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  • Karate ballet in white. Melanie destroys the bandits

Custom clip request 

here is the custom Melanie vs. the new man played in the last custom pic.3, she wears the same white leotard pic.1 and white pantyhose-2 below in all scenes, please try to pull it way up to breast or even if possible over the breast. No panty and bra please just like last custom. 
New man in pic.3, really like him with nasty beard, he is in different attire in the script (judo uniform hat and hat, Ninja attire). Please always have him wear hat or wrap (never without it). Hat in pic.3 just fine, also see the script.

Script will be identical to last custom (Cindy-new man) except for the following changes, again please have pantyhose way up under or over the breast (under leotard-band shows big). Same dialogue or change it with your ideas

Scene.1 - She is in pantyhose/leotard (pic.1,2). Please pull the pantyhose way up under leotard as explained (do your best).
- He is in Judo uniform and black hat in pic.3, 7
Just like previous custom scene.1. Also do those Melonie hi kicks (holding her stretched longer time) front of his eyes like in Josh custom was amazing. This time after breaking his arm/shoulder very hard, his face touching her leotard like pic.7 and he tries to bite her leotard from too much pain (or his mouth open on her leotard touching pantyhose band area in pain).
This time, as he is falling with broken hand, his face is rubbing to her leotard down to her butt, then sits on the floor holding his hand looking at her butt, she freeze in pi.7 let him look at her butt for as much as he likes, show different angles too. She then turns around bend way down looking at his face from underneath, show from behind her too, say “I warned you, bones are broken here day and night” she then leaves the scene. She doesn’t open her hand punched this time, you can delete that.

Scene.2 - She is in same attire
- He is in same judo uniform with black hat pic 3, 7, 12 like scene.1
Just like scene.2 of the previous custom, but this time she karate chop him with the right hand similar to pics 11, 12 below. I loved those chops in previous custom in white leotard (pantyhose band could be seen way up too was awesome, excellent poses there pic.14, and the way he looks at her in pain, but this time he has the hat on). She then turns around punches hands out like last custom, leave the scene.

Scene.3 Balcony throw
- She is in same attire
- He is in judo uniform with same black hat pic. 3, 7 , then Ninja uniform with mask like last custom

Just like last custom, she goes up the stairs in karate pose then checks his pulse on the stairway (legs way spread apart between stairs) just like pic.15, 16, 17, love pic.15 pose and others too. This time please karate chops him with the right hand in all the 3 pics (15, 16, 17) even if his face can’t be seen clear in pic.15 still go ahead and karate chop him with the right hand.
You can change the dialogue or keep it the same, up to you.
Then she confronts the Ninja man, then the throw and all the poses after the throw like last custom, really like that feel sorry face when she is talking pic.18, 19 (raise her eye bra too). Also, this time raise her hand up more when throws him down (do your best).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Karate ballet in white. Melanie destroys the bandits

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