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  • Tiffany punishes the burglar destroying his balls

Tiffany wearing sexy tight black catsuit and high knee boots entered the room. She didn't expect that the big muscled burglar was already waiting for her there. He got her in a neck hold expecting that Tiffany would give up immediately. However, Tiffany easily broke the hold and and the robber was in for a big surprise in the form of harsh punishment. Tiffany beat, kicked, squeezed and trampled on his balls until the bandit was completely exhausted. Tiffany also made a lot of punches and high kicks to his head. When the scumbag fell to the floor exhausted, she mounted him to deliver even more blows to his head. Then she did a sexy splits on his neck, and stayed in this position until she broke his neck. Tiffany then placed her high heel on his prostrate body to show off the victory pose.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany punishes the burglar destroying his balls

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