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Story: Three crime lords enter a room, and they see a table, three chairs, and two decks of cards. They sit down and one of them mentions they should play to pass the time, for the reveal will not happen until later. One opens the cards and they begin playing. Another crimelord mentions that their mysterious host must be pretty powerful if he can capture Batgirl Eriny. Another scoffs at him, saying its not tough to capture her at all. The guy says really? And he begins his story.

Tracksuit Crime Boss Story: (voiceover) The crime boss says that he had a special surprise for Batgirl Eriny and he had everything in place and set a trap. (voiceover done) Then we see Batgirl Eriny, she is going up some stairs and sees a room. She enters and sees the tracksuit crime boss holding her baseball bat. He is waiting for her, and she walks into the middle of the room. Two thugs enter, and they slam the door shut.  Eriny is not surprised, in fact she seems bored. "Get her" says the boss, he points at her with the baseball bat and she puts her fists up to fight.

Eriny fights them off easy, she is a trained fighter and doesn't let them sneak up behind her. When one of them tries, she teleports out of the way and he collides with his friend. Eriny is playful, a bit cocky, they are no match for her with her skills. The boss frowns , and pulls out a weird walkie talkie like device, with tape and wires hanging out. He presses the button on it and waits.

The two thugs surround her again, she sees they are trying the same tactic, so she goes to teleport, but it doesn't work. One of them grabs her from behind in a bearhug, the other one lays in some punches. She kicks off her front attacker and gets out of the hold by stomping on her captor's foot, then elbowing him when he lets go. Eriny narrowly dodges a bat swing from the boss. One of the thugs puts his fists together and slams it down on her back, and the other guy punches her and sends her towards the boss. He puts the baseball bat around her neck from behind, choking her. One thug pulls out a coil of rope, and they get close and grab her hands and try to tie them together. She kicks them off and fights wildly, making them go backwards with kicks. She gets out from behind the bat and hits the boss, she is fighting as hard as she can. One thug wraps the rope around her neck, and the boss hits her in the stomach with the bottom end of the bat with a quick jab. She falls to her knees and the thugs grab her arms. The boss nods to one of the thugs and he pulls out a blackjack or baton, and hits Batgirl Eriny over the head. She slumps to the ground on her stomach, and they grab her arms and drag her out of the room.

Batgirl Eriny is sitting on the floor underneath the stairs, her hands tied together in front of her, her knees up towards her body. The baseball bat holding boss walks in and is glad to see she is awake. Next to her are the thugs, who are preparing the rope on the stairs. They grab Eriny by the hands to pull her up to prepare to tie her to the stairs, and she struggles and tries to slow them down. Cut to The boss pulls out his cell phone and calls someone, he says "hello Chemist it is I. I want that special drug to be ready, I will send a man over to get it". When the boss turns around, Eriny is now hanging from the stairs, her hands above her tied, captured. She struggles a bit and moves back and forth. "We will have a wager," says the boss. "We are going to see if you will tell us the names of the other Batgirls, before my man comes back with the truth serum." The thug nods and leaves. Batgirl Eriny scoffs, maybe struggles in the rope a bit. "I will punish you as well. I will teach you what happens when you interfere with me!" The boss then pulls out a riding whip (like the one used in Lesley Punishes the Burglar), and whips her a few times. Eriny bears it, and then the boss tells his thug to move onto punching her stomach.

While she is being interrogated, he asks her if she knows how he was able to cancel out her powers. He says that this device cost him quite a lot, but it emits a special wave that stops her from using her teleportation powers. He puts it down near the wall by her feet, taunting her as she is being punched. He says if only she could turn it off, she could escape. We hear a doorbell. The other thug is back. The boss tells his punching thug to go let the other one in, its time for the truth serum. Eriny smirks, because she slips a metal washer out of her glove and cuts at the rope. (a close up would be nice, if not that is fine). She is able to cut herself down but her wrists are still tied.

The boss turns to see her smirking, device in hand. She presses the button and turns it off, then drops it on the floor behind her. The boss and thug are taken by surprise, he has the blackjack/baton, the boss has the bat but they are no match, even with her hands tied. She teleports out of every strike, and appears besides them, she kicks their balls and the back of their knees and has them both on the floor. Eriny is fighting the thug with the paper bag, he is surprised but she makes quick work of him. She turns to see the boss crawling towards the device, and he turns it on. Eriny grabs the baseball bat from the floor, walks up to him and kicks him in the face, making him drop the device. She smashes it to bits in front of him, he looks devastated, and looks up at her, she smiles as he is defeated.

Back at the cards table, the track suitboss says he was able to get out of prison time because he went after a known vigilante, and she would not testify and reveal her identity, and his lawyer was able to get him off. He laments how Batgirl Eriny only barely escaped, and that was probably his only chance to get her.  Camo Suit Crime Boss then  says he has a story of how he almost got her.

Camo Suit Boss voiceover: He says he got a hot tip about where Batgirl Eriny was staying, as she has safe houses all over the city as bases so she can fight crime. While voiceover is going, Eriny is at her safe house . She has just finished a night of crime fighting and puts down her bat, then takes off her boots, her gloves, and heads to the bathroom for a shower.

Eriny takes off her skirt to reveal yoga shorts underneath. She turns the water on and everything, and closes the door, not locking it. Two camo suit thugs approach the door, and one of them has a gas grenade. They open the door and throw it in, and shut the door. (if you cannot get dry ice or any smoke, just loud hissing sound is good enough) Eriny is taken by surprise, and before the gas can get her she grabs a small towel and wraps it around her nose and mouth. Then she lays on the floor on her back and pretends to be sleeping. The two thugs then open the door and pull her out by her arms and onto the middle of the floor.

The one thug pulls out handcuffs and asks his partner if he should cuff her hands behind or in front. The thug says it doesn't matter, since they will bring her to their boss's  lair. The other thug gets nervous and asks what if she wakes up? The other thug pulls out a needle, saying all he has to do is drug her again and she will be too groggy to teleport.

You can write the rest of this fight scene. Basically she is in a defensive position on her back, hands cuffed in front, them trying to hit or inject her with the needle. They constantly attack her, she uses double kicks, or scissors, or cool moves you can write whatever you want for this scene. Ending: she defeats both,injects one and sleepers the other with her legs then digs through their pockets for a key. She uncuffs herself and then goes for the shower.

Back to the table, the camo crime boss says she never teleported once she was attacked. She's tough enough on her own without her powers. The tracksuit boss says that must have happened way after he almost got her, and the camo crime boss agrees. 

The last crime boss, wearing the suit, says he almost got Batgirl Eriny too. He had an entirely different approach.

Voiceover: The suit crime boss says he had a very special kind of opponent for Batgirl Eriny. He figured she might still be at the safe house, and she indeed was. What a cocky crime fighter he says. While he says this: Eriny enters her safe house, with baseball bat and full outfit and shoes. She slips off her footwear and props her bat on the wall. She goes to the other room to change after a hard day of crime fighting.

But the suit crime boss and larger henchman break into her place, and wait for her. He grabs her baseball bat and waits for her to come out from the other room. Eriny comes out and he swings at her head, she teleports across the room and he misses.

Who are you? She asks. The crime boss tells he wants her taken care of (points the bat at her), and they are there to teach her a lesson because she has interfered too much with their smuggling operations.

Eriny looks very confident, and the crime suit boss points the bat at her, and says to his large thug: get her.

The thug puts his arms up slowly, elbows bent a little, like a zombie and advances towards her kind of lumbering. She easily sidesteps and punches his stomach, but we hear a loud THHHHUNK as she clutches her injured hand, and backs away in shock. The large henchman turns robotic like and grabs her shoulders, and pushes her up against the wall. She is still shocked by this new turn of events, as the suit crime boss explains that his henchman is a state of art robot, bought by his boss in order to take her down.

Eriny struggles in the iron grip of the robot, then teleports out from his grasp. She tries to go for the front door but the suit crime boss swings at her with the bat and she barely dodges it. The robot advances on her from behind, he bear hugs her from behind, but she she teleports out from his grasp.

(this is an extended sequence, but I would like a sort of gradual deterioration of her powers, as she cannot keep it up) The teleporting distance becomes shorter and shorter, and the robot seems to be advancing on her quicker but is just her powers slowing down. (I would like lots of facial acting from Eriny, lots of struggling and gritting her teeth angrily, getting visibly tired and surprised when it keeps advancing on her). These are almost like montage shots. Throw in 1-3 kicks to its stomach with a loud metallic sound effect once in a while as well please when it gets too close to her.

I would like these following holds during this sequence, once she begins to tire. These shots end with her teleporting out of its holds each time:

= 2-3 shots of her easily teleporting again before the robot can get near her at all, her zipping around the room freely

= the robot grabbing at her head, but she teleports way before he even gets close

= the robot is able to touch her and is just about to grab her shoulder before she disappears

= the robot blocks her movements and traps her in the corner of the room, she ducks down and slides. It goes to grab her, she teleports as it bends over to grab her

= the robot gets close enough to grab her wrist, is about to push her into the wall but she teleports

= the robot grabs at her head, but this time he grabs her hair, she yells out but then teleports

= the robot grabs her shoulders from the front and pushes her roughly up against the wall, she teleports

= the robot grabs her wrists, pushes her into the corner of the room but this time pushes down on her, to make her go to her knees, she bends her knees and grits her teeth to fight it, and before she loses she teleports again

= the robot grabs her wrists and pushes her up against the wall, her arms pinned like she is bicep flexing, his chest in front of hers

= 3-4 repeated shots of the robot alternately grabbing her shoulders and her wrists, and pushing her up against a wall or trying to push her to the floor on her knees, her visibly strained from him able to do this over and over now and her not being able to teleport at will (almost like a montage of shots, so like he pushes her up against wall by her shoulders, she gets angry, teleports, but then he is able to catch her by the wrists, pushes her towards floor, she grits teeth, teleports, but the he has her by the shoulders again, pushes her towards the wall, she teleports)

=Eriny is pinned against the wall again by her wrists, but she teleports behind the robot. It quickly turns and grabs her wrists from behind, and holds her arms apart like a T, and the suit crime boss puts down the bat near her boots/shoes.

The suit crime boss pulls out some rope from behind his back, and says that its a good thing he commanded the robot to capture, not destroy, or the robot would have destroyed her by now. Eriny struggles and grits her teeth. The suit crime boss gets closer and says that when she's tired enough to stop teleporting he will tie her up nicely so she can be interrogated and tell them about the rest of her batgirl team.

The suit crime boss gets close and she kicks him in the stomach. He backs away and recovers. Eriny moves her arms wildly, the robot keeping her in place, still struggling to escape (I want a lot of her struggling and strained face when she's grabbed by the wrists. The suit crime boss tells the robot to make her lie down. The robot moves one hand to her shoulders, pushing her down, then both hands on her shoulders. With her knees bent she tries to fight him but she eventually goes down to one knee, then both. The robot pulls her backwards so she is lying on the floor on her back, her arms held up toward the ceiling, the robot's hands around her wrists.

The suit crime boss has the rope, gets close to tie her wrists, she tries to kick him but he dodges. He begins and starts tying her, but then she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, and teleports a little bit to the side of them, closest to the door. She is still lying on the floor, arms up. Eriny quickly gets up and grabs her baseball bat.

The suit crime boss backs away, and Eriny gives the robot a few good hits to the body and shoulders, with loud metallic sounds effects. It reacts and grabs out at her, but she is able to stay out of its way and she gives him several good hits. She dances around him, him too slow. The robot backs her into a corner, so she ducks and slides again. Eriny gets up and grabs her shoes/boots, and then runs out the front door.

The suit crime boss tells the robot to go after her.

On the stairs, Eriny is sitting, one shoe already on, and one shoe she is putting on, the baseball bat next to her. She hears footsteps, and sees the robotic walk of the robot coming towards her. Just as Eriny finishes putting on her shoes, the robot gets close. She grabs her baseball bat and ducks away from the robot's grabbing attempt.

On the top of the stairs she waits to ambush the robot. As soon as he comes out, she smacks him in the face with the baseball bat, stunning him. He tries to grab at her but she is too quick, she moves around him and keeps the hits on the face. Also if you can add static or black flickers when it is his POV, to show he is slowly losing vision with her hitting his head over and over again, that would be fantastic! He should get more static vision or flickering as she inflicts more damage. She leads him to a room to dish out the damage, and when she is satisfied she leads him out towards the edge of the stairs.

Robot's POV, (with targeting system like in Samantha Terminatrix) black and white and he is chasing after her. She repeatedly hits him on the sides of the head and body with the baseball bat, her too fast for him to grab her, but he tries regardless. She leads him to the edge of the stairs.

Batgirl Eriny is now trapped, the robot in front of her the edge behind her. She closes her eyes and tries to teleport, but nothing happens. It gets closer and closer and it grabs her wrists, pulling them upwards towards the sky, making her drop her baseball bat. Eriny is stuck for a bit, she plants a foot on his stomach to push him away but she cannot get free. Then she closes her eyes and disappears and teleports just a little bit, enough to get out of its grip, like a few inches backwards. Eriny then gets grabs her bat, gets behind him, and gives him a huge hit to the back of the head. He lumbers forward, and she hits him over and over.

The robot stumbles and falls down the stairs. Eriny lets out a sigh of relief. She goes down the stairs to see him lying on the floor, not moving. He quickly gets up and grabs at her face, she just goes back up just in time to dodge. She gives him a hard hit on the head and he falls back down.

 a POV shot of the robot's vision from the bottom of the stairs near the floor at an odd angle, looking up at her. She smashes the robot's face and it goes black quickly, all done from robot's POV)

Eriny stands over robot, puts a foot on its chest in victory pose. Then the suit crime boss walks in, with rope, confident and rope in hand. He is surprised she defeated the robot. She smiles.

The crime boss runs away, she is about to give chase, but says “I'll get you next time” and then lets out a huge sigh and looks over down at the robot again.

PS. If you can seamlessly edit together the robot's POV with her hitting him, that would be great. Like we see her waiting to ambush him on the top of the stairs, then his POV and he gets to the top, then she hits his face and a black thing swings at camera. We cut to him stumbling from the hit, her getting ready for a second hit. Then back to his POV, trying to grab her again. She is weaving and then when she swings the bat and connects with the side of his head, it cuts to a normal shot of them on the roof again. Then more static and flickering.

Back at the tables, the suit crime boss says he only got away because she was so tired from fighting the robot. It cost him quite a bit and he was very upset. The tracksuit boss says if he had the device they could have teamed up and they would have gotten her for sure.

We then hear three phones. Three vibrating phones. All the bosses pull out their phones. One of them says: The next room? Really?

The three of them get up, suit boss leaves his jacket on the chair, and they go into the next room. They see a body shaped person under a blanket, and the baseball bat propped up against the wall. The three approach carefully and one of them pulls off the blanket.

Its Batgirl Eriny! She has her arms tied behind her back, mouth gagged, and she looks pissed. The three are glad to see her at their mercy.

One of the crime bosses is still wondering who was clever enough to capture Batgirl Eriny? But the suit boss grabs her bat and wants to do her in now. The other two stop him, they can interrogate her for the rest of the Batgirl team. He argues, but they are able to stop him by saying the problem only goes away if they take care of all the Batlgirls. Then they can finish her off. The camo suit boss wonders what kind of serum the mysterious host would have used on her, so he gets close and removes her gag and asks her. She says she won't tell them anything, so they grab her and make her stand up.

They walk her to the other room near the table and cards, and she writhes with her ropes as they bring her over. They make her sit on the floor near the wall.

The suit boss puts down her bat and then pulls out his phone. He scratches his head and wonders when the mysterious host will reveal himself, and asks the others what they think.

Then Batgirl Eriny says that she knows who the host is. They turn and give her their attention. Who they ask? WHO?

Batgirl Eriny stands up, her hands still tied. With a gargantuan pull, the ropes fly off! I AM, she says. I was able to lure you all here by pretending to be captured. The tracksuit boss tries to punch her, but she blocks and gives him two punches and he is on the ground. Then she kicks his face and he is out. The suit thug goes for his shooter in his suit jacket, and runs out with the camo suit boss.

Batgirl Eriny is confronted by two camo suits wearing thugs. The first thug adopts a faux kung fu like stance, goes hiya! and tries to  hit her, she teleports, clotheslines him with an arm. She turns and kicks his face, he is out. The second thug holds her with both hands as she turns around, she teleports out of his reach and behind him, puts him in a hold from behind. She looks at  the two thugs intently, then moves on.

The camo boss has a gas mask on, and a gas grenade. We see Batlady Eriny go down some stairs, from the back, we don't see her face. He throws it at the base of the stairs at Batlady Eriny as she walks, we see the camo boss shout: Gotcha!

Batgirl Eriny is revealed to be wearing a gas mask, taken from one of the camo suit guys. Camo Boss backs off and looks very scared. She doesn't even use her bat she just uppercuts his face. She gives him a few more huge punches, and he is out.

The suit boss talks to two of his bodyguards, wearing suits and masks. They pull out their shooters while he keeps going.  He pulls out his cell phone and talks to someone, telling them to get up here immediately

One suit wearing thug investigates first. He has the shooter out, brandishing it, walks into the room, so Eriny hides and smashes his wrists with the bat with a downwards strike, then his face. He is out. The other suit shooter thug takes a shot at her and she teleports. He chases her, and doesn't notice playing cards bunched up on floor. He almost slips. She slides out at him like in baseball at a base, feet first, and she kicks his legs out from under him. He falls to the floor, she pushes down on his arm with her foot, then kicks him in the face. She gets up, keeping her foot on his hand. He tries to push her foot off but she won't allow it. She stomps on his stomach twice, then when he goes slack, she gives him an axe kick to the face to make him out.

The suit boss then jumps out and surprises her, fires shots at her, but she has teleported. She doesn't have her baseball bat and now he is after her. He stalks around the house a bit, taunting her that she has no weapons left. But Batgirl Eriny has one more trick. She hides in a room behind the door, and takes off her skirt, she is still wearing her yoga shorts underneath. When the suit boss enters, he points the shooter at her and she teleports behind him, wraps the skirt around his arm like a rope and then judo flips him.

He drops the shooter and dives for it, turns to shoot her but she teleports. She re-appears beside him while he is sitting on the floor, and she knees his face. He drops the shooter near him from the impact, crawls for it. He is just about to grab it when she appears, standing on one his hand with her boot. He goes to grab the shooter with his other hand but she casually kicks his shooter across the floor out of his reach.

“If you don't let me go, I have another robot!” he exclaims. "Sure you do" says Batlady Eriny, and then POV from him, her kicking his face fade to black.

Eriny enters the poker room, dragging in the suit boss who has his hands tied. I think I earned myself a nice vacation. she says. "Not yet", chuckles the suit man.

Just then, a large man enters, wearing ski mask, identical to the giant robot from before. The suit wearing boss looks kind of nervous, and laughs. "Now you're in for it, robot, use the gas on her, then get me out of here!" The robot takes out a gas grenade and throws it near her, and she puts her gas mask on again, bat raised ready for a fight, but backs away from the suit boss. The robot walks over to him, and helps him stand up.

"Very good robot. Keep her away from me." The suit boss quickly leaves with tied hands.

Batgirl Eriny is alert, knees bent, bat brandished and ready to fight. But the robot just stands there,  blocking the door. She then teleports right next to him, and slams her baseball bat into his stomach. Instead of metallic sound, the robot is a man pretending and he doubles over in pain.

"I knew it." she says quickly and kicks the guy in the face. He squirms on the ground. She quickly goes from on edge to a chuckle, and says: I could have taken on a second robot, easy.

The crime suit boss runs with tied hands, then she appears in front of him, swings her bat and smacks him straight in the stomach. He hunches over, she telepports in front of him and gives him a huge uppercut. She stands over him and rests the baseball bat on her shoulder, takes a huge sigh of relief. She pulls out the man's cell phone and dials a number. "Hello? Police,  I got a nice present for you. I will text you the address".

She hangs up the phone, and puts the bat under her arm and texts, while walking back to the other room, fade to black.

The End

Language:  Russian with English subtitles

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Batgirl Eriny in Almost Got Her

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