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  • Stella can win your game

Actress: Stella dressed like in “Stella humiliates the coach of judo team” with hair tail

Actor: one male(possibly a muscoled one) who plays all enemies

The Plot:This time Stella was captured by the famous criminal. The game is the same he did with Sasha.

Stella woke up in a room , sitting on a chair with her hands tied behind her back.

The first criminal comes in, Stella stays in her position .

the criminal approaches and he caresses her cheek,

she smiles at him and beckons him to approach her face.

he approaches his face and she spits in his eye, making him to retreat.(if you don't want to use a real spit, you can just insert the spit gesture)

After that she stands in front of him and she starts hit him with a series of kneeing and kick in the stomach and after a while when he was bent she ends up with an axe kick in his nape (2 mins)

The second criminal comes in and she welcomes him with a series of at least 4/5 headbutts and also a lot of kicks then the criminal takes her neck from behind

but she hits him with a headbutt and then pushes him against the wall and with her hands , still tied behind her back ,she squeezes his balls and say: “release me immediately otherwise I'll rip your balls off” and soon the criminal unties her hands, then she says: “thank you” and hit him with an elbow in the nose that puts him KO. (3 mins)

The third criminal comes in and Stella waits for him hidden behind the door.

when he enters she hits him in the stomach with a chop and pulls a big headbutt in his nose  that makes him fall to the ground and he says “you broke my nose!”  after that she tightens him in a grip (like the one she does in the videoclip “Stella humiliates the coach of judo team” when she takes the neck with her arms and the body with her legs)

and the third criminal is gone. (2 mins)

in the silence she hears the criminal's voice: "you cheated during the game, it's up to me to give you a lesson"

in the meantime she unties her hair.

The criminal enters the room and she waits for him, starts a face-to-face of about 10 seconds.

Stella interrupts it with a powerful headbutt (which can be repeated from several points, including the point of view of the criminal) the criminal falls to the ground and in the meantime Stella pulls back the hair that had fallen in front of her face following the headbutt.

And she says: “you are disgusting” 

 after that she grabs him by the shirt and attacks him with his back to the wall with and hit him with series of speed headbutts and kicks, then loads a punch but does not strike him because the criminal slowly falls sitting on the ground so she decides to take a selfie with “kiss face” with the body of the criminal


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Stella can win your game

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