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  • Lillian punishes the perverts

Characters and plot: Lillian is a sexy woman who defeats three thugs that harass her. There are three different fight scenes (three different actors, including strongest/biggest actor playing the final thug. Please choose three male actors who are taller/bigger and can react the best to ballbusting attacks). Each fight is one-on-one and ends with a series of ballbusting moves and final castration move. Russian with English subtitles is okay.

Note for the groin kicks: The main thing that’s important to me is that the ballbusting attacks look very hard and realistic. Although I really liked my previous custom vid, my only criticism was that the woman sometimes kicked only by lifting her leg up while the rest of her body lacked momentum, which made the kick look a little weaker. In this custom video, I would really like Lillian to kick with the momentum of her whole body to make it look like she’s putting her full power into it (she should move her arms and body and grunt/yell “hi-yaaa!” as if kicking for real). Basically anything to make the attacks look hard and painful. Also, please have the woman’s foot make contact from underneath his balls (NOT from the front like a push-kick). The male actors may wish to wear a groin cup for their safety, so that the woman’s kicks can look more painful.

Of course, the man’s reaction should be stereotypical. Groaning in pain, clutching himself, gasping for breath, etc.

SCENE 1 (4-5 minutes):

Look/Wardrobe: Lillian is wearing a nice outfit over a one-piece black bathing suit (or black leotard with bottoms cut like bathing suit). Bare legs (no pantyhose). She is wearing makeup and her hair is in a ponytail. 

Lillian is listening to music and is happily dancing by herself, minding her own business. A thug walks in and starts dancing too close to her, invading her personal space. Lillian tries to move away from him without seeming too rude. Thug tries again more aggressively, and Lillian again moves away, looking annoyed and telling him to please stop. Finally, thug gets angry and unplugs the radio (or computer) which stops the music. He goes over and grabs Lillian, who is scared. He then slaps her across the face which knocks her back. He says, “I was going to buy you dinner before having sex with you, but now we will just skip dinner!” He then laughs at her.

Lillian is stunned at first. But she is recovers and smiles at him, saying, “Oh, is that what you want?”

She then takes off the skirt and whatever blouse she is wearing (she is now wearing only the bathing suit). She walks up to him slowly and seductively.

When she gets close, her facial expression suddenly changes from flirtatious to angry, and she kicks him hard in the balls, without warning! (Important: Camera angle must be filmed from a very low angle between the man's legs, but behind him, so that you can see Lillian’s kicking leg coming up from between the man's legs. If you can fit her facial expression within the same frame that would be great too.) 

The man reacts in pain, dropping to his knees while clutching himself. He says, “You’re going to pay for that, you bitch” and they begin to fight. The two of them fight for a brief while, and Lillian has the upper hand most of the time. During this fight, there are mixed attacks to various targets like a normal fight. (Lillian should perform only rare groin attacks here...mostly kicks and punches to head, face, body, etc.).

Near the end of the fight, the man is stunned as Lillian defeats him. Lillian now gets ready to kick him in the balls several times to finish him off. (Please remember to have Lillian use her whole body’s momentum to make these kicks look realistic and painful.)

The first kick causes him to clutch his balls and he moans in pain: “Ughh, you fucking bitch...”

(Please film this first kick from a low angle.) 

Lillian smirks, barely gives him a few seconds to recover, and then kicks him in the balls a second time without mercy. He reacts in even more pain: “Ugghhh, my balls….my balls….”

Camera angle for this second kick should be from a low angle (but different angle). Please have the camera somewhat close to Lillian, but you should still be able to see her whole body and facial expression while kicking).

He pleads: “No more, please, no more...I’m sorry…”

Lillian finds his groin pain amusing and can’t help but giggle a little. Then she gets serious again, winds up and delivers a third and final kick. 

Important: This kick is clearly the hardest of the three and castrates him instantly. It even lifts him off the ground a little, and a distinct crunching sound is heard. Please show several instant replays of this final kick from different angles. The final replay should be from the classic low angle behind the man’s legs, so that you can see Lillian’s kicking leg coming up and her facial expression (same as the very first kick early on in the scene). In each replay, Lillian should look as if she’s putting her full power into the kick, and she should yell, “Hi-yaa!” or something similar.

The man crumples to the floor, gasping for air and shaking slightly.

Lillian mockingly says: “No more sex for you, ever again. You can still buy me dinner though...” Then she turns the music back on and starts dancing again in front of the broken man. Please include various close-ups of Lillian as she dances (including her legs/butt and face). Her attitude now is satisfied and smug.

SCENE 2 (4-5 minutes):

Look/Wardrobe: Lillian is wearing a casual t-shirt, short skirt with white panties underneath, and white sneakers. She has makeup on, and her hair is down this time. 

Location: Different location from previous scene.

Lillian is minding her own business, standing by herself and using her phone. A thug walks past her, secretly takes a picture of her under her skirt, and quickly keeps on walking. After a few seconds, the thug walks by again, and takes another picture under her skirt. Lillian looks up, but the man pretends to mind his own business and walks away quickly. A few seconds later, he tries once again. This time, Lillian turns around and sees him. She angrily confronts him, and at first he denies it. 

They argue briefly, and he finally admits what he was doing, taunting her: “What are you going to do about it, bitch?”

Lillian: “Give me your phone, I’m going to report you to the police.”

Thug: “You have a sense of humor, bitch. In fact, let me get a better view.”

He grabs her and takes off her skirt, so that she’s in her panties and sneakers now. They start to fight. They start fighting. Like the previous fight, this fight should have Lillian gaining the upper hand most of the time. Again, this fight should show a variety of attacks to different targets, with only rare groin attacks.

Finally, the man is stunned and almost defeated. Lillian will now kick him three times in the balls.

Important:  For these three kicks, please simply film these kicks in the exact same manner and with the same camera angles as in the film “Karate Stella vs 6 men” (at the 5:36 timestamp). It should be with a close view of Lillian’s butt during the kicks. (I really liked this sequence that Stella and the male actor did, including the exact camera angle during the kicks, Stella’s attitude, the way Stella sells the kick and makes it look painful when she jump-steps into the kicks and uses her whole body’s momentum, the man’s reaction getting more pained each time, etc.)

The man falls to the floor after the third kick. Lillian kicks him in the body several times while he’s down, so that he ends up lying on his back, his hands no longer covering his groin. She walks up to him and lifts her leg up very high (her knee should be close to her chest).

Important: The camera angle is important to me for this next scene. For this scene should be pretty much POV from the man’s perspective (as close to the ground as possible, looking up so you can see all of Lillian while her leg is raised high).

She says: “Say goodbye to your balls, asshole.” She then stomps down hard and fast, and stomps a few more times angrily. As she’s stomping repeatedly on his balls, her expression changes from angry to satisfied, until she’s smirking by the end. Finally, Lillian turns around so her back is towards the camera, and stomps down one last time on his balls. A squishing sound is heard as she grinds for a few more seconds and castrates him. After this, Lillian picks up his phone and takes a photo of him with his ruined manhood. Please keep the camera angle from the man’s POV perspective for this entire scene (from the ground, looking upwards at Lillian).

SCENE 3 (4-5 minutes):

Look/Wardrobe: Lillian is wearing a bikini (preferably pink or red or blue) underneath some casual clothes (blouse and shorts). Hair is down, and she is wearing makeup. You can decide what kind of shoes.

Location: Different location from previous scenes.

Male actor: Please use your strongest/biggest actor if possible. He plays a robber with a shooter in this scene.

Lillian is standing alone, looking inside her purse for something. A robber sneaks up and approaches her from behind, pointing a shooter into her back. After surviving the previous two encounters, Lillian has learned to remain calm in the face of danger. She complies initially but remains calm.

Robber: “Your purse. Give me your purse.”

Lillian (she turns around slowly to hand him the purchase): “Ok. Just calm down. Ok…” 

Robber (starts checking out Lillian and getting other ideas): “Actually, you can keep the purse. I’ll have other ideas. Ha ha ha ha ha!” He laughs evilly and says, “Go ahead, you can start taking it off…”

Lillian looks visibly angry but remains quiet. While keeping eye contact with him, she slowly removes her shirt/blouse and then takes off her shorts to reveal just the bikini. Robber is smiling evilly and puts the shooter in his back pocket (or in his pants waistband in his back). He walks towards her and says, “Today’s your lucky day.”

But suddenly, Lillian grabs his shoulders and delivers an angry, hard offscreen knee to his balls (while leaving her knee in his groin).  They both freeze somewhat, and the camera then slowly pans down and we see Lillian’s knee firmly planted in the man's groin. The man is stunned and in pain, and Lillian follows up with a kick to his balls. He backs away and recovers.

They begin to fight, but this time the man has the upper hand. Lillian hands a few hits and kicks to his body, but he absorbs the blows and they have very little effect on him. She kicks him in the balls again, and he reacts in some pain, but is able to quickly retaliate.

Once Lillian is stunned, the rubber laughs again and starts to unzip his pants. Lillian pretends to be dazed still, but slowly reaches around him and suddenly grabs his shooter from his back pocket. She quickly puts the barrel of the shooter inside his unzipped fly.

The robber is suddenly terrified and starts begging her to spare him. Lillian stands up slowly, making him to stand up too (the tip of the shooter is still inside his unzipped fly).

Robber: “Please, let me go, don’t shoot me there, I need my balls”

Lillian says: “You seemed like you were in control just a minute ago. Who’s in control now?”

Robber continues to beg for a bit.

Lillian: “Did you get a good look at my body? Is this what you wanted? 

Robbert: “No please, I’ll do anything, please.”

Lillian smiles sweetly and says, “Hope you enjoyed having your balls” and then pulls the trigger multiple times, shooting off his manhood at point-blank range.

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Lillian punishes the perverts

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