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  • Naomi was trapped and beaten to her groin

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Rescue mission gone wrong... A trap is laid to lure agent Naomi to rescue a hostage, but the hostage is an imposter. After rescuing the impostor, Naomi is attacked 2 on 1. Naomi still managed to win the disadvantaged fight but has to obey the bandits as they threatened to eliminate the real hostage if she does not submit to their punishments.

Actress: Naomi

Clothing: dressed in long jeans (from [Agent Naomi vs stomach punching cyborg], white sports bra, black jacket, boots, Long straight hair (do not tie up); bra and panties in white (after the strip down)

Actors x 2 : Any… One as a fake hostage, and the other is a bandit


Naomi’s reaction after taking hits will be very important. She will be acting as a tough agent. Initially, she lets out grunts and whimpers in pain after getting hits but recovers pretty quickly. In trading blows, she outlasts the bandits. But as she takes on more and more hits, especially at the weak points like crotch, her reactions will progressively change to react to feel more pain, moans and whimpers louder and longer, holding her injured parts in pain. In the final phase, she will plead for mercy and beg to stop the punishments. On taking too much crotch busting, Naomi will go semi-conscious with eyes crossed, slightly looking upwards, mouth opened slightly with tongue sticking out.


Focus on crotch/ cunt busts. There will be some occasional hits on chest head and stomach. Use different hitting techniques like kicks, punches, jabs, claw-grab crushes, stomping, grinding from different directions (from the front, back). Hits will be very deliberate, holding in position for a split second (and not to retract too fast). When lying on the ground, Naomi should face upwards instead of face down.

There will also be over-stretching to cause pain (like pulling legs wide apart, body bend backwards), as well as some holds (like Boston crab, camel clutch) to add damage to Naomi. There will also be use of electric taser.

Camera View:

Camera will be close, say around a meter. There will be some close-ups to Naomi’s face, crotch. There will be slow-motion replays on some of the hits, using different camera angles on the same hit.

Story Sequence:



Naomi sneaks into a room to rescue a hostage. In the room, a Hostage is tied up, sitting on a chair. A bandit is guarding the hostage. The bandit engages Naomi on seeing her. A fight starts and they trade blows. Naomi is resilient and shrugs off the hits. After a short scuffle, the bandit is knocked on the ground in pain.

Naomi goes to the Hostage; tells him she is here to rescue him. She attempts to untie the ropes but takes a but too long. The bandit had recovered and is hitting Naomi with a rod from behind. She recovers and fights him back, knocks off the rod. This time she ball-busts him to keep him down longer. She smirks at the bandit looks down on him being weak. The bandit holds his balls in pain on the ground.

“Stay down!” Naomi smiles and goes back to continue to untie the hostage.

After untying, she tells the hostage to go while she will tie up the bandit. She faces the bandit who has recovered and is very angry for the low blow. Naomi has a confident look that it will be easy to capture the bandit. Her back faces the hostage, who starts to move behind Noami.

[Trap is sprung]

The hostage is a fake and is actually part of the bandit gang. This was a setup to lure agent Noami and defeat her in a trap. The fake hostage looks at her unprotected crotch from behind, goes low and claw-grabs Noami’s crotch from behind.

The move takes Noami by surprise. The fake hostage has his hand locked into Noami’s crotch, crushing with pain. Naomi tries to remove the hands.

“Now you suffer!” says the bandit and he starts hitting Naomi from the front. Naomi is disrupted and prevented from removing the claw-crotch while she attempts to block the frontal attacks. She takes various face, breast and stomach hits as her movements are hampered by the claw. She is not able to pry out of the claw from her crotch as she is partly trying to defend herself from the front bandit. She grunts and shrieks from pain. After the bandits are satisfied on the beat up, the assailants released Naomi from the hold, leaving her to hold her crotch, hopping around painfully, trying to ease the pain at her weak spot, while they laughed at her.

[Fights 2 on 1, unable to win]

After easing the pain, Naomi launched to fight the 2 men. Naomi starts strong by ball-busting the bandit quickly to put him out of the way while she tackles the fake hostage. She uses her leg, stretched out to pin the fake hostage’s neck against the wall, choking him out. However, the bandit recovers, and seeing Naomi’s wide-open crotch, he ran over gave a hard kick to Naomi’s crotch, breaking her neck hold on the fake hostage. Naomi is taken by surprise from the cunt bust and crumbles in pain.

The fight continues back and forth. Naomi does a handstand and uses her legs to lock/ squeeze the bandit. Naomi’s legs are strong, and bandit is unable to pry open her legs, and is being choked out. This time, the fake hostage comes to the rescue, and together they pry open her legs. Naomi finds herself in an awkward position where both her hands are hold herself in a handstand, and her legs are spread out for the men after being pry open from the leg-lock.  The men give Naomi a round of cuntbusts in her vulnerable position before releasing her in pain. Naomi had moments of crossed eye and tongue sticking out from receiving excessive cuntbusts, but recovers after a short while.

The fight continues. Both men attack from different positions (like front/ back; left right), not letting Naomi have advantage. The fake hostage plays dirty and throws some powder at her face, temporarily blinding her. Both hit her multiple times while she rubs her eyes, trying to clear the powder from her eyes. Naomi is angry at the despicable men, luckily, she is quite resilient to damage. She uses her athletic skills (cart wheels/ summersaults, splits, handstand/ kicks, leg raised and slam down.) to confuse the men and hits them. She is winning the fight when the men called her to stop.

[Made to submit]

The men informs that the real hostage is in their hands and will be eliminated if Naomi does not stop fighting and obey them. Naomi has no choice but to submit.

[Cunt busted]

The bandit is still angry that Naomi ball-busted him. Ordered her to stand with legs apart and hands behind her head. She is not to defend herself, or block. The men kicks, punches, jabs, upper-cuts, claw-crushes Naomi at her weak crotch, from front and behind. Noami endures the cuntbusts, but is feels the pain more and more as they inflict more and more damage. She is weakened and involuntarily her hands comes to cover her crotch in pain, and breaks the pose.

She is reminded on the hostage, and moves away her hands, but the damage is causing her to repeat the involuntary actions. She angrily tells them that they should not kick between her legs, as she is a girl. The bandit just laughs at her saying she started it first. She is commanded to get back into her pose each time she breaks it due to the pain.

[Chest attack]

The men gave her crotch a break and focused on her chest and breast. After a few hard hits, Naomi clutches painfully at her chest, requesting them to stop. They might have broken a few ribs. She is squirming in pain.

[Crotch Stomp/ grind]

The men commanded Naomi to lie down facing up, raised both her legs, opening her legs wide apart. They started the cunt punishment (kicks, stomps, grinds, chops). Naomi is shouting out in pain, begging them to stop. Each time she tries to use her hands to cover her crotch, her hands were removed and the punishment continues. She tries to bring her knees together to protect her crotch area, but the men pulls her legs apart.

[Stretch punishment]

The men stretched Naomi’s legs wide apart. Naomi is the flexible type, but the men spreads her legs in extreme angles to cause pain. Naomi pleads for them to have mercy. They stopped, and instead, asked Noami to stretch her legs out to show he stretches/ flexibility. Naomi obeys.

When Naomi is stretched out, the men came in the “help” her stretch even further, beyond her limits. They put her in various stretch poses to over-stretch her. They did not forget to perform cuntbusts when Naomi is stretched into vulnerable positions, spreading her crotch wide open.

The men observed and discussed that it seems Naomi’s crotch is more susceptible to pain when in a stretched out position. Naomi is fearful when they found out her further weakness.

The men performed crotch attacks while stretching out Naomi. Naomi screams in pain and begs for mercy.

She is put into painful holds like Boston Crab, Camel Clutch and receives cunt busts. They stopped after being satisfied on this round of pain infliction, leaving her twitching in pain on the ground, holding on to her painful back, thighs and crotch.

[unfair fight]

Seeing that Naomi now no longer is a threat, they offer her a chance for a fair fight. She is now allowed to defend herself and fight them both of them. Naomi struggles up and takes up the chance. But she is already very much weakened. Her athletic moves were not effective as her legs and crotch are in pain. She could not move as fast, or delivery powerful kicks. Her attacks fail, and the men are still very focused to deliver cunt busts every chance they get. She received too many crotch attacks, and starts to be semi-conscious, with eyes crossed, mouth opened and tongue slightly sticking out. Her body just reacting to the hits.

[Strip down]

The men start to realize that Naomi, though still standing, has more or less lost conscious. They slap her and toy with her face to confirm that. They then started to strip her jeans off.  Halfway through, when her jeans is partially pulled down, Naomi wakes and realizes her predicament. She shouts for them to stop and pulls back her pants. The men gave her more hits and crotch busts to soften her up, until she surrenders, plead them to stop hitting her and let them strip her down to her bra and panties. She trys to cover her breasts and crotch in shame, slightly sobbing. The men laughs at the once proud agent, now reduced to a shamed girl.

[Beat up again]

“Come! Fight us!” taunts the men. Naomi boost up her courage and mounts another attack. Once again, Naomi is too weakened, and the attack does not work on the men, and she receives most of the hits and cunt busts.

They men puts her into Boston Crab, lie her down and wide-stretching leg legs apart, bend back her body into a painful arch, not forgetting to deliver cuntbusts.


In a final move the men over-stretches Naomi and breaks her legs. Naomi screams in pain. She is unable to move her legs. The men then holds up her arms and breaks them as well, causing the powerless hand to dangle lifelessly. Naomi’s expressions goes from painful screaming to semi-conscious, just struggling to painfully crawl away to exit the room with the limited mobility left in her. The men let her crawl for a short distance, and them gives her a few hard kicks to her crotch.

Naomi falls with no feelings, with her eyes still open.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi was trapped and beaten to her groin

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