair, hands tied behind her back. The Handler puts her in a sleeperhold, and then grabs the Courier's purse on the counter. Then she looks at the large baggage and drags it to the door. (close up) (2 min)

Scene 6: A guard is standing by a door. He hears a knock, he opens the door and sees the large baggage. Then the Handler agent hits him with a karate chop to throat. She walks around him and stands with her back to his, puts her hands around his head and neck and breaks his neck but crouching down with a big snap.

The Handler agent is now on the staircase (from Casey is Sexy Secret Agent). A masked henchman with a baton comes down and they fight, she manages take the baton and push him against the wall with her arm. Another masked man comes up behind with a baton, but she is able to go back and forth and fight them. I would like for this fight to be a tad comedic, she hits one on the head, the other one grabs her from behind and she gets out, hits him over head. Then she gets grabbed or attacked when she turns her attention, but quickly escapes and hits the guy on the head. She gets both batons, and she is able to smack their heads and not get grabbed as she goes back and forth. For the final hit she hits them both over the head at the same time and they get KOed. She points at them with the two batons as if they could still get up at any time. Then she drops one baton roughly at one of the fallen men, and continues up the stairs. (1-2 min)

Mastermind is on his walkie talkie, and simply shouts: What do you mean she found us? He goes over to the ninja agent and the men, and tells them to move her to the basement, and to get his special bodyguard to come.

Scene 7: Handler has one baton, and enters the area where Ninja Agent was tied up. There is some rope on the floor, and nothing else. A beefy skull masked man with no shirt comes down the stairs. He has a needle in his hand, and injects his neck. He looks strained for a bit, and flexes his muscles and looks shaky as the steroid cocktail does its job. He growls a little and pounds his own chest with his fists like a gorilla. She hits him on the top of his head with her baton, but it doesn't hurt him. She hits him again and nothing. He pushes her neck with one hand, and she smacks his head again. Then he pushes her against the wall. She hits his head with the baton over and over, desperate to make him let go. She puts one of her thumbs into his eye. He lets go out of reaction, and stumbles backwards. She smacks the other side of his face with the baton, temporarily stunning him. She drops the baton and grabs the rope and wraps it around his neck from behind, choking him. He smashes her into the wall, she hangs on. He tries to slam her again, but she plants her boots on the wall and pushes back, knocking him to the floor on his knees and then stomach. He tries to grab at her neck/hair, we can hear her straining as she holds on. She then twists the rope around tighter and turns her body around and pulls harder, this affects him more. He eventually is on the floor, and she gets up, panting. Then she gets behind him, sits on his back and snaps his neck. (2-3 min)

Scene 8: Handler agent goes to the rooms upstairs. She crouches and takes out a lockpicking tool from her glove to pick the lock. The door next to her or across from her opens and a masked man with baton tries to hit her head, but she dodges. The man grabs her leg or foot and drags her into the other room, trying to hit her leg with the baton as well. She has to kick herself free then fight him, and then break his neck as well, and leave him in the room with the door closed.

She goes back to the other door, picks the lock, the room is empty except for one chair and table. The Mastermind comes out from behind the door and wraps a rope around her neck, but she is able to make him let go with elbows. She gets free, shuts the door, and continues to punch his stomach and face, he begs for mercy. He says he will tell her everything about Project Nexus. She stops punching and pins him against the wall with her boot on his neck. She tells him to turn around and put his hands behind his back. She lets him off the wall and ties his hands behind his back and makes him sit down at the table. She pulls out a cell phone and puts it on the table, to record what he says. He begins by saying that he is not the real Mastermind, but a proxy. The real Mastermind is an AI program developed by a think tank. It became aware and eliminated its creators, and now amasses funds and weapons. Everything from cybernetics, to steroid cocktails, mercenaries. He has his cell phone in his hands behind his back, and he is trying to contact someone. (3-4 min)

Scene 9: The ninja agent has been moved and is now laying on her back, laying on the floor on some mats. (same area as Diana Training Her Pets). Her ankles are tied with rope, and it leads up to the ceiling, her legs and feet pointed up towards the ceiling. She has a small piece of metal that she has slipped out of her glove (small ninja star or something similar, close up shots) and is working at the ropes. (close ups of top half of her body, struggling, and doing this, also downwards above shot of her whole body struggling to free herself).

A guard walks in, and clearly sees her struggling to free herself. He stands over her.“Trying to escape?” He takes out a taser, and crouches so he can shock her. However she has freed her hands, and grabs his arm and stops him and makes him taser himself and quickly elbows his face. She frees her legs but he gets behind her on the floor and puts an arm around her neck to finish her. She gets out of it while they are on the ground puts him in some grappling moves. Once she is dominating him, he spots and grabs the taser and shocks himself, and they both get electrocuted and she lets go. He tries to taser her, but she is able to grab his arm in a scissorhold with her legs and slam his hand on the floor a few times, making him drop the taser. She then puts him in a triangle hold with her legs. Right before she can make him sleep, another guard walks in and tries to hit her with a baton, she lets go of the first guard, blocks the baton with a forearm, then punches his crotch. She knocks him down on his back and sits on his chest, and ground pounds his face and makes him KOed. The other guard stirs awake, he tries to hold her from behind and lifts her up, but she elbows him nd judo flips him. She raises a leg up high, and gives him a flexible axe kick to the face. (upshot here from his POV please) (1-2 min). Then she puts his head in a triangle hold with her legs, and breaks his neck. She rolls over to the other guy and breaks his neck as well to be sure, then lets out a big sigh.

Scene 10: Handler agent listens the Mastermind talk about how the program will blackmail or hire anyone to complete its goals. The ninja agents interfered in one shipment and it considered them a threat, so it designed a trap to ensnare one agent to interrogate and then eventually destroy their whole organization. All of a sudden, the door opens a crack. Two gas grenades are thrown into the room, then the door slams shut. The Handler is taken by surprise, and the Mastermind laughs. The Handler covers her nose with her sleeve, and kicks the grenades closer towards the door. The Mastermind continues to laugh and says they are gonna get her now. She punches him in the face, and he stops laughing and looks sleepy.

The Handler agent runs at the door, grabs the handle, but the door won't open, they are holding it shut. Then she backs away from the door. Two gas mask wearing men enter, both with batons and one holding rope. They swing at her wildly and she fights defensively, one arm still in front of her face, the second thug closes the door. The gas affects her, they hit her and she weakens, and one of them puts her in a bearhug from behind so she can still breathe in the gas. The other thug tries to tie her hands in front but she kicks his crotch, then stomps the foot of the other guy. She tries to grab for their gas masks but they hit her with batons and make her go down to her knees and they grab hold of her wrists again. The thug who got kicked, kicks her in the stomach, and it makes her take a deep breath. Her eyes begin to flutter, they let her fall on her back.

Outside, another man is holding the door shut, in case she tries to overpower them and get out. The ninja agent has snuck up behind him and electrocutes him with the taser, then slams his head agains the door. She opens the door, and sees the two men crouched over Handler, one holds the handler's arms upwards, and the other ties her wrists. The ninja agent holds her breath and charges in and hits the one holding her arms up with a baton. (you can choreograph this fight, but basically she strips them of their masks and takes them both down.) She then drags the handler agent outside the door. But the guard outside has recovered, and hits her back with a baton. She drops the handler agent and falls to the floor. She turns over, and he pushes the baton down on her neck with both hands to push her neck, but she is able to put her foot on his midsection and push him off. Then she elbows him, grabs the baton from him and hits him over and over until he is KOed. She stands over him with her ankles around his neck, and then snaps his neck. The Handler agent stirs awake and points at the room. The ninja agent goes back to the table to look around, and sees the cell phone.

The cell phone on the floor behind the Mastermind's chair buzzes. The curious ninja agent picks it up and answers. The robotic voice on the other line says: We will find your agents. We will destroy your organization. We are Nexus.

The ninja agent looks confused and stares at the phone, but then looks up at the corner of the room. We switch to POV of camera pointed at her from ceiling, in black and white. She puts the phone down and takes the one from the table, and exits the room.

The Ninja Agent goes back to the Handler who is still groggy, hands still tied with the ropes. The Ninja Agent helps her stand and leads her down the stairs. Fade to Black (5-6 min)

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie and Diana vs Nexus

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