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  • Ronda and Tiffany were cuckolded and beaten by Alex

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Basically Tiffany and Ronda would be beaten by Alex. They are good friends and they find out he haw been dating both of them at the same time. They try to punish him but he beats them up. That's the idea.

Characters and place

Tiffany: She is the kind-hearted and sensitive woman. Agent Tiffany vs stomach punching Cyborg

Ronda: She is the tough and brave woman. Rhonda protects her lover with the last of her strength, black boots without higheels.

Alex: He is a shameless guy.

Place: Wherever is more comfortable

Part 1: Tiffany

Alex has a date with Tiffany. He waits for her.

Alex: Hi, Tiffany! You look cute and gorgeous as usual!

Tiffany (angry and anxious): You are a jerk! You… you have been dating me and my… and my best friend Ronda at the same time! How could you?

A: Ow… you found it out… Well… I could because… you both like me… and I like both of you…

T: What?!

A: Well… you are so cute, but Ronda is… hotter than you… so… I can have both of you and you both can share me.

T: You bastard!

She tries to slap him, but he blocks her and slaps her instead. She touches her cheek astonished.

T: How could you…?!

She tries to slap him again, and Alex blocks her again and slaps her twice. She’s even more astonished and frustrated.

T: You… you slapped me! — she says sobbing. Her breath accelerates.

A: Just shut up, little bitch! — he answers, giving her a powerful slap.

She falls on her knees, touching her face and moaning. He talks doing shameless gestures.

A: Just accept it. You are not the only one… Don’t make me screw up your pretty little face. Calm down — he says, going towards her slowly —. What about a kiss? — he says, caressing her face.

She slaps his hand away and gets up, throughs away her jacket and takes a fighting stance.

T: You won’t treat me like a toy anymore — she says, determined —. Let’s get serious.

A: Ow… well… you asked for it, little one… — he also takes a fighting stance.

He starts fast, taking her by surprise, and punches her with four jabs to the face.

T: Ow! — she moans, touching her nose. He smirks.

A: Too bad for your nose, midget.

T: Did you just call me midget?! — she is offended.

She tries to punch him, but he blocks and punches her to the cheek. She tries again, but he blocks again and punches her again. Four times in total. She is stunned and crying, her arms are down.

A: You’re so weak! Hahaha! — he laughs.

T: I… I’m not weak…! — she answers, crying.

But she is barely able to cover her face. He punches her three times with jabs and four times to the cheeks. She is dizzy and defenseless; her arms are down. He punches her belly three times. She yells. He holds the dizzy and painful little woman’s chin and kisses her.

A: You were clever enough to find out my trickery… but you are too weak…

T: Please… stop…! — she begs, crying. She got a black eye.

A: You can do NOTHING — he says, with an evil smile. He finally gives her a strong uppercut.

She’s down on her back! She lies on the floor, crying. As she is still conscious, he steps on her chest and looks down at her.

A: It seems I beat you up so easily…

T: Yes… yes… you beat me up… — she admits crying —. Please… don’t hurt me more…!

A: OK… But only if you agree to share me with anyone I want.

T: Fine…! — she says, weeping — You win… you can date anyone you want…

A: Good girl!

He stops stepping on her, looking at her satisfied. Ronda finally arrives.

Ronda: Why don’t you take one of your own size — she says, cocky, with arms akimbo.

Part 2: Ronda

Ronda gets close to a defeated Tiffany to help her.

R: Are you alright, my friend? He cheated both of us. Good thing you realized.

T: I… I will survive… Please, don’t let him get away with this…

R: He won’t for sure — she says, resolute, and walks towards him.

A: Wow, such a beautiful friendship fighting evil… So poetic! — he mocks, applauding —. But you’ll need something more than resolution to fight me.

R: I have everything I need — she says, showing muscles.

A: You had always more muscles and boobs than brain. Let’s she what you can do.

Ronda starts to attack with her punches. She tries to punch him twice, but he dodges. He biffs her four times with quick jabs. She groans and tries again twice, with the same result. He dodges and hits her with another four jabs. She stops to touch her nose and gets angrier.

A: Two slow — he mocks.

T: Come on, Ronda! You can do it!

R: Grrrr! — she groans again.

Ronda tries again, but he’s too fast. He punches her twice in her sides and twice in her cheeks before she can even try.

A: Slow and stupid as usual — he mocks, smirking.

R: You won’t play with as anymore! — she answers, touching her hurt lip.

Ronda tries to punch, but he dodges again easily and biffs her with four fast jabs. She gets a black eye.

R: Ow… — she is dizzy.

A: I’m playing with you right now — he mocks.

T: Ronda, fight back!

Ronda tries two dizzy punches but fails, he laughs.

A: Hahahaha! Too stupid and clumsy…

R: Fuck you…

He delivers two powerful blows to the cheeks, a punch to the belly and finally an uppercut. She is totally stunned. He grabs her top. She is at his mercy.

A: Now, you, the strong and bonehead Ronda, are my toy.

R: No… no…

He starts to punch the defenseless Ronda’s face.

Part 3: Tiffany & Ronda

But suddenly, Tiffany gets up and runs towards Alex to help her friend.

T: Leave her alone!

Alex lets go of Ronda’s top and slaps Tiffany four times before she can even try an attack. She is dizzy and her cheeks burn. She got hand slap bruises.

T: Oh, my face…!

R: Leave her alone! — she yells

But Alex stops her run by jabbing her, and afterwards, two powerful blows. The last one makes Ronda spin. I want to see funny Ronda’s dizzy face.

T: Ronda!

Tiffany tries to help her friend again, but she receives another four slaps. Then, he knees her pussy.

T: Owwwww! — she yells and falls painfully on her knees.

Alex kicks Tiffany’s face and she falls face down.

R: Tiffany!

Ronda tries to grab Alex from behind but he punches her backwards, stopping her rush. Then, he turns around and hit her belly.

R: Owwww!

A: You’re finished, stupid bitch

Alex uppercuts Ronda, sending her to the floor.

T: Noooo! — she cries —. He… he kicked her ass… This can’t be happening…

A: Now, you’re my toy — he says, sitting on her.

He starts to ground and pound her several times.

T: No! Ronda! — she cries —. Please, stop! Stop! We… we will be your sexual toys! But, please, don’t hurt my friend more!

Alex stops.

A: Really? You will be available to me whenever I want?

T: Yes…! Whenever you want!

Alex gets up.

A: Very well — he says —. Both of you pay attention to your cell phones, don’t be late and be willing to do whatever I ask you. Understand?

T: Yes! Whatever you ask!

A: Perfect, take care, ladies!

He leaves the scene. Tiffany crawls towards the beaten Ronda, crying.

T: Ron… Ronda… are you alright? — she cries.

R: Owww… yes… — she babbles.

Other details

When the ladies get hits, I want them to moan sometimes, like in a natural fight.

If there is any word, action or detail you can’t do or they don’t consent to do, just tell me and I will change. No problem.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda and Tiffany were cuckolded and beaten by Alex

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