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  • Karate ballet in white. Cindy destroys the bandits

Custom clip request 

Here is the custom Cindy vs. the new man, she wears the new attires we bought (the two white pantyhose and white leotard in the script). No panty and bra please, just in case you need to use bra use the little round thing for nipples but no bra.

Scene.1 - She is in pantyhose pic.1 and white leotard (pic.3). Please pull the pantyhose way up under leotard anyway.

- He is in Judo uniform and hat in pic.4 or any hat or wrap.

This will be similar to Cindy previous custom, he walks to the scene, confront her, stare at each other like pic.5 for 5 or 6 sec. she says “Welcome to karate club we break bones here all day and night” he has super angry face, also show this from other angles too (just like that custom- Josh/Cindy or Sven custom), then they bows left and right, then karate pose and hi kicks like pic 7, 8 love those hi kicks, awesome, just perfect. And finally shoulder break loud haaaa, he screams loud and falls on the floor, show repeats too.

She looks at him, toes from of his face then pose like pic.9 for him (first hands over waist then punched out open), then says “dirty beard karate man with broken hand and shoulder” then leaves the scene

Scene.2 she is in pantyhose pic.2 and same white leotard. Please pull the pantyhose way up (I like it when band shows way up

under leotard, sometimes can be seen under some scenes)

- He is in judo uniform, any hat or wrap

They are face to face, she hits him very hard, a big blow hands like sword, love all those pics.

He falls on the floor sitting like pics, looks at her then her back pic.16, 17, 18

Scene.3 Balcony throw

- She is in pantyhose pic.1 and same white leotard.

- He is in judo uniform with no hat, then in Ninja uniform with mask (plays the role of two men)

She is going up the stairs and as going up and up sees the karate man in judo uniform (no hat) on the stairs finished but eyes wide open, she checks his pulse on the neck carefully, please show checking his pulse just like pic.20 pose, love that pose, his face is in between her legs or little up (you know how to adjust it), she bent way down in pic.20 checks his pulse, leave hand on his neck and bring her face very close to his face stares at him, says who finished you? Please show this from upstairs view too (if enough time left}. He becomes a little awake but doesn’t answer and after 5 sec staring tries to go with a big punch to finish her but she karate chop his neck (just stretches her hand to his neck finishes him). She then goes up the stairs chase his hitman the Ninja man with the mask and throws him out of the balcony like pic, 21, 22, except this time as he bouncing off the wall please have her body bent way down in pic22, with her had hitting his back shoots him up in the air (her back to camera), you can also cut and resume scene but show her body bent way down and hits him in the back, then cut the scene and on resume scene he jumps or dives down, if difficult you don’t need to show the jump, just have his hand in front like diving pose wants to jump then cut scene and on resume scene he is down on the floor with broken bones, hand and legs all twisted, she goes down to check his pulse, then looks up the stairs and down at him back and forth, says “he had no choice but to jump to his end by lethal karate power”.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Karate ballet in white. Cindy destroys the bandits

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