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  • The 2 thugs regretted meetning Tiffany a lot

Agent Tiffany is given a mission to sneak into a secret base, but a rat has appeared in the agency and the information is leaked to an enemy agent. When Tiffany arrives at the base, there are 2 thugs waiting for her. However, Tiffany is not intimidated by this, she is a trained fighter and meeting 2 guys is more fun than a challenge for her. She's so easy to throw the guys around that she decides to make it a little harder for herself and exposes her unprotected abs to the guys. The guys try their best, but are soon exhausted in their futile attempts to crush the girl's abs. Then they realize that there is more than just a fragile girl in front of them and try to escape. However, Tiffany is not going to let them get away, she easily catches them up and breakes the necks of both of them. The way to the secret base is clear.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The 2 thugs regretted meetning Tiffany a lot

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  • Product Length: 12 minutes
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