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  • Tiffany teaches Bob how to be a good husband

Custom clip request 

- The story name: The Super Wife Tiffany about a couple the wife Tiffany, works the whole day and the husband Bob doesn't want to work or help in any housekeeping.

The scene start with:

 - Bob is cleaning the floor then the camera focus on his sad face and go flashback to remember what happen before, he was setting drinking and playing with his phone, the Tiffany come and see the house is very dirty and start talking with him,

Tiffany’s clothes: Short dress 

Tiffany : what did you do the whole day?

Bob: nothing, having fun.

Tiffany : having fun!!!! I am working whole the day and do all the housekeeping, and you do not want to search for work or even help in the housekeeping. you are just a big loser.

Bob: how dare you (slapping her face) said that I am big loser, I am a man and you should do everything.

Tiffany : you did a big mistake baby, I am going to teach you a big lesson.

 You start to beat him up (The action : high, groin, scorpion kicks and knees, speed boxing, face and belly punches WITH sound effect) ,the time for the action around 3 min, I will leave the conversation during the action for you, at the end I want him to beg her mercy and he will do whatever she want, then she knock him out and leave him on the floor.

Tiffany’s clothes: Similar to


Without boots 

 - Then the camera come to the present again shows his sad face again and still remember, (flash back again with fast shoots and fade between shoots, with only music no talking) Tiffany set down on a chair and Bob serve her by her order as a slave examples: stand on his knee holding a book and she is sitting reading kick his face every time ordering him filp the page (fade), bring her water to drink and remove her shoes(fade), make himself a stand for her legs (fade), and other shoots for your creativity till the last shoot she stand up and say " Ok baby it is your bed time, it is time to go to bed (during that she extend her hand to him to kiss it), he say "Good night" and kiss her hand, she reply the same with crush hands on his neck by her both hands, he fall down to the floor.

 - Come back to the present, he is feeling so humiliated so he decide to hire someone to help her beating her up and teach her a lesson, he ask them to come to their house before she come from her work, so they can make a plan to beat her.

 ---------------- --------

- (Door knocking) The other two guy entered

Bob: "Hello, thank you for coming and help me beating Tiffany up, she is very strong, she beat me all the time and humiliating me"

1st guy : (laugh) this tiny tiny lady scares you 

Bob: you don’t know her she is stronger than 10 men together.

2nd guy: “Do worry man I will teach her a lesson, she will never forget it and she will be like a toy in your hand, they call us the destroyers", "I have a plan I will hide in her room and when she come to change, we will surprise her"

The other guys go and hide in a room (the room door from the living, and the all scene in the living so the camera only in the living.

After they went to the room, Bob smile and bring drink and relax.

---------------- ---------------

Tiffany’s clothes: Similar to 


Without socks. 

- Tiffany return from her work, she find him not doing anything,

Tiffany: "what are you doing?, you are in trouble, I think you forgot" (He laugh) she complete " I will go to change my clothes and come to kick your ass"

 She enter the room and the camera in the living shows Bob waiting what will happen.

Then he listen to sound of kicks and punches for like 20 sec and then the camera go to the room door and suddenly Tiffany is thrown out the door falling down on the floor, her husband keep laughing at her. 

She looks at him with an angry face and stand up remove her working clothes to be with her sexy outfit, 

Tiffany’s clothes: it can be a bikini or Similar to 


Without boots

bang her fingers and neck, and enter the room again, the sound of the kicks and punches start again for like 30 sec with the sound of the other guy groan, and the camera show Bob’s face afraid, suddenly she throw the other guys one by one out from the door and they piled down on the floor, she go out from the room slowly and the camera follow her feet then she stop and the camera came from her back show the other guy on the floor between her leg and the camera go up slowly to her smiley face and then she go to other guys and put her leg on them with victory.

Tiffany : talking to Bob: "did you send these losers to beat me, you are all in big trouble, you missed with the wrong woman"

 - She start beating the 3 men at the same time, (The action : kicks (high, groin, scorpion kicks) and knees, face and belly punches, speed boxing and kicks and scissors the 3 at same time WITH sound effect)  for the rest of the clip time around 7~8 min, I will leave the conversation during the action for you, at the end I want them to beg her mercy and they will do whatever she want, then she knock them out by holding two of the dizzy guys from their shirts and hit them on each other, the fall down on each other, and do speed bag boxing to the last one then blow a kiss to him to pile on the other two 

Then she do a victory move and leave them on the floor. (fade to the last shoot)

- Last Shoot Tiffany set down on a chair like a queen and the 3 men serve her, (one stand on his knee holding a book and she is sitting reading kick his face every time ordering him filp the page, one make massage for the other leg, and one holding a cup for her, the he will give her the cup, she take the cup take a sip and then the camera focus slowly to her face, she smile and wink (fade to black).  The End

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany teaches Bob how to be a good husband

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