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  • Joe drains superpowers of Supergirl

Custom cli request 

This is basically how I’d like the short clip to go.  

I really want more focus on Joe, can he be wearing nice black, tight business pants and a white shirt, with the top few buttons undone. 

Supergirl can wear whatever you desire.  The girls always look stunning.

Clip starts with Joe outside the Supergirl’s house. He is talking on the phone saying to somebody how he stole Supergirl’s powers and he’s about to break into her house and show them off

He breaks open the front door.

He walks into her home and she is startled by the noise.

She feels very weak all of a sudden.

She gets up and he says hello, she says what are you doing here?

What is going on?

He says, “I have something to show you.”

He picks up an object in her house and breaks it in half.  Showing off his strength.

She gasps and is in shock.  She staggers back feeling weaker and says,

“how did you get so strong?”

 She says, “I don’t understand how this is happening.  Why are you here?”

He says, “to show you a good time.  You are now history Supergirl.”

She gets out a shooter from behind her and starts shooting at his chest.

The bullets bounce off  of him.

(You can hear the sound effects of the bullets hitting his body of steel.)

She keeps shooting at him and he laughs, he turns around and she is still shooting. The bullets are now aimed at his butt and  bouncing off his new strong ass of steel. 

She runs out of bulletts.

Supergirl cries, “ this is not happening.!”

Joe says, a storm is on it’s way, I heard there will be freak winds.

He then blows his very strong powerful breath at her and she is moved across the room.  He is blowing for several seconds.

(Very, very important note. Super breath is my favourite power.

When Joe uses his super breath  I don’t want you to put in the special effect of white-misty smoke. I think it looks terrible. 

Please just use a strong wind sound when he blows and that will be enough.

(Wind is heard not seen)

I’d like to see Joe’s face from when he starts blowing, then you can cut to Supergirl getting hurled across the room, then back to Joe finishing his blowing. 

After Supergirl is blown against the wall, she is in pain.

She walks towards Joe and feels weak, she says,

“what have you done to me?”

He says, “I stole your powers with a device that was planted outside of your house.  I had the best scientists in the world create this.

And now thanks to them, I can be the next God on this Earth”

Supergilr says, “You are evil, I won’t let you get away with this”

He says, “you can’t do anything.

You can’t even get pass me.!”

She tries again to walk over to him and he laughs.

He blows his amazingly, powerful super breath again and even stronger and longer this time.  She is blown back towards her wall.

He keeps blowing. She is trapped in that position.

Please have shots of Joe’s face close up when he’s blowing, then back to Supergirl struggling on the wall, then film Joe finishing up with his blowing.  He is smiling, feeling so superior.

Last line, is, “I will see you in the next chapter Supergirl”. He walks off, looking sexy in his tight pants and walks out of the house.

That is the end of this clip.

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Joe drains superpowers of Supergirl

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