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  • Human overpowers the goddess Glenda

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I would like to order a 10 Min Fist fight Video with Glenda vs the guy. I think it's Time that the guy teaches another Goddess a lesson about Respect by bringing her down on her

Glenda has the same Style (Hairs, Shoes, Make up) as in " Kostas's birthday was ruined by faceslapping" but with the Top and Skirt from "Lillian and her prisoner. Part III"
She plays a very Powerful Goddess and thinks no Mortal is a Threat for her. She is arrogant and has a really strong self belief. She hits like a Juggernaut and can take an extremely high amount of blows.
She only shows a little Body reaction from it, she doesn´t bow forward much from her Belly blows or turns her Head like crazy
from the Head punches. In my "the guy almost overpowered Goddess Tiffany" Custom, Tiffany did a great Job, she took all the blows against her, was quickly focused
again on the Guy after Head blows and always kept pushing the Attack against him. In my opinion she was perfect. I hope Glenda brings a similar performance. But besides she is a God,
I need her to moan from every single punch against her in different Ways!

In my other Custom "Goddess Sasha was overpowered '' the guy has summoned her into the Room, i like the Idea, this Video starts the same Way. Glenda arrives and goes
slowly around him, she asks him why he has summoned her. Does he want to work for her or even give her his soul for her glory? the guy tells her that the Mortals have
enough of her cruelty. He is here to teach her some respect for the mortals. Glenda doesn't believe what she is hearing. She asks him if that is a Joke or something like that.
He says no, he is here to teach her a lesson! Glenda laughs about this, she asks him if he is just crazy. But he is serious about this, he wants
to fight her. She changes her attitude to serious. She tells him that she gives him one Chance: He should bow before her, or she will eliminate him. But he refuses to do so.
She yells at him with a serious tone "On your Knees!" But he only goes in a fighting position. She says "hm, you really have a wish to be finished" and the fight starts.

Glenda is always the attacker, she tries to hit him with her hard Fist blows, but from the start he can avoid/dodge/block a good Number of her and between her attacks
he keeps punching her Belly/Head. But Glenda just takes all the blows like nothing, and keeps attacking him. She manages to hit him only a few Times, but when
she hits him, he shows a huge impact of her hard blows. A few punches are enough to really hurt him, sometimes he strumples back from the blows. Glenda
gives him no break, she always approaches him in an arrogant Way. Besides his good start in Min 2:30 he gets exhausted and she gives him blow over blow.
the guy ends up leaning against the Wall, with one Hand Glenda presses his Shoulder against the Wall, so he can not go on the Ground. With her other free
Hand she keeps punching him. He moans painfully, she clearly enjoys the domination. "Have you really believed you could beat me?" After a hard beating she throws him into the Room and he is on the Ground.
Glenda goes to him "Time to claim your Soul '' But he still has his Magic Trick, which he used against the other Gods: the guy says a Word, and Glenda's Hands are made to go on her Spine, like in the other Customs.
She looks surprised. "What kind of sorcery is this?" He says " Something to help me, against you" He stands up and starts punching her Belly with left and right. For her there is nothing she can do, she
just stands there and gets blow over blow into her Belly. After her first hard beating the Spell breaks and she is free again, she gives him a hard blow against his Chest and he strumples back. "Nice try, but pointless, but from all that,
I felt nothing! " and the fight goes on.

At the beginning he is pretty good again and can avoid a good Number of her attacks. But after some Time she starts to dominate him again. And he goes down a second Time, again he uses his Spell to make her defenseless.
She only says more annoyed "Are you serious, again??" and she gets her second hard Belly beating. When she Spell breaks she hits him again and says "You start to make me angry, Time to End this pointless fight"
The fight goes on between them, like always she gets most of the blows but she keeps attacking him without a break. Glenda now fights more aggressively and really tries to take out the guy. After some fighting, she finally managed
to hit him more often and he is in trouble. He goes on the Ground again, Glenda wastes no Time "Time to End this" and she tries to stomp on his Head, to finish him off. But he can avoid the attack in the last second and uses
the Spell again against her. But this Time we can see that she fights against the Spell. She makes Fists, they are on her Body Sides and trembling because of the exertion against the Spell. He realises this too, he stands up quickly
and starts beating her Belly, and the Spell works again. This is now the third hard Belly beating she gets, but she can still endure all the blows. When the Spell breaks, she gives him a hard push and he strumples back again.
Glenda is furious now. "I will not let you disrespect me any longer '' She is ready to attack, he uses his Spell again, but this Time she breaks it "This won't work any longer, time to your end! "

The fight goes on, Glenda tries really hard now to hit the guy. But at this Point she fails every attack and he keeps punching her without a break.After a while she receives several Blows into her Belly again , with a hard finisher, she stumbles back.
"Stop hitting my Belly!" He already knows what is going on, so he says mockingly " What's the matter? I thought you could feel nothing?" Glenda tries to play it cool " I can´t... you just start to really annoy me" She ignores
the Pain and keeps attacking the guy. But now we can see her downfall: Glenda starts to look exhausted and begins to moan painfully from the blows against her. She still tries to attack, but the guy controls the fight now and he keeps punching her.
Glenda gets weaker and weaker, particularly the hits into her Belly hurting her now. Near the End she gets so weak that she can't attack anymore, she stands there and takes blow over blow. After some Hits she is holding her Belly with one Hand and yells "Enough!", the guy stops his attack. " This is too much... i can ́t take it any longer ''
He tells her that he stops, when she goes down on her Knees. For her this is crazy, a God goes down before a Mortal? Never! And he starts punching her Again.
First 3 Left and Right against her Head, her Hand slips from her Belly, and he gives her one devastating Blow into it, after that she is holding her Belly again. This goes on like this for 3 Times, after the 3 Belly blows she says "Stop it...:"
and she really drops down on her Knees before him. " See... I give up" the guy tells her that he hopes she will never forget the day when a Mortal defeated her, and leaves the Room. Glenda struggles, but stands up again.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Human overpowers the goddess Glenda

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