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  • Sasha and the bandit

Scene 1 (2 minutes). Sasha just arrived home from gym. She wears sports bra, leggins. The bandit is waiting her. He grabs Sasha from behind but she is able to fight back. She finally beat him very hard (maybe in the beggining she just slap him, try to escape, he tries to grab her, confident because he is stronger and dont know about Sasha skills). He beat him from less hard to really very hard. She mostly use her hands. At the end he is defeated, she calls the police.

Scene 2 (4 minutes). Sasha wears Office clothes (similar to "Sasha captures the business). She has her hands tied in the back. The bandit and Sasha are walking together inside a building, in a corridor, stairs, he could grab one of her arms sometimes "guiding" her...

bandit could say: "in the jail i only thought about you" "you are mine, this time i wont be so confident". Some close views of tied hands, legs while she is walking. She realizes he looks at her legs, ass, like a pervert. 

Sasha looking sexy, smiles: "oh im tied, what could i do". She stops walking, she rubs his legs with her legs and when he is confident, she kicks him with knee between his legs and run. Camera angles changes, close views of face (seducing) legs (rubbing) and legs from behind kicking.

She just run, hide, the bandit is angry chasing her. Basically until the end of scene she escapes, hide, beat him using her legs, run , beat him again, try to hide, he finds her or she waits for him in different places in the building. Like first scene, she beat him from less hard to really very hard at the end, he is more and more in pain while the scene continue, some close views of Sasha's legs, tied hands in the back while she is escaping and kicking him. She finally confront him, she takes off her heels and destroy him with a lot of different kicks, last one in the face. Sasha laugh and Talk to him in this final moment before every kick: "haha i dont need my hands to beat you, pervert" "you like my legs eh?""come on, im here, grab me""what happens, you look in pain" after the last very hard Kick, he is beaten in the ground, she untie her hands, put on the heels again and just leave walking in sexy way (Camera from behind)

Scene 3 (4 minutes).

Sasha wears underwear, hands tied in the back, legs tied (ankles) and gagged (not tight gagged, just something covering mouth) barefoot. She is in a bed. Close views of legs, tied hands. She slowly start to untie legs using hands, moving foot (close views). The bandit come into the room and close the door. "Oh yes, you are mine now, you will pay for everything" (would be fun if he has some "signals"like a band aid in his face to show he was beaten). He just is checking his mobile or whatever so she controls with her eyes when the bandit is not looking at her and continue untying the ropes in her ankles just stopping when he looks at her. He moves to the bed, try to touch her but she push him with feet again and again. "mmm you want to play?" try again and she slips from his arms and kicks him in the face (like scenes 1 and 2 from less hard to very hard in scene 3). He is now angry again, he stands up, take a breath "ok i was just playing, now this is serious". Moving her feet, she finally untie them. "What?? You cant do that!!" He goes to the bed again trying to grab her, she moves very quick she kicks him in the face (still hands tied in the back). Now camera from behind Sasha, in the bed or ground, he wants to hit her again and again but she moves quickly and use feet to Kick face. Introduce a quick sequence of kicks from one side to another of the face. He is exhausted. She stands Up, the gag falls to her neck and start talking to him. "Come on, you look uncomfortable" "stand Up Big man, im just a poor girl and im tied"... He tries to grab and hit her but she is too quick and every time she kicks harder (and say something to him, she is having fun). She loose the ropes in the hands "Uups look! I'm free now!" Now she slaps many times and hit him very hard with her hands.With his last energy, he tries to grab her, they fall to the bed, he tries to hit but Sasha do a really hard headscissor. He is too tired and cant escape the headcissor, finally she break his neck "you wont do It again to any woman!" The scene finish with Sasha leaving the room walking in a sexy way (Camera from behind).

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Sasha and the bandit

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