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  • Spy Sasha takes on Stone Alexa

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Sasha is sneaking around a location to get her hands on a memory stick and when she enters a room she sees Alexa sitting waiting for her. Alexa pulls out the stick and tells Sasha she can have it if she can take it. She sets the memory stick on a table.

Before the fight starts both girls are cocky. Both talk trash to each other. Alexa stands up and we get a good look at the size difference between the two.

Alexa takes several swings at Sasha but Sasha's amazing speed and fight abilities allow her to dodge all of Alexa's offense easily. It looks as Sasha has an easy time ahead of her.

Alexa stops attacking and offers Sasha a three minutes of free attacks. I can't write up a 3 minute scene of attacks so you team can fill here. The important part is that NONE of these attacks will have the slightest effect on Alexa. I'd like scene to open as follow.

-A straight kick to the the stomach. 

-Another straight kick.

-A long set of consecutive stomach punches

-3 kicks by Sasha to Alexa's leg like she is trying to chop her down

-A hard left roundhouse punch to the jaw where Sasha hurts her hand followed by her hardest right hand to Alexa's stomach where she also hurts her hand badly.

-You can fill in the rest. I would like at some point for Sasha to go into a split and deliver a low blow punch to Alexa that doesn't have any affect either.

After this Sasha is shows signs of being tired. She dodges some more attacks but Alexa connects with a backhand that sends Sasha into a wall. Alexa dominated the next few minutes with power moves like throat lifts and bearhugs and anything else you can come up with.

Sasha gets her hand on a weapon. Maybe a metal bar or something like that. Hitting Alexa with it still does not phase her and Alexa eventually bends it in half easily.

Sasha never quits, always tries to fight on but she is knocked down hard. Alexa slowly moves in when Sasha pulls out a mini flash bang. Something that she tosses at Alexa and the light blinds her. When her vision comes back Sasha is gone along with the memory stick. Alexa promises to hunt Sasha down.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles
Full HD (1920 - 1080)

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Spy Sasha takes on Stone Alexa

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