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  • Stefania uses her karate skills against Dirty Beard gang

Custom clip request

here is the custom Stefania vs. the new man (pic.3), please do it like last Cindy style custom.

She wears the same white leotard pic.1 and white pantyhose-pic.2 (used in last Melanie custom), please try to pull it way up to breast, more than in Melanie custom if possible. Big band as usual.  No panty and bra as usual. Her hair straight or little perm, lots of lipstick. love her new look in your recent clip.

New man in pic.3, really like him with nasty beard, he is in different attire in the script (judo uniform with hat, or wrap, Ninja attire). Please always have him wear hat or wrap (never without it). Hat in pic.3 just fine, also see the script too.


Script very similar to last Cindy custom same hi kicks and karate poses and karate guard, love those hi kicks.

Scene.1    - She is in pantyhose/leotard (pic.1, 2) . Please pull the pantyhose way up under leotard (do your best).                             

                   - He is in Judo uniform and black hat in pic.3, nasty unshaved bread

Will be just like scene.1 of Cindy last custom in white. This time after shoulder arm/break, he is in so much pain screaming loud, keep hitting her pantyhose on the hip (upper leg), then touch and squeeze her pantyhose on the hip, even if possible, pulls her pantyhose to let go (pantyhose stretches and snap back), then falls on the floor. She goes to him bend way down looks at him underneath his face, says “I warned you, bones are broken here very hard, day and night by karate moves, you can even hear the sound of the break so loud, haaaa”. Also do another shoulder break with her back to camera

Please if she can do the hi kicks like pic8, 9 will be great love those kicks (do your best). Also like pic.7

Scene.2    - She is in same attire   

                   - He is in same judo uniform with black or red hat or wrap (pic.3 hat ok too)

Some new ideas here. He crawls on the floor looking for his blade all the sudden sees her pantyhose toes on the floor, looks slowly up from toes all the way to her pantyhose band and her face (like one of Cindy’s older custom). She says “what a surprise, we finally fooled the blade expert into his arrest, I knew you come back for your blade, you were under arrest for long time”. He gets super angry face, they both go to karate pose (she is standing and he is sitting on the floor). She lowers herself to his level but little higher than him, stare at each other few sec. he looks at the blade on the floor then her face back and forth, they both know they have to be quick and one wrong move will be the last for one of them. She knows he will go for the blade, she gives him a very heavy fatal headbutt (hit her forehead to his forehead very hard) then another headbutt to his nose breaks it then more to his forehead (please show this as many angle possible) , he just sit on the floor destroyed, she stares at him face to face, then looks at him underneath his face says “blade expert completely destroyed, broken nose, forehead” he falls on the floor on his back hard, she shows him the replay of the headbutt (if enough time left), he is looking at it eyes wide open. Then leave the scene, he is looking at her back.

Scene.3      Balcony throw   

                    - She is in same attire 

                    -  He is in judo uniform with same black or red hat, then Ninja uniform (without Ninja mask)

Just like Cindy custom, check his pulse and finish the man on the stairway (pic.15, 16, 17 pose), but this time karate chop him in pic.15 pose with the right hand, even if his face can’t be seen clear in pic.15 still go ahead and karate chop is no problem, I like that pose for the chop.

Note: while checking his pulse on the stairway, she says “hmmmm, sounds like another nasty beard karate chopped him), he gets super angry and go with a big punch or chop to destroy her… then above moves

Then she confronts the Ninja man (no Ninja mask), he attacks her she misses, then attacks her on the upper stairway she bends miss, this time she karate chop his stomach like a blade, he screams super loud, please show heavy blow to stomach like Nancy stomach hit. She then bends way way down, her face almost touching the stairway, grabs him by his leg and uniform, freeze couple of second, then haaaa and throws him down full power. Then visits him like pic.15 pose, talk with a sorry look, eyebrow up says “dirty beard had no choice but to dive to his last screaming, by karate power in pantyhose way up”.

Note, on the stairway his leg and hand are twisted after the throw, like broken bones….

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Stefania uses her karate skills against Dirty Beard gang

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