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  • Two collectors punish the delinquent guys by breaking their fingers

Custom clip request 

I want to order another custom clip, with 2 girls, one guy and three finger breaking scenes.

The girls: Rhea and Tiffany, dressed elegant casual

The guy: A different guy from Rob, the guys in another custom clips from mine they work very well. He will act as 3 different men

Considerations: Please, as usual, make the finger breaking scenes slow, and as real as possible. In their final handshake, show one moment each of their palms.

This is the script:

Rhea and Tiffany are two mercenaries.

They are sitting at a table, and Rhea explains to Tiffany that when you break a man's fingers, he experiences so much pain that he will do anything you tell him. This is ideal for extracting information. To practice, in the next room there is a man tied to a chair with a hood, who has attacked his wife. Their task is to "teach him a lesson" by breaking the fingers of both hands, one by one. He will surely beg and try to be sorry, but we must do the task.

They go to the room and tell him that they are going to break his fingers as punishment. He is hooded (can't see them) and scared, and he asks them for forgiveness, they crouch down and begin to break his fingers, in turns, each one on one hand. He begs, but they tell him that with those hands he will never touch a woman again, and they continue with the punishment. When only the last finger remains on each hand, both women break it at the same time, causing a desperate scream from the man.

As soon as they finish, Rhea explains to Tiffany that they must obtain a very important USB, but they do not know where its owner live. However, they located his twin brother, who is waiting for a massage, so Tiffany will pretend to be the masseuse and ask about her brother. Rhea tells her not to finish him or punish him more than necessary, because it is not our goal, but she has to obtain the information.

Tiffany goes to his house and knocks on the door. He realizes that he is not the usual masseuse, but he still accepts, he lies face down and Tiffany sits on top of him, bending her arm up from behind, and asks him for the location of his brother. He says he can't give her that information, so she grabs one of his fingers and threatens: "how about a finger-break massage"? He can't move and asks her not to hurt him but he can't tell her where he is. She then breaks his finger. He screams desperately, and when she takes his next finger, he begins to beg and plead. She keeps asking, but when she doesn't get an answer she keeps breaking his fingers. After 3 or 4 fingers he finally agrees to tell her where he is. Tiffany apologizes and leaves the house.

Tiffany and Rhea head to the house of the owner of the USB, and when they arrive he asks them if they were the ones who punished his brother, and that they are going to pay for it. They ask him for the USB, and if they don't give it to them, the same thing will happen to him. He tells them that he is in a suitcase, but he will never give them the password. They start fighting and finally the girls manage to immobilize him and turn him upside down. He says that he will never give them the password, no matter what they do, and he insults them. Rhea tells Tiffany that they are going to practice the "speaking technique", and she challenges her to see who can make him speak first. They begin to break his fingers in a very painful way, twisting after breaking and squeezing some broken fingers. He just moans until the end, and he keeps insulting them and they joke about the scene. In the end, with the penultimate finger he gives up and tells them the password, begging them not to hurt him anymore. The other girl breaks the last finger, due to wasting their time, and they finally break her neck.

When it's all over, the girl who broke the last finger congratulates the other for making him talk first, and they both shake hands.

Language: Russian with english subtitles

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Two collectors punish the delinquent guys by breaking their fingers

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