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  • Tiffany is testing the Beast for his strength

Custom clip request 

 i Want to have a custom made movie of 20 min.. WITH TIFFANY AND ROB (THE BEAST)

THE BLACK/WHITE BIKINI OUTFIT FROM THE CLIP: Guys take revenge on Tiffany for their humiliated ego by kicking her in the crotc  WITH THE KNEE BOOTS FROM THE CLIP:Tiffany breaks into gang's lair to destroy them all

ROB (THE BEAST) let him look very mean and big

own language with English subtitles

Rob (the beast) is in a cage

Tiffany : tells the beast that she will free him as he proofs that he is stronger than her, You have 4 challenges to proof that...

the beast; ofcource i am the beast, i am the strongest ever

Tiffany let him free so they armwrestle she wins with a laugh 2 in a row, (the beast screams and is angre) at the third round she gives him a headstart he tryed to put her down she wins. (lauching and flex with her other arm) than he uses 2 hands agains her she wins. At the Fourt round She uses 2 finger agains his whole hand. ofc she wins again,  

Tiffany:  laughs, how weak you are with your big muscles flex her muscles,  how much you do bicep curls she ask him?

beast: i do 85 kg barbell curls and 30 kg dumbbell curls each arm! he flex his muscles i am the beast!

Tiffany: lauching what? your pathetic weak puppy! you Not a beast!! i do 200 kg barbell curls and 55 kg dumbbell curls each arm. (she flex her arms like she's lifting the weights)  And i am a petite sexy girl, i proof it!!!  she ask the beast to lift the 200kg barbell of the ground!  he tryed but he can not doing one biceps curl. he struggels to lift it off the ground!   

tiffany lauches, soo weak, let me show you! she did 20 biceps curls, the beast was in shock,

hahahahahaha  Lets do another test! A game of mercy. Lets close hands and see who is stronger...

(This game is between two opponents facing each other. They join hands so that one person's left palm is aligned vertically against the other's right palm and vice versa, with interlaced fingers. The players then attempt to push each other's hands back, applying painful pressure to the fingers and wrists.)

tiffany vs the Beast with this game

Beast: tried  struggles en soon begs on his knees please let me go!  

tiffany:seems that the strong beast goes back in the cage again hahahaha

Tiffany:  laughes and flex her muscles.  Come on round 2 let me see how strong you are beast hahahaha she wins 3 times more. beast is screaming in pain! than 4t and  last round she uses one arm agains his two arms!  she taunts him, come on beast try to free yourself. laching hahahah smile. agian on his knees

Tiffany:  Come on Beast The last game before you go in the cage again hahahahaha weak puppy

You hit my stomach 8 times, then it's my turn!

Beast: yeah yeah i put you down now bitch!!

he hits 8 times as hard as he can,

Tiffany:   laughs at him, what weak slaps are those?

At her first blow he drops to his knees in pain. than she let him to his feet and punch him 7 times and 7 times he is in pain on his knees! screaming in pain

Tiffany:  hahahaha weakest muscle bitch ever

than She lifts him by the throat in the air. feet dangling

Tiffany:  Look at you! beast is lifted in the air one handed by me!  A Pretty Small girl  Who Is much Stronger than all the men.  She looks at him Who is stronger?   

Beast: Please let me down, Yess you are, Let me go to my cage Please

Tiffany:  let him down , He fall on the ground, than she lifts him again up under the arm pits  in the air 

Tiffany:  look at you a beast men light as a feather, soo weak.. she enjoys that she is soo much stronger, she let him hang in the air for a while, than she drops him to the ground!  he is in pain, begging to let him in the cage

She rides him as a pony to the cage and let him inside.

Tiffany:  He beast (in the cage) next time try to get stronger, i give you some weights maybe one day you will be free! in you next live hahahahahahaha lauching and flexing

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany is testing the Beast for his strength

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