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Scene 1
Naomi enters through the door of a room. She is wearing a black overcoat with the hood covering her head. Her head is slightly bowed down so we can’t clearly see her face. As Naomi closes the door behind her, she locks it so nobody can leave. Naomi now moves to the centre of the room before she stands still with her feet slightly apart, her arms folded across her chest, and her head bowed downward, so her face is not clearly visible.
Three men now approach Naomi. One of the men moves behind Naomi and stands behind her right shoulder, while the other two men stand in front of her. 
The group leader, standing in front of Naomi, speaks, “Who do you think you are walking in to here alone.” 
Naomi remains unmoved and head bowed as she speaks, “I have come for the money you stole”.
The man speaks again, “You silly bitch. You are in a world of trouble.” 
Naomi now lifts her head and brings her arms up the hood of the overcoat as she slides the hood backwards revealing her head and face. Naomi then, keeping her head still, moves her eyes left and then right surveying her opponents, before slowly smiling confidently. The group leader speaks again, “I’m going to wipe that stupid smile off your pretty little face.” 
The man behind Naomi’s right shoulder now leans close to her ear and speaks, “Let me go first with her boss.”
Naomi’s smile slowly disappears and is replaced by a look of determination before slightly turning her head to the right and speaking, “Sure…… You can go first.” At the same point Naomi launches her right elbow backward into his stomach before swinging the back of her fist upwards into his face knocking him backwards and to the ground.
Naomi now undoes the front of her overcoat, slides it off her shoulders and lets it drop to the ground around her boots. The camera now focuses on Naomi looking magnificent in her red outfit. Naomi now steps forward to the two men in front of her. She stops just in front of the men before crossing her arms in front of her chest and shaking her head slightly side-to-side with a look of disappointment on her face (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Special 04 - Head Shake and Nose Pout). 
The first man in front of Naomi now throws a straight punch at Naomi’s face for which she easily moves her head to one side and then the other as she avoids several punches. Naomi now responds with a quick strike of her open hand to the first man’s throat causing him to choke. She then extends her index and middle fingers before quickly striking out and back into the man’s eyes (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Special 05 - Eye Poke). With the man immobilised, Naomi now rapidly strikes out for a third time with her open hand grabbing the man by the throat slowly choking him further.
Naomi, still holding the man by the throat is aware of another man approaching her from her side. Without looking at the man approaching to her side she now performs a quick side kick to her side landing the kick into the second man’s stomach. As the second man leans forward in man, Naomi follows up with a second kick to the second man’s face knocking him backwards (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Fight 02 - Powerful Side Kick To The Head). Naomi now returns her attention to the first man, who she is still holding by the throat. Naomi continues to squeeze his throat as the man gasps for air he drops to his knees. After several seconds of squeezing his throat Naomi drives several straight open palm strikes into his face before releasing the grip on his throat allowing him to fall forward, flat onto his stomach.

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Naomi and the three men using Naomi Custom - Videos - Fights.
About halfway through the scene a man pulls out a pair of nunchucks and attempts to attack Naomi from behind, but she is aware of his impending attack. As the man is about to strike Naomi drops to one knee before swinging her elbow backwards into his groin. Naomi now reaches upwards and grabs his groin in her glove before squeezing it tightly. Naomi, still squeezing the man’s groin, stands up and easily takes the nunchucks from his hand (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Special 06 - Disarm Male Fighter). With the nunchucks firmly in Naomi’s possession she swings them at the man’s head knocking him to ground. Naomi now holds the nunchucks seductively. As she looks at other men, Naomi teases the men by flicking the top nunchuck (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Special 07 - Nunchuck Tease). The next 2-3 minutes has Naomi beating the men with the nunchucks. Afterwards she ticks the nunchucks behind the front of her black belt for the rest of the film (see Naomi Custom 04 - Picture 10 - Silver Top Nunchucks Behind Black Belt).

 The scene finishes with Naomi knocking out two of the three men. The last remaining one man rises from the floor and stumbling towards the door. As he places his hand on the doorknob we see Naomi’s red boot come into the screen view kicking his hand hard as we hear her deliver a loud “Ki-ya”. The man recoils his hand, shaking it in pain. The camera now focuses on Naomi who has her right glove twirling her long hair in a seductive manner and she playfully smiles. Naomi speaks, “Where are you off to in such a hurry boyfriend? I want to play some more.” The man, still holding his sore hand, tries a front kick at Naomi who easily catches his leg mid-air before quickly driving her elbow down breaking his knee. As the man collapses to the ground holding his knee, Naomi walks behind him, wraps her arms around his head before violently wrenching his neck and breaking it. Naomi releases her grip and smiles as she lets the man’s lifeless body fall to the floor. The scene finishes.

Scene 2
Scene 2 begins with a close up of one of the KOed men as he wakes and lifts his head the camera view widens to show Naomi crouched down beside him (see Naomi Custom 04 - Picture 11 - Crouching Down Next To Male Opponent).

 Naomi speaks, “Time to wake up boyfriend!” After which Naomi pulls his head up by the hair with one glove and punches him in the face with her other glove. Naomi speaks again, “Oh, you poor thing. Did that hurt?” Naomi releases her grip on his hair and lets his head fall back to the ground.

Naomi now stands up straight, turning around to see the two other men have slowly gotten to their feet. Naomi, now facing them, flicks her hair backwards with one of her gloves, before extending her right glove out straight while bending her fingers up and down gesturing for them to approach her.
As the men approach Naomi, she now has her hands on her hips and her feet slightly apart. The first man throws a punch at Naomi which she easily blocks by raising her right arm. With Naomi standing still she proceeds to easily block a series of further punches and kicks (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Fight 03 - Blocking Punches And Kicks While Standing Still). After easily blocking a succession of punches and kicks without flinching Naomi delivers an open hand strike to his throat causing the man to choke and bring his hands up his throat as Naomi slams an open-handed palm strike into his face. The man is now stunned, unable to throw anymore punches, but just able to stand.
The second man now steps forward and attacks Naomi from the opposite side with Naomi again standing still moving only her arm to block all of the attacks easily (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Fight 03 - Blocking Punches And Kicks While Standing Still). After blocking a series of punches and kicks without flinching Naomi delivers an open hand strike to his throat causing the man to choke and bring his hands up his throat as Naomi slams an open-handed palm strike into his face. This man is also now stunned, unable to throw anymore punches, but just able to stand. With both men in dazed stances in front of her, Naomi delivers a spinning back kick to one man’s stomach sending him to the ground before performing a spinning roundhouse kick to the other man’s head, likewise knocking him to the ground.

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Naomi and the three men using Naomi Custom - Videos - Fights. 

The scene finishes with Naomi knocking out the two smaller of the men.

With just the larger man left, Naomi extends out her right hand and beckons the man to attack her. Having easily evaded his clumsy punches by weaving her head left and right, Naomi retaliates with a series of rapid-fire punches to his head (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Fight 04 - Rapid Fire Punches To The Head). With the man now dazed and wobbling on his feet Naomi grabs him by the front of his jacket before punching him in the face several times (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Fight 05 - Holding Jacket While Punching Face). With the man barely able to stand he throws one more punch at Naomi who easily ducks underneath, grabs his arm and judo flips him onto the floor (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Special 08 - Hip Throw, Pin and Breaking Fingers). Still holding his arm by the wrist, Naomi presses her knee on his throat as the man groans before she speaks, “You have made me angry.” in a soft, calm manner.
The camera now shows Naomi holding his wrist with one hand while she caresses his fingers with her other hand before speaking, “Where is the money?” To which the ma responds, “Fuck off bitch.” Naomi now strokes one of the man’s fingers before speaking, “You need to be more polite to me!” before suddenly jerking the finger backwards with a loud crack as his finger breaks and he cries out in pain. Naomi patiently asks again, “Where is the money?” The man, now less confident responds, “I don’t know.” Naomi picks up another finger and starts stroking it. Therapeutic man now panicking speaks again, “I swear …. I don’t know.” None of this impresses Naomi as she rolls her eyes before suddenly jerking the man’s finger backwards and breaking it as the man cries out in pain again.
The man finally relents, “Okay..okay…. It’s over there in the briefcase.”
Naomi now releases the man’s arm as she rises and walks over to the briefcase. Naomi reaches down, pick up the briefcase, before a male voice calls out to her, “Hey bitch… I am still not finished with you yet.”
With her back still to the man, Naomi slowly puts the briefcase down before looking over her shoulder with her hands on her hips (see Naomi Custom 04 - Picture 12 - Looking Over Shoulder With Hands On Hips) and pouts her nose (see Naomi Custom 04 - Video - Special 04 - Head Shake and Nose Pout).

Naomi now confidently walks back to man and stands in front of him with her hands on her hips. The man now speaks, “Let’s finish this bitch.” as he punches Naomi in stomach several times. Naomi remains unmoved as the man’s punches are completely ineffective. As the man stops punching Naomi, a surprised look comes over his face. Naomi, with a determined look on her face delivers a series of lethal finger pressure strikes. The man now choking, falls slowly to his knees before falling face first onto the ground at Naomi’s boots.

Naomi speaks, “Nobody calls me a bitch.” before walking back to the briefcase picking it up and then walking out of the camera’s view to end the scene.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Red Hot Naomi

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