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  • The betrayed ninja Karina restores justice

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Outfit: Karina is to wear black knee socks, must go up to knee but not over. Black shorts, very short like in: Lora is hired to eliminate rival gang, or like yoga shorts or boy shorts, very short White karate gi top, sleeves rolled up, wrist bands like the ones Karina wears in the justice must be served one where she is a ninja (black wrist bands okay, but they are important to the plot she must be able to hide lock picking tools in them). And lower face mask like in the same video, the white one. Ponytail would be preferred, or not if if affects filming.  In fact, the same outfit from Justice Must Be Served Karina is Coming is fine, just black yoga shorts instead and black socks added to it

Outfit for Males: No logos or anything, just pants and t-shirts or camo track suits. Older man can be dressed nicer but not necessary. All must be wearing shoes. Black ski masks for the two bodyguards

Props: handcuffs, briefcase, coil of rope, cell phone, key picking tools, cigarette box, batons or tonfa (if cannot be done its fine)

A female ninja agent is sent to stalk and get the documents in the briefcase handcuffed to an older man target. She picks the door lock with her tools and then puts them back under her wristband, and gets inside, seeing her target. She takes him by surprise and attacks him and disables him, puts her foot on his neck while holding up his arm, attached to briefcase. She unlocks the briefcase, there is nothing inside of it but a big coil of rope. She has been betrayed!

Two ski mask wearing male bodyguards, beefy types emerge from the other room, holding batons or tonfa, surprising the female agent, and intending to take her alive. She takes her foot off the old man's throat. They try to hit her but she disarms them and seems like she might be able to get away, but they gang up on her, one grabbing her in a sleeper hold from behind while the other works her stomach, and she kicks him and elbows her way out. I would like lots of back and forth, to make it seem like she just needs to get the door to escape but they keep grabbing her and wearing her down. Lots of one grabbing her behind while the other gets in cheap shots, like a bear hug around her arms from behind, or grab her under her armpits, etc

They eventually knоск her down to the floor on her hands and knees. One of them grabs a baton and hits her across the head. She collapses to the floor on her stomach but groans. They grab an arm each, and drag her away to the other room with her legs dragging against the floor. (a shot of this from behind is a must)

They take her the other room and the older man brings in the handcuffs. The two bodyguards hold her down, one has his hand on the back of her neck and one arm, the other has her other arm. They handcuff her hands behind her back while she struggles. She has been betrayed by her handler, who calls them. The old man confirms they have her, while the two bodyguards place her on a bed on her stomach or just on the floor in the corner.

The ninja agent is lying on her back on the bed/floor. One of the bodyguards has pulled down her mask, and covers her mouth. Then he plugs her nose, smothering her. He lets go and asks if she is willing to talk now, but she doesn't say anything, just stares. He tries again and she bites his hand. He gives her a stomach punch, and she only gives them stifled muffles of pain and silence. The other one then places baton on her neck with two hands and continues the interrogation, so she cannot bite him. 

The older man says this is taking too long and needs a smoke break on the roof. Karina takes notice of this. One of the bodyguards joins him, while the remaining one takes out the big coil of rope and tells them he is going to try a new tactic. He makes the ninja agent to stand up and walks her over to the stairs.

The ninja agent is on her knees underneath the stairs. The man starts tying the rope to the stairs, and says he's going to make a loop and wrap it around her neck, just enough so she can stand on her tippy toes. When she refuses to answer his questions, he will punch her a. Unknown to him, she is picking her handcuffs with her tools from behind, she has slid them out from behind her wristbands (if you can do a close up shot of this that would be great)

The man is finished tying the rope to the stairs, and she is still on her knees, one of the handcuff rings is taken off. The ninja agent is up, and uses the handcuff as a brass knuckle and punches him, and then a knee to his stomach, and pushes him to the ground. She gives him several stomps to his stomach, and then quickly puts him a hold until he is out. She digs around his pockets for the handcuff key, but its not on him. She begins walking to the front door, and puts on her face mask again.

Karina has the handcuffs and takes off the other one as she reaches the door, but then she hears their voices. The two men enter, and the ninja agent attacks the bodyguard and pushes him to a place near the fridge or oven. The older man runs away inside the place. She works the remaining bodyguard over and then slaps a handcuff on him and attaches him to the fridge door handle or oven handle, or any place that is fixed. She then runs after the other man.

The old man runs to the stairs and finds the other bodyguard, checks his pulse with fingers. He can hear the ninja agent after him and notices the rope on the stairs.

The ninja agent comes down and the old man has the rope, and tells her to stay away. She stalks him and he tries to run out at her with the rope out, but she makes quick work of him with an elbow. He drops the rope and tries to punch her, but he's not a fighter and she takes him down quickly, then wraps the rope around his neck instead. He shouts out that she needs him alive for info, but then she shrugs and pulls out his cell phone, then finishes him. (the fight moves can be up to you, but basically its her stalking him and trying to attack her futilely, and she hits him and wears him down, she is methodical)

The handcuffed bodyguard tugs on the handcuff, but then remembers that he has the handcuff key in his pocket and quickly fishes it out, and frees himself. He places the handcuff key and cuffs on the counter and waits for the ninja agent.

The ninja agent goes back upstairs to make her escape, but gets ambushed by the remaining bodyguard. Its a desperate final fight, no tricks, no ropes, just a fight. He surprises her with a double handed hold and pushes her up against the wall, she makes him let go with a double handed ear slap. She goes for knees to the body and elbows, he holds his own and gives her stomach punches and grabs her hair. (this fight scene can be longer if need be, you pick the fight moves)

They have a hard fight but she has been worn down by the interrogation and he wears her down. He eventually knоскs her to the ground on her stomach, where she lays down and is about to is out. The bodyguard makes a fatal mistake and goes back to the handcuffs on the counter, and then goes back intending to capture her again. He stands over her and grabs a hand to put behind her back, but she kicks him in the crotch while on the floor with a back kick. She then quickly pulls him to th floor and scissors his head until he is out. He writhes and tries to get out, she is gritting her teeth and barely holding on. He falls.

He wakes up handcuffed behind his back, sitting on a chair. He says she needs him alive so she can get the handler. She shakes her head no, and creates a text for the handler to come, then shows him the text. He gets agitated and she puts the cell phone down on the counter, then stands in front of him and punches him in the face a few times, to weaken him. She gets around him and snaps his neck. She takes off his handcuffs and goes back to the phone, and hits send for the text. A devilish glare from her eyes as the screen fades to black.  END

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The betrayed ninja Karina restores justice

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