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  • The unexpected defeat of Cindy

Custom clip request 

This Custom is the same as "The unexpected loss of Mabel '' Mabel did a great Job in cockyness and arrogance, her reaction from the blows against her was great too, i am expecting a similar, or even 

better Character Play from Cindy.  She gets many different punches against her Belly and against her Head, a few Elbow to Belly punches would be nice too.

Cindy has the same Black Dress like Mabel and open Hairs with natural Make Up  she can take a huge amough of blows against her, she only shows a little Body reaction but moans from every single punch against her.

As I said: Just take Mabel as an example.

Okay the  same Story: Cindy Is a high ranked Crime Lord, and Rob is a Special Agent, he is  sent to take her out. The Video Starts with her sitting on a Chair like a Queen , working with her Phone, and he comes in. He tells her that he finally found her and she will answer for her horrible Crimes. Cindy ignores  him  and he says:  „Did you hear me? I am here to take you out“ She puts her Phone away and looks at him

" Go away" But he refuses and wants to arrest her. She stands up and goes to him " Do you know why I am in charge?" She puts one Hand on his Throat and lifts him up. " Because

i am the strongest Human ever, against my nobody has a change" She looks at him with a smile on her Face, before she throws him away. " This is your last chance: Leave, or you will regret!"

Rob is worried, he looks to the Door, and thinks about leaving, but then he says "No... I will take you out"  and go into a fighting position, and the fight begins. 

Both have a different fighting Style, Cindy is always the attacker in this fight, she tries to hit him with her brutal fist blows. Rob is a skilled and faster fighter than her, he manages to avoid/block

many attacks from her, and  between them he gives her as many punches as possible. (Belly/Head) But Cindy doesn't care how many hits she gets, she takes all the blows against her like

nothing and keeps pushing the attack. When she manages to hit him, a few brutal blows are enough to hurt him.

At the beginning the fight is equal, he keeps punching her, she keeps punching him.  But after 2 Min of fighting, he gets exhausted and she begins to dominate him more and more. From 2:30 - 3:00

he leans against the Wall and she keeps punching him, he moans painfully and Cindy clearly enjoys it. With on Hand she even presses his Shoulder against the Wall, while she is hitting him 

with the other one, otherwise he would already go down on the Ground. While she is hitting him, she says with a smile on her Face " And you really thought you could beat me..."

After that she throws him into the Room and he is on the Ground, she goes to him slowly " Time to End this fight" she tries to stomp on his Head with her High Heels, but he manages to avoid

this attack at the last second and stands up again. She says more sarcastically to him "I didn't think you'd get up again" and the fight between them goes on.

Rob is still weak, at the beginning he tries more to avoid her attacks, but Cindy gives him not much Time, she tries attack over attack. After a while he starts punching her again between her attacks, and

from now on she gets way more hits then she can give him. Up to min 5 she hasn't taken him for serious, but he keeps non stop avoiding /blocking most of her attacks and keeps hitting her. She manages

to hit him only a few Times, nothing dangerous to really bring him down. She also gets upset about his resistens, from Min 5:00 to 7:00 she tries to take him out more and more aggressively. The fight is very dynamic

where she always attacks and he hits her between them. She is also trash talking to him, she says thinks like " Just give up " - "Stop resisting" or " You really start to piss me off"  (You are free to create everything)

In Min 7, after she gets several blows again she yells at him " Enough, Time to End this fight!" And she is ready to attack, now i want so see a part what is maybe a little bit difficult to made:

Cindy tries one attack with her left Arm, he blocks it, and gives her quickly 1-3 hits, after that she tries one attack with her right Arm, he blocks it and gives her quickly 1-3 blows. After

that she tries to hit him with her left Arm again, only in another angle, against he blocks it and gives her 1-3 quick blows, now she tries a right Arm attack in another angle, he blocks it and gives

her 1-3 quick blows.... and it goes so on. This is a very high dynamic fight now, where she always tries 1 attack alternately with 1 Hand in different angles, which he manages to block and is hitting her quickly.

This goes on for a while, in the end he gives her a hard finisher to her Belly and she stumbles back. Cindy breaths hardly, she was going all in but failed everything and got a high amount of blows.

Rob " Give up, it's over! You can´t even hit me anymore"  Cindy gets really upset now"Shut up!" And she charges again with a new wave of attacks. 

But now we can see her downfall: She keeps failing every attack and he keeps punching her. After a while first she starts to look exhausted, second she starts to moan painfully and third it gets

easier to avoid her attacks. Near the End he dominates her, she gets blows over blow and slowly walks back. At the End she leans against the Wall, and now I want to see that same thing as in 

"Linda fails testing her new strength" at 10:30. Rob destroyed Cindy's Belly with fast left and right, we can see on her Face that every blow hurts her more and more now. (Linda did a great Job too)

After that Cindy is holding her Belly with one Hand and is weak, he starts punching her Head with left and right. After a while it's all too much for her, and she goes down. He takes her out, you

can decide how, and the movie Ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The unexpected defeat of Cindy

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