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Punches: Pulled, but making contact with the body, and “staying inside”. Punchers don’t make too much noise, so that we can focus on Lillian’s reactions.

Reactions: Lillian is strong, so she doesn’t whimper or cry. I like her reactions in “Lillian pretends to be trapped”. Not so much in “Diana and Lillian punch each other bellies”.

Wardrobe: Lillian is in fatigue pants and sports bra, her midriff revealed.

Language: Russian with English subtitles.

Scene 1 (4’)

Lillian is talking on her cell phone, saying everything is under control. Two men come in the room.

Lillian: Who are you?

Guy 1: You know what we came for.

The men attack her, but Lillian kicks them around easily, using her awesome techniques.

One of them sneaks from behind Lillian with a syringe and punctures her in the neck. Lillian suddenly fells weak, and falls to the ground. The guys lift her up, one holding her from behind.

Guy 1: So, now you are powerless. Are going to talk?

Lillian: Never.

Guy 1: All right. This serum prevents you to flex your muscles. Let’s see how much you can take.

He punches Lillian in the stomach several times (fists make body contact, staying in Lillian’s stomach). The serum prevents Lillian from putting any resistance.

Lillian tries to resist, but she folds around her attacker’s arm at each punch, and finally collapses in her holders’ arms, winded.

Guy 1: (Speaking to the other guy) Hold her up for me. (Close-up of Lillian’s midsection) So no talking?

Lillian: (winded) no… talking…

Guy 1: All right.

He places himself close to Lillian, and starts to deliver strong uppercuts to Lillian’s upper stomach. Lillian slowly faints.

Scene 2 (3’)

Lillian is secured, back against the wall, arms spread to her sides.

Guy 1: So, ready to talk?

In a supreme effort, Lillian manages to wrap her legs around the Guy 1’s neck. But Guy 2 punctures her again.

Guy 1: You’ll pay for that.

The guys take turns punching her over and over, viciously aiming at her solar plexus. Lillian shows an amazing resistance, but in the end her abdominals yield to the power. She is progressively winded, her eyes rolling back, unable to breathe (lots of close-ups of her face and stomach). The main guy stops.

Lillian: My… stomach… assholes…

Guy 1: Assholes? (He laughs)

They resume the punching, until a trickle of water forms in Lillian’s mouth, and she passes put again.

Scene 3 (3’)

Lillian is on the floor, stretched out, her arms tied over her head. She slowly comes back.

Guy 1: Ready to speak now?

Lillian: Fuck you.

Guy 1: Oh, fuck me? (He laughs). All right

They start punching her upper stomach over and over. The punches seem to go way into Lillian’s midsection, into her ribcage, shutting up her breathing completely. They stop for a second.

Lillian: (trying to recover) My… stomach… (cough) I’ll… talk…

Guy 1: Oh, we don’t believe you now. 

They resume the punching of her solar plexus, one after the other, relentlessly. Lillian manages to resist, almost unable to breathe, eyes shut and mouth open (lots of close-ups of Lillian’s face and stomach).

They stop again. Lillian is almost out.

Lillian: My… stomach…

Guy 2: Let’s finish her off for now, and take her to the boss.

Guy 1: All right

They resume the punching of her solar plexus, now in rapid succession. Lillian produces only high-pitched sounds, almost unable to breathe, until water trickles from the side of her mouth (lots of close-ups of Lillian’s face and stomach).

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Lillian's stomach resistance

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