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  • Kostas's birthday was ruined by faceslapping

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Kostas (the name of son) has his birthday and Glenda prepare his birthday party for his friends from school. He is 18 years old now. A little minutes before party starts, you both get dressed for the party. Kostas get inside Glenda's room while she is getting dressed. She is wearing only a shirt, white thong and boots under the knee. She is going to wear a very short mini skirt for the party. She is getting a little mad because he got inside without knocking the door, trying to explain him strictly that he can't do that especially in her mom's room (while talking to him she is tapping her one boot showing that she is annoyed) and tell him to go out because she will have to slap him at his birthday. When Kostas sees what she is going to wear (I mean the mini skirt) he starts speaking to her badly, without respect because he believes her outfit is inappropriate for his party. He thinks that with this dressing he will be uncomfortable in front of his friends. While he is talking to her like this she is tapping her heel of the boot angrily, showing that she's losing her patience. She doesn't believe in her ears how dare he's talking to her like this. When he tells that she will be dressed like a whore, she let her skirt and approaches him with fast walking and give him four very hard faceslaps forehand and backhand with same hand, so that his head goes violently right and left from the power of slaps. He starts crying because he is being slapped at his birthday and he continues talking to her with no respect.  She is  giving him four more hard faceslaps and then she catches him from his hair and drive him in a chair/sofa in which she is sitting, crossing her legs and start slapping his face so hard forehand and backhand (her one hand still catch his hair and the other give him the hard faceslaps). Then she starts again toe/boot tapping with crossed legs and Kostas touch her thigh. This makes her more angry and she slaps him again and again. She is standing up and Kostas is sitting. She is tapping her one heel slowly with hands on her waist waiting for explanation for his bad behavior and disrespect to her, she gives him two more faceslaps and then she put her one leg on the chair/sofa (I prefer a sofa) that Kostas is sitting with her leg very close to him. He touches again the upper part oh her thigh trying to caress it, and then she catches his hair again giving him very hard and quick faceslaps both cheeks forehand and backhand (like a gif I post you below). Kostas is crying and she tells him to go to the bathroom and clean his face because his friends are coming. She is so upset that while Kostas has left her room she still doesn't get dressed but she is sitting bouncing her one leg nervously (like gif I attach you). She calls at him again, telling his name loud and angrily, he is getting inside while she is still bouncing her leg. "Come here" she tells him and when he approaches her she starts giving him so many faceslaps that he can't breathe. In these final faceslaps (forehand and backhand of course, like all the previous) Glenda is sitting, she slaps him with crossed legs, then uncross them, slaps him again, bounce her one leg, slaps again, cross the other leg and give him many many faceslaps and then she catches from his hair until the door and kick out from her room. But party is not cancelled...

Glenda will wear a black shirt, white thong and boots under the knee.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Kostas's birthday was ruined by faceslapping

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