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  • The kung fu battle between Edward and Lucas

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Lucas is wearing black pants, plain white t shirt with black kung fu shoes and white socks.

Edward is wearing black kung fu pants and white t shirt with black kung fu shoes and white socks.

Lucas is sitng on the floor stretching his legs wide geƫng ready to fight. Edward is practising his high kicks, roundhouse kicks, and crescent kicks.

Lucas starts to watch Edward practising and leans back on his elbows while his legs are still wide apart.

Lucas: Is that supposed to impress me, buddy?

Edward slowly walks close to Lucas. Lucas stands up.

Edward: If that doesn’t impress you (Edward then lifts his leg up high and rests it on Lucas’s shoulder) then you will be after I kick your ass, buddy.

Lucas laughs it off and lifts Edward’s foot off him.

Lucas: Bring it, buddy. I’ll finish you off here.

Both guys walk to the fight area and get ready.

Edward thinks he’s going to win and he offers to Lucas the first shot. Edward says “You can take the first shot” and stands open with his arms apart.

Lucas gives a good punch to Edward’s stomach. Edward groans and bends a little and Lucas takes advantage of it and starts attacking Edward with a series of punches and kicks.

Edward starts to block Lucas’s strikes and counters with spinning kicks, crescent kicks and some palm strikes to Lucas’s torso. Lucas falls back. Edward walks around a bit and comes up to Lucas and tries to give him an axe kick to his stomach. Lucas blocks it and kicks Edward in the leg to knock him down. Lucas jumps up kung fu style on his feet and grins at Edward. Lucas goes into a kung fu pose with his legs wide apart and gestures with his hand to Edward to “come here”

Edward jumps up kung fu style and gets back into a fighting stance. Edward decides to target Lucas’s stomach with kicks and a few kicks to the face. Lucas groans loud each time he gets kicked in the stomach.

Lucas counters with his own series of kicks and punches to Edward.

After a few minutes of back and forth fighting, Edward finds an opportunity to do the splits and punch Lucas in the balls. Lucas groans loud and long until it’s a soft groan and slowly falls to his knees grabbing his balls. Edward jumps to his feet kung fu style and grabs Lucas by the chin to bring him to his knees. Edward then wraps one leg around Lucas’s neck and starts to choke him for 15 seconds. Lucas struggles to get free but Edward’s leg is too tight. Edward enjoys his punishment of Lucas and grins while Lucas is suffering. After Edward lets him go, Lucas is struggling to catch his breath. Edward uses his foot to lift Lucas again by the chin.

Lucas on his knees, Edward puts him in a front headlock and gives him 2 scorpion kicks while doing his Bruce Lee imitation vocally. Lucas falls to the floor all weak.

Lucas is laying on the floor with his arms and legs spread out wide like an X shape with his legs, and a T shape with his arms.

Edward walks to Lucas and stands with above him with one foot on each side of Lucas.

Edward: “Impressed now? I told you’d beat you. You lose, buddy, you lose!”

Lucas still laying spread on the floor has enough strength to just lift his head up and look at Edward.

Lucas “Alrigh, you beat me buddy. What are you going to do to me?”

Edward” I’m going to finish you”

Lucas “ Awww, please, no, buddy.”

Edward” Nothing personal, buddy” Edward, without moving his body, take one foot and sweeps it across Lucas’s face side to side, knocking him out completely.

Edward then grins and puts his foot on Lucas’s chest and looks down at Lucas, enjoying his victory, keeping his arms hanging down, but at one point puts one hand on his hips and stares down at Lucas with one foot still on him. (Different camera angles of Edward’s foot on Lucas – for about 30 seconds)

After 30 seconds of Edward’s victory pose, he tries to wake Lucas up by using his foot on Lucas’s chest and jiggling it.

Lucas starts to wake up slowly and groggy.

Lucas “awwww, what happened?”

Edward “You lost buddy.”

Lucas” No, please. Come on buddy, give me another round. I’ll beat you this time.”

Edward thinks on it for 5 seconds. He slowly takes his foot of Lucas’s chest and moves it to Lucas’s balls.

Edward” Ok buddy. So you want to lost again?” then Edward adds a little pressure on Lucas’s balls to make him groan Lucas “Fuck you. I’ll beat you hard this time. Are you going to let me up?

Edward grins at Lucas and takes his foot off him. Lucas is too weak to do a kung fu jump up that he gets up on his knees slowly and stands up (attention to Lucas’s foot trying to stand up)

Lucas massages his balls a bit because of Edward’s foot on it and gets ready in a fighting pose.

Lucas still trying to catch his breath, points to Edward.

Lucas “This time, I’ll fuck you up, buddy

Both get into a fighting stance and get ready for round 2.

Lucas begins with a series of kicks to Edward’s stomach and face. When Edward falls down to the ground on his knees, Lucas does a cartwheel to get behind Edward and puts one foot on Edward’s calf to pin him, and puts his arm around Edward’s neck to choke him. Edward grunts hard in pain and suffers for 15 seconds.

Edward then manages to get a good grip on Lucas and flip him over. Lucas falls onto his back and quickly turns his body to face Edward. Edward while still on the ground tries to kick Lucas, but Lucas catches Edward’s foot and locks it. Then, Lucas kicks Edward in the face back and forth 10 times before leƫng him go.

Lucas stands up ready for Edward. Edward does a kung fu jump up back to his feet. Edward attacks Lucas with a combination of punches and kicks to Lucas in the stomach, chest, and face.

Lucas and Edward continue to fight each other back and forth with kick and punch combinations.

(Lucas and Edward can add their own creativity here)

Edward walks up to Lucas. Lucas tries to punch him, but Edward drops down into the splits and grabs Lucas’s ankles and pulls to make Lucas fall on his back.

Edward is about punch Lucas but Lucas kicks Edward’s hand away and quickly grabs Edward’s neck with his feet and starts to choke him. Edward struggles for 10 seconds but Lucas quickly takes control and gets Edward in a headscissor with his head locked between Lucas’s thighs. Lucas squeezes hard and Edward suffers.

After about 15 seconds, Edward extends his leg to kick Lucas and gets free. Lucas gets on his feet and begins punching Edward towards the wall. Lucas pins Serei’s hands above his head with one hand, while using his other hand to punch Edward in the stomach over and over again. When Lucas lets him go, Edward fights back and as they go at it, both guys manage to get back to back and lock their arms.

Lucas trying to get free is stuck, so he back heel kicks into Edward’s balls 2 times.

Edward moans in pains and drops to the floor. Lucas slowly walks around to face Edward and puts him in a front headlock.

Lucas: How do you like it, buddy?

Lucas gives Edward 2 scorpion kicks and gives a Bruce Lee impression Edward falls to the floor spread out – Legs in an X shape, arms in a T shape. Lucas stands above Edward and looks down at him. He slowly puts his foot on Edward’s stomach and makes a slapping sound.

Lucas: Impressed now? You lose, buddy, you lose!”

Edward all weak, tries to lift his head to talk to Lucas.

Edward: Alright buddy, you beat me. What are you doing to do to me?”

Lucas grins and moves his foot down to Edward’s balls. “It’s time to finish you off, buddy.”

Lucas sweeps one foot across Edward’s face and knocks him out. Edward makes a lout grunt as Lucas sweep kicks him.

Lucas enjoying his victory puts his foot back on Edward’s chest and stays there for 30 seconds with various camera angles. Lucas is grinning the whole time. Camera fades while Lucas is still having one foot on Edward’s chest.

Round 2

Edward wears his jeans, white socks, black slip on shoes, leather jacket, no shirt.

Lucas wears his jeans, white socks, TOMs shoes, and shirt tucked in tight.

Lucas walks in the fight room carrying his TOMs. He sits down in a chair and slowly puts his shoes on. He stands up and puts the chair away.

Edward sneaks up behind him and does a cartwheel and kicks Lucas in the back.

Lucas falls to the ground and rolls on to his back to see what happened. Edward quickly sits on top of Lucas and pins Lucas’ hands above his head.

Edward says: “Hey buddy. Nice to see you again. You ready for me to kick your ass again?”

Lucas “Fuck you, I won’t do it.”

Edward “Then I won’t let you up” Lucas struggles a bit but can’t get out.

Lucas tries again to get free, but then takes a deep breath and agrees to fight.

Lucas “Alright you fucker, I’ll do it.”

Edward smiles and is happy with a light laugh starts to let him up. “Don’t worry, you’ll be back in this position again quickly.

The two get ready to fight.

Edward strikes first a with a series of kicks only towards Lucas’ stomach and face.

Edward does roundhouses, crescent kicks, and spinning back kicks to Lucas.

Lucas groans with each hit. Edward kicks Lucas again but Lucas catches his leg.

Edward struggles to balance and Lucas quickly sweeps the other leg so Edward falls on his back. Lucas still holding Edward’s leg, Edward tries to kick him with the other leg. Lucas catches both legs with one arm, and punches Edward in the balls.

Edward in pain is holding on to his balls while Lucas starts a series of kicks to Edward’s face. Lucas is about to deliver a big kick across the face of Edward but stops and holds his leg. Lucas decides he wants Edward to stand up so Lucas puts his foot on Edward’s chin and gestures a raise for Edward to stand up. Lucas then continues his attacks towards Edward’s face and stomach. Lucas does a spinning back kick to Edward’s stomach and Edward falls on his knees. Lucas then wraps his leg around Edward’s neck and chokes him for a bit.

Edward gets his stamina back and when Lucas approaches, Edward does a foot sweep and takes Lucas down. Edward stands up and returns the gesture of puƫng his foot on Lucas’ chin to get Lucas on his knees. Edward then kicks Lucas back and forth in the face 10 times. Edward does a cartwheel to get behind Lucas and wraps his leg around Lucas’ neck. After 10 seconds, Edward slowly lets him go and takes his jacket off.

Edward is ready to finish this fight with combinations of kicks. Edward does a powerful roundhouse crescent kick that knocks Lucas down. Lucas all weak, laying on the ground. Edward sits down and puts Lucas’ head between his legs for a scissor choke. Lucas can’t get out. Edward asks him “You done?”

Lucas “never.”

Edward says “we’ll see, no one can take this for too long.” “Give up?”

Lucas says “no way.”

Edward in a playful voice says “come on, just give up, so I can knock you out already.”

Lucas struggling to get out but can’t. “Alright buddy, you got me. I give up. I give up.”

Edward “ You give up?”

Lucas “yes buddy, I give”

Edward laughs as he lets him go and pats his hand on Lucas’ stomach 2 times.

Edward stands up and Lucas falls flat laying in a X shape with his legs and T shape with his arms.

Edward stands in front of Lucas facing forward and puts his foot on Lucas’ stomach and flexes to show off his abs for about 20 seconds.

Edward “alright you know what happens next, I gotta knock you out.

Lucas “alright buddy, you got me”

Edward “stay down, buddy” Edward goes to get his leather jack and puts it back on.

Edward uses his foot to slap across Lucas’ face and knocks him out. Edward keeps his foot on Lucas with his hands on hips for 10 seconds and then arms hanging down for 15 seconds, smiling at his Lucas because he beat him.


Alternate ending

From: After Edward takes his jacket off.

Edward starts to attack Lucas, but Lucas blocks every move from Edward. Lucas returns the attacks, weakening Edward. Lucas then does a foot sweep and knocks Edward to the ground. Edward is moaning and groaning and Lucas sits on the ground and puts Edward’s head between his thighs and squeezes tight.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The kung fu battle between Edward and Lucas

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