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  • Lora loves to slap men's faces

Custom clip request 

I would like a clip with lora, she s wearing red high heels, red mini skirt . She have long red fingernails with rings on her two middlefingers, long blond hair free. I would like to see lora slapping 2 unmasked men, enormous slaps with full swing only with palms. She detroy men face. There is palms marks on their cheeks. the mens are falling down and crying but she love slapping full force and she continues. She finishes each men off with a big slap which breacks their neck.  At the end , she shows her hands to the camera and she tell that she love slapping.

She not give long séries of slaps because the slaps are to strong and the men are falling down after two or three... 

If it s possible, i would lora show that she really love to feel hers palms smacking the faces, she take pleasure to destroy cheeks. If it s possible, just before giving the last biggest slaps to each men, she show the palm (who will be used to explose his cheek and break his neck) to the victimes and maybee carress his cheek with very sexy attitude. And suddenly she slaps him.

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Lora loves to slap men's faces

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  • Product Length: 16 minutes
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