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  • Mabel completely destroys Tiffany in competition fight

Custom clip request 

I wish the video was a rematch of  Mabel overpowered Tiffany in fight competition 


Same or similar scenario

The girls wear the same clothes or similar clothes, you choose. Both are barefoot.

I wish Tiffany had her hair tied up like in the second part of the video from the beginning.

Tiffany challenges Mabel again for revenge.

Mutual initial dialogues and insults from the girls. Mabel reminds Tiffany that she was humiliated last time and she begged for mercy. Tiffany is sure to win this time.

This time too it will be a one-side match. Tiffany doesn't hit Mabel even once.

At the beginning of the video TIffany tries to hit Mabel but Mabel dodges her blows like in the first video. From the middle of the video onwards Tiffany is often dizzy and defenseless. I would like Mabel to be very arrogant during the video and mocks Tiffany very often,, humiliating her verbally (she is great at this). Tiffany, on the other hand, is very aggressive at the beginning and confident in enjoying her revenge. After the first few blows she is angry because she fails to hit Tiffany and tries again. After about 3 minutes, when she spits out the first tooth, she begins to understand that she shouldn't have challenged Mabel again: she begins to get scared and appear pleading.

Mabel mostly uses kicks: I would like the majority of them to be scorpion kicks and many back and forth kicks: once or twice I would like the series of back and forth kicks to be very long (about 30 kicks: Mabel occasionally pauses and mocks Tiffany). During one of the series of scorpion kicks I wish there was a scene in which Mabel interrupts the series, raises her leg bringing the sole of her foot closer to Tiffany's face (without contact) and mocks her by saying "maybe you challenged me again because you like my feet", then resumes the series of scorpion kicks

During the video TIffany occasionally spits liquid like in the first video. This time, however, she also spits out teeth if possible (artificial teeth obviously). I would like the first tooth to be spit out in this way (after about 3 minutes of fighting): Mabel kicks Tiffany in the face a series of times. The last kick makes Tiffany step back and she hits her back against the wall and spits out a tooth. After the tooth spit I would like there to be a close up of the tooth rolling at Mabel's feet. Mabel looks at the tooth at her feet and mocks Tiffany.

Another scene I would like is a speedbag facial, like this (about halfway through the fight):

This move lasts approximately 15 seconds and I wish it was as fast as in this clip. 

After the speedbag Tiffany is stunned, she falls to her knees and spits out 4 teeth (if possible not all together, but one at a time). Mabel looks at the teeth on the ground and says "it should have another one": she pats Tiffany on the back and Tiffany spits out another tooth. Mabel mocks Tiffany

After Tiffany spits out the last tooth I wish she had the same expression and convulsions as in Mabel and Tiffany take turns eliminating each other in dramatic way. I wish Tiffany would then fall backwards like in that video

Mabel taps her cheeks with her foot to get her to recover, then puts her back on her feet and continues kicking her in the face

I wish Tiffany would spit out a couple more teeth during the video if possible. You choose how and when

I really like these expressions of pain and frustration from Tiffany, so I hope she repeats them from time to time

I also really liked the scene where Mabel grabs Tiffany by the hair and brings her in front of the camera, mocking her. So if possible, enter it again

Around minute 12 Tiffany begs for mercy like in the first video. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel completely destroys Tiffany in competition fight

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