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  • Cindy uses karate against  the gang members

Custom clip request 

Here is the custom Cindy vs. Rob, she wears different pantyhose (the new black pantyhose, also white pantyhose and the older pantyhose), with the same black turtleneck leotard like her previous customs, please see the script for details. Rob in Judo uniform and also other attire, please see the script too.

Will be like previous customs with some changes :

scene. 1 Rob in pic.1 attire but wearing ninja mask covering his whole face (only eyes and other parts open), any shoes ok.

she is in white pantyhose and same black turtleneck leotard

First, she is in regular attire (or just in a small panty and bra), They are standing next to each other both facing the camera pic.2 hands chopped down strong towards the floor, very mean look, try to scare people. Now a sound comes from speaker from their boss says “you have two options, either eliminate all the dangerous dirty beard karate gangs or be finished, they are all over this compound” she says “yes boss, karate/judo moves”, he says the same thing. They go to karate pose scream haaa, she goes grab the white pantyhose, Rob start the karate demo, she lies down on the floor and put on the pantyhose very slowly from toes up pic4,5,6,7 (love pic.6 too), he looks at her get more angry and throw pounding kicks and chops at her leg, she pulls the hose way up on that leg  to the hip (leg stretched way up) says “karate is the only solution here my friend”. Then feels the hose from toes up in pic5,6. Then put the other toes and while on the floor pull up the hose way up under breast like pic7 (like that angle too) . She then gets up and fix the hose making sure it stays under breast (or as far as it goes). Now on the resume scene she is only in white pantyhose and the leotard with no panty and bra, they go to karate pose then start practicing karate throwing hi kicks and chop on each other, some just like pic.8,9 (other angles too), love that hi kicks to his eyes.

After the demo on the resume scene, they are facing the camera again just like pic2,3, then turn their head look at each other and walk in karate pose to the Camera, then hands down strong says haaaaaa, then continue the walk, she says “let’s get the dirty beards”.  

On the resume scene please show them just like pic10,11 their back to the camera for few sec, hands over waist then hands punched out like pics.11. Then start walking leaving the room going after the karate gangs.

Scene.2  same attire as scene.1 (white pantyhose)

Ninja man with mask comes to the room turns around and sees her pic.12, gets very surprised, they stare at each other 5 sec. she says “so you are the spy and the traitor, karate is coming for you”. She now comes closer and start throwing hi kicks at him pics 8,9 (in scene.1), he attacks, she breaks his shoulder, he falls on the floor half way sitting just like pics10,11, she then does pics10,11 on him (hands over waist, then hands punched out) with him looking at her back in pain, she then leaves the room, he is looking at her back while she is leaving. 

Scene.3  he is in judo uniform, black or red hat like pic.12 hat (cap or wrap ok too), she is in black pantyhose/leotard please use the new pantyhose in pic10,11

Scene starts showing his face on the floor (close up) looking at her toes, then karate chops coming to his neck few times haaaa, she then check his pulse and say “another dirty beard karate gang member eliminated”, show other angles full size too (you know, depends on the time left)

Scene.4  she is in older pantyhose the one in pics blow with big visible reinforce toes, he is in judo uniform and round black hat (cap) like pic.20 or 16.

This scene will be just like Carol or Ronda toes to mouth/inside nose custom, his hand completely locked up

He is locked up on the floor, his face on her foot, toes right in front of his eyes pics below. He chews up her foot pic14,15,16 to get some relief from too much pain, also if possible, he chews up her toes too, really like that one.  Then she turns her foot around to his mouth apply pressure Pic.17. 18 (also place the toes only on his mouth too, to shut him up). Then toes on his mouth and inside his nose taking all the breath out of him pic.19 (you can also use her right foot instead of the left). He goes KOed, she says “last man locked up and finished, ran completely out of breath”

Language: Russian with English subtitles


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Cindy uses karate against the gang members

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