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  • Tiffany humiliates a man's ego once again

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This is the third episodes after:

Tiffany is doing gymnastics with a music background in the usual gym when suddenly she hears the music stop, she turns and it's still Rob who entered the gym has turned off the music to get her attention.
The first time they met, Tiffany wanted to enter in Rob's school but then, due to his arrogance, she was made to humiliate both him and his karate students.
Then Rob didn't want to accept defeat against a fragile girl and tried to take a revenge on Tiffany in the company of the national champion and another top-level athlete but this time too, the ending of the battle was embarrassing for the representatives of the stronger sex. Once again everyone was knocked out in front of the fragile girl.
Since the last time, Rob has improved his level even more, having worked a lot on his technique and on his strength and he still can't accept the humiliation he suffered. Even the national champion can’t make peace with the defeat, he still can’t understand how a tiny girl without much karate experience could knock out a man of his experience, the best karateka in the nation.
Rob and the national champion often talked each other about it and trained themselves really hard and thanks to this hard training the national champion confirmed himself as champion also this year, with easy.
Now they feel ready, it's time for revenge, but this time there mustn’t be any surprise and therefore they have decided to bring with them the world karate champion. They want be the protagonists of the total defeating of Tiffany but in case something goes wrong it's always better to have the plan B, the best of the best: the world champion.
When Tiffany turns and sees Rob, she is a little surprised, she thought that the lesson last time had been enough humiliating, but evidently this is not the case.
Rob, as always, is threatening and very serious and announces the reason for his visit. The previous times she was lucky but now he is even stronger and with him there are the national champion and the world karate champion, the best thing for her should be to give up and declare her defeat so she will avoid a harsh punishment.
Tiffany smiles and almost can't believe those pathetic threats and reminds him that he has already been knocked out under her feet twice, how can he think that this time it will be better?
The world champion intervenes and can’t believe that his friends have been defeated by such a fragile girl and invites them to fight and destroy her definitively while he will watch them knock her out. He turns to Tiffany and tells her he's very curious to see how she can fight with one of them.
But Tiffany relaunches and challenges them: if my opponents are still you, you can both fight together but I give you one last warning for your safety.
The two almost don't let her finish her phrase and already they start attacking: arrogant fragile girl, now we'll give you what you deserve. The two organize their attacks both individually and like a team but Tiffany easily manages her opponents with her speed, her technique and her skill. She parries, dodges and attacks with power, speed, precision and technique.
During the fight the two men begin to get tired and struggle to get up, so Tiffany places some holds on the man on the ground, making them to give up.
After yet other taps out, the world champion decides to get up and fight the fragile girl.
Ok, it’s enough, it's time to stop this nonsense, I'm going to teach you a lesson now and don't think I’ll be delicate just because you're a fragile girl.
Tiffany couldn't wait for this moment to arrive and is with her arms folded. I hope to finally have a worthy opponent.
The fight begins and Tiffany is very focused and despite the world champion's attacks, she begins to hit him repeatedly and knock him down. The champion gets up very quickly and refocuses his concentration and then he attacks again and again. Tiffany dominates and after a few knock downs, she gives him a very painful hold making him to give up. The world champion is angry and say: do you think you can beat the world champion? From here Tiffany increases her level and her power again and the fight becomes a real domination, the two spectators are shocked about the ease with which Tiffany lands and repeatedly makes the world champion to surrender. Tiffany's dominance is total and she also applies the most spectacular techniques she knows on him including some flying kicks. At last she knocked out the world champion. The two man can't believe their eyes. The world champion is knocked out. They try to wake him up but he is literally knocked out.
At this point Rob has an idea and considering her skill in karate he challenges her in some feat of strength.
The world champion wakes up and sees this scene, he gets up and shouts: are you playing? Come on, let's give her the lesson she deserves. A 3 vs 1 challenge begins that will end with the three men on the floor after all kinds of humiliation.
The world champion says: you're lucky because if I just managed to hit you I would knock you out in a second. Tiffany smiles at yet another pathetic attempt and immediately challenges him: Oh yeah? Let's see what you can do, she puts her hands behind her head and her abs on full display. The world champion is almost surprised and comes forward with caution but sees that Tiffany remains waiting, the other two men hold her from behind so he begins to hit her with progressively more powerful punches, up to his maximum effort but the blows on Tiffany have a very minimal effect while he is in apnea due to the effort. So he asks for a change to the other two, come on and help me, they start hitting her, first one and then the other (Rob) who at a certain point punches her in the face. The punch doesn't have much a big effect, Tiffany's face turns a little bit, but she didn't like this behavior and they can immediately see from her glance that she's angry for the first time. Tiffany says: you shouldn't have done this. Tiffany gets back on her guard and from this moment she goes hard until she leaves them completely knocked out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany humiliates a man's ego once again

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