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  • Naomi has beaten Tiffany for her arrogance

Custom clip request 

Outfit: Naomi wears black and gray yoga outfit like the one in Naomi shows to Melanie that she is better fighter. She also has the same ponytail, however, I would like her trousers to be shorter (just below the knee. if this is not possible, use the same trousers) and I would like her to wear black socks and the same flip flops as in Naomi and Tiffany compete in flexibility.

Tiffany: she is dressed exactly like in Naomi and Tiffany competing in flexibility but she is barefoot. She has the same ponytail.

Same scenario as Naomi and Tiffany competes in flexibility

Tiffany is a bully. She is a very arrogant martial arts champion.

Naomi is the gym secretary. She's in the center of the room putting away a workout mat because the gym is closing. 

Tiffany comes in and arrogantly tells Naomi that she isn't done training yet.

Naomi replies that the gym is about to close. 

Tiffany arrogantly replies that the gym will close when she is done working out. Naomi repeats that the gym is closing and she has to leave. 

Tiffany is always arrogant, and she replies: "Otherwise what are you doing? Are you making me go out, bitch?". 

Naomi turns away angry at being called whore and tells Tiffany to apologize. Tiffany laughs and says she won't apologize to a secretary

Naomi doesn't answer this time, looks at Tiffany threateningly and takes off her flip-flops and socks. I wish there was a close-up of Naomi's feet while she does it, like in Naomi and Tiffany competes in flexibility. 

I wish Naomi had nail polish on her feet (she can choose her color). 

Naomi places her socks next to her flip flops. 

Tiffany laughs loudly and says: "are you serious? do you really want to fight me? you better leave immediately if you don't want to be humiliated". 

Naomi tells Tiffany that she will make her spit out her apology along with her teeth  and kicks her in the face. 

Tiffany gets very angry at this point, and she tells Naomi that she has made the biggest mistake of her life. 

Naomi tells Tiffany that to humiliate her even more she will only use her feet: in fact during the video Naomi will only use kicks in the face.

I'll say right away that it will be a one-sided fight. Tiffany will not be able to hit Naomi even once.

In the first three minutes of the fight Tiffany tries to attack Naomi with kicks in the face and punches. Naomi dodges each strike and responds with single kicks to the face. After each kick Tiffany gets angry and tries to attack Naomi again, insulting her. Naomi never answers but keeps smiling.

After three minutes the beating of Tiffany begins. Naomi now becomes very aggressive. Naomi begins hitting Tiffany with a prolonged series of kicks to the face. The last kick of this series puts Tiffany against the wall. 

Naomi stands next to her and starts hitting her with a series of side kicks (with the top of her foot and with her hands resting on the wall as in Naomi and Tiffany competes in flexibility). She hits her at least 30 times: the first 5 kicks are slow, the others must be very fast kicks. 

After the last kick Tiffany is stunned and starts sliding with her back to the wall. Naomi steps in front of her and while Tiffany is sliding with her back to the wall she puts her foot on her throat and lifts her up (she should put the sole of her foot on her throat, not her toes under her chin). She then she gives her a series of kicks back and forth.

I wish Naomi would hit her like that multiple times (at least 15 kicks without putting her foot on the ground). After the last kick Naomi pins Tiffany to the wall with a foot on her throat. Tiffany spits out a tooth.

I would like there to be a close-up of the tooth at Naomi's feet. Naomi looks down, still keeping her foot on Tiffany's throat, and makes fun of Tiffany telling her it's only the first. 

Tiffany is stunned and does not respond. She has an exhausted expression. Naomi takes her foot off her throat and places it behind her head: with the sole of her foot behind her head pushes Tiffany behind her towards the center of the room.

Tiffany is stunned. Naomi kicks her in the face again. After the last kick Tiffany falls first to her knees, spits out another tooth, then falls face forward. Her face ends up right between Naomi's flip flops and socks. She immediately tries to get up in disgust but Naomi puts her foot behind her head, pushing her head to the ground and making fun of her. She tells her things like "what do they smell like etc."

Then Naomi stands in the center of the room with her arms folded, smiling. She tells Tiffany that she's giving her another chance to leave. 

Tiffany gets up with great difficulty. She is very angry and she awkwardly tries to attack Naomi with a punch. Naomi easily dodges her punch and says "too bad for you". Naomi starts kicking Tiffany in the face again (about 10 kicks). After the last kick Tiffany hits her back against the wall and spits out a tooth. Like in the Mabel vs TIffany custom I wish there was a close up of the tooth rolling at Naomi's feet. Naomi mocks Tiffany. Then Tiffany falls to her knees  and then falls forward in a daze

At this point Naomi takes a chair and sits down as in Naomi and Tiffany competes in flexibility. As in that video Tiffany gets up with difficulty and angry, she tries to attack Naomi who kicks her in the face.

After the kick, Naomi puts her foot on the ground: Tiffany falls to her knees and starts spitting out 4 teeth (one at a time, not all at the same time) onto Naomi's feet. Naomi is amused and mocks Tiffany all the time. I wish there were alternating shots between Tiffany spitting out her teeth (if possible Naomi should also be in shot) and close-ups of the teeth at Naomi's feet.

Naomi then grabs Tiffany by the hair and drags her over to the table. Tiffany is completely stunned. Naomi climbs onto the table and begins a long series of kicks back and forth like in Karate girl Naomi

TIffany is as stunned as the boy during the series of kicks.

Naomi grabs her by the tail of her hair and puts her back on her feet. Then she starts kicking her in the face again. Until shortly before the end of the fight you choose the moves. The only thing I ask is that it be more sets of kicks, with the top of the foot and back and forth. Sometimes Tiffany assumes a completely stunned position, with her torso bent forward and her arms hanging down.

During this phase I wish Tiffany would spit out another tooth. You choose how and when.

Another scene I would like to see during this phase is the same one in Naomi and Tiffany come in flexibility: Tiffany tries to escape but Naomi blocks the door by placing a foot near her head.

The fight part ends like this: Tiffany is standing and stunned.

Naomi looks at her for a few seconds smiling. Then she gives her one last series of very fast and brutal kicks.

After the last kick Tiffany falls to her knees and spits another tooth onto Naomi's feet.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi has beaten Tiffany for her arrogance

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