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IIf its not too much trouble can you do a video where a model in ninja outfit defeats the robot? I would like the outfit that Ninja Karina wore in my first custom. Short black boots, black knee socks that do not go over kneecap, black shorts, white or black gi, black mask, hair in ponytail. Wrist cloth bracelet things. It can be done with any model. 

Basically a redo of just the robot scene. Ninja agent picks the lock and breaks into a room, in there is the crime boss, the robot, and a thug with a baseball bat. The boss talks about the ninja agent being sent to eliminate him, but he has a surprise in store for her. He motions for the baseball thug to attack he, she shows her teleport powers (no need for visual effects this time), and dodges a swing, kicks him down and leads him into the corner of the room, then punches and kicks him until he is out with baseball bat nearby.

The boss then commands the robot to get her, she tries to the same thing but hits metal, same choreography please. I want the same things to happen as in the Batgirl Eriny clip the attempting to tie her up and everything. She teleports out and grabs the bat, escapes to the stairs and finishes him off there. He gets up after falling just like in the previous video.

The boss goes up there with the rope, but she chases him back to the room. He tries to finish her with the rope but she elbows her way out and wraps the rope around his neck finishing her mission. She does not speak for the entire clip silent and calm attitude.

If this is too  complicated to shoot, you can just change it so that instead of a robot, its a man with a special condition that he cannot feel pain and the boss explains this to her as they begin fighting. Also you can remove the teleport power and thug with baseball bat. The thug then punches her and she keeps breaking out of his grabs but she is getting weakened. After they try to hold and tie her up she breaks free and makes a run for the stairs so she can ambush him and put him in  a sleeperhold from behind, and make him go. Then she goes back to finish off the boss.

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Crystal White Shinobi

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