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  • The head of the cowgirls gang Naomi defeats a gang of bandits

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Scenario: There are two rival gangs that are constantly competing for territory and power. One is cowgirls and one is male bandits. Think of it as 2 western inspired groups but placed in modern day.

Scene 1:

Naomi is training in her shooting and martial arts skills when suddenly she hears someone approaching her. As she turns away to check it out, the sound has faded. When she turns back she is faced with a man (Male 1) wearing a bandana around his head, holding a weapon in front of her face. Naomi is surprised, so she drops her weapon and raises her hands in the air. The man says, “That was too easy. You’re mine now.” He grabs her and turns her around. He then wraps his arm around her in a ‘hostage hold’ and drags her away. She puts her hands on his arm but doesn’t put up a fight.

Scene 2:

Male 1 has Naomi in his grasp and walks her into a room where he pushes her into the arm of another male bandit (Male 2). Male 2 catches her and puts her in a ‘hostage hold.’ Male 1 tells Male 2 to guard her and to tie her up. Male 2 nods, still holding Naomi. Male 2 restrains her to a chair, tying her hands behind her back. Male 2 interrogates Naomi about her gang. Naomi begins to insult him. Male 2 then crosses behind her as she insults him. Naomi is begins to say something but before she can finish her thought, the man handgags her and puts a blade to her throat. Naomi shakes the man’s hand off of her mouth but the blade is still to her throat. She says to him “You’ll never get away with this.” He laughs at her attempt to be intimidating. As he walks away from her, she kicks him in the back of the leg to lower him, she then wraps her legs around his neck and puts him in a triangle choke hold. Naomi interrogates him and asks where the boss is. He refuses to talk so she breaks his neck with her legs and finishes him. She frees herself from her restraints, grabs the blade off the man’s body and leaves the room.

Scene 3:

Naomi begins to make her escape through the building. She has the opportunity to escape but is determined to get revenge on the leader of the bandits for his arrogance. As she goes through the building, she finds another bandit guard (can be the same actor as Male 2 just wearing a different accessory or something). She engages him and they begin a small fight. The fight ends with her disarming him of his weapon, then she wraps her arm around him from behind and puts him in a ‘hostage hold’ with her blade to his throat. He grabs her arm to struggle but then submits, still keeping his hands on her arm. She demands him to bring her to the boss. The Bandit nods and they begin to walk. She grabs his weapon and holsters it. She walks him, still holding him hostage, and they approach the door where the boss is.

Scene 4:

Male 2 opens the door and then puts his hands back on Naomi’s arm as she holds him in a ‘hostage hold’. They approach Male 1 and she demands that their gang disband and surrender to her or she’ll finish Male 2. Male 1 laughs as he doesn’t believe the threat. Naomi then brings the blade closer to Male 2 throat showing she is serious. Male 1 tries to defuse the situation with her as he tries to negotiate. Naomi is not happy with the negotiation and she finishes Male 2. Male 1 begins to reach for his weapon but Naomi is quicker and draws her weapon and points it at him. She says to him “New plan. Your gang is now mine. You will serve me and my crew.” Male 1 knows he can’t win this scenario. He puts his hands up to surrender. Naomi demands Male 1 to approach her slowly. He does so, and she orders him to turn away from her. Once his back is to her she wraps her arm around him to put him in a ‘hostage hold’ with the weapon pointed to his head. While Male 1 doesn’t resist, he does put his hands on her arm. Naomi says “You’re coming with me” as she laughs at her victory. They walk towards the camera, and then the camera moves behind them as they exit the room.

Scene 5: Same location as Scene 1

Naomi walks back into her base with Male 1 in her ‘hostage hold.’ She holsters her weapon, but keeps her arm around Male 1, and makes a video call to her crew letting her know that they now have the Bandits as part of their gang and she shows her hostage to be seen by the recipients of the video. As she ends the call, she looks at her prisoner and laughs saying “I knew we were superior to you.” Male 1 laughs and says “Instead of us sneaking up on each other, let’s settle this once and for all. Let go of me and we can have one last fight right here. Winner serves the other’s gang.” Naomi, confident of herself, agrees and releases her grip on him. They turn and face each other and begin to fight ( the fight does not have to be too complex. Just some punches, kicks and a few grapples between the two). The fight ends with Naomi in a choke hold by Male 1. Thinking he won, Male 1 begins to gloat. Naomi breaks free and pins Male 1 on the ground, with her foot on his chest to keep him down. She is standing over him and has her weapon drawn. The scene ends with her victory posing with her foot on his chest, hun pointed at him and posing to the camera.


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The head of the cowgirls gang Naomi defeats a gang of bandits

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