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  • Ninja fights with karateka to find out who's skills are better

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A fight in which Edward participates in the ninja outfit, with the black kimono and tabi boots

Then we have the karateka with the white kimono, white belt and white socks.

First there is the karateka who is training,then the ninja enters quietly and starts training in the same room as well, kicking the air and doing karate moves.

They then begin to fight by initially walking in circles and analyzing each other.

It is a fight of punches, kicks, karate moves. When Edward gets hit I wish he would make some moans.

In the last 3 minutes edward undresses remaining only in speedo and black gloves, continuing to fight the karateka. The gloves he pulls off the speedos. 

The video ends with edward with his back to the wall and the karateka throwing an uppercut into his stomach, throwing another one at him, and holding him saying he is now in his power. 

Do you also have shurikens or daggers or fake swords? If yes I would do the first 2 minutes of fighting with swords and daggers, then the others with punches and kicks and then the last 3 with speedos.

The karateka is viril and superthough, while ninja is seriuos and don't laugh

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ninja fights with karateka to find out who's skills are better

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