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  • Mabel mounted punches Cindy

Custom clip request 

I would like a 10 minute video of Mabel beating down Cindy. In the video I want to see Mabel on top of Cindy doing mounted punches, Cindy doesn’t fight back and all she does is lays on here back letting Mabel do whatever she wants to her. Mabel pulles her t-short, punches her and taunts her all while Cindy lays on her back whimpering in pain and when Mabel first sits on top of her she crawls on her grabbing the shirt around her breast to help pull her on top of Cindy 

And also when Mabel sits on top of Cindy she mounts her with her full body weight like the picture below ensuring Cindy doesn’t move at all while shes on top of her

I would like to see both of them in shirts, fingerless gloves, pantyhose and black leather boots, and those pleated skirts Mabel always wears

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel mounted punches Cindy

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