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  • Mabel beats the weaklings for her fun

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A guy with boxing gloves (Dimitri) and his coach are standing at the boxing bag. He hits the bag with some really poor punches while the coach gives him some hints or explains something when

she enters the scene. She directly goes to the coach and then she is standing very close to him in a bullying and aggressive way and is looking stare into his eyes like a boxer before a fight. He

says „Sorry, but the punching bag is occupied, now“. (0:30)

Her answer is delivering a headbutt to him (the coach). He covers his face with hands in pain.

She smiles. After taking away his hands he asks „Are you crazy?“. She directly knocks him out with an extremely hard punch and then punches Dimitri to his stomach. The coach is on the ground. Dimitri is on his knees and visibly suffers from the pain caused by the punch. (0:20)

She flexes her right arms to show her biceps to the guys with malicious grin or laugh. (0:15)

After this victory posing, she is bullying Dimitri „Hey wimp! Do you think you are a boxer?“ She punches strongly glove against glove to show her power and places herself in a fighting position

for boxing in front of him and shouts „Get up!“ (0:15)

When Dimitri gets up slowly she is very active and full of pleasure looking forward to box him.

When he’s is up, she starts punching him. He does not fight at all and he uses his gloves just to protect his head. She delivers punch after punch so she is boxing him along the room, while he

just ducks and tries to protect himself and tries to get away from here, but she follows him merciless with punches. After a hard hit to the lever or kidney from behind, he goes on his knees

in pain. (0:30)

Still on his knees Dimitri makes gestures to show he wants to give up. She ignores this and with a punch to his head, she knocks him from position standing on his knees to lay on the ground

(image). (0:10)

Meanwhile the coach was getting up slowly. She is going straight to him and because he is dizzy and because she comes from side, he didn’t realize the e. Again, she knocks him out with a hard

punch and celebrates it with some smiling victory posing to the camera (looking to the lens, not too short). (0:30)

She goes back to Dimitri, who is still on the ground, and while standing active and impatient in front of him she says „Get up, wimp!“. Because he doesn’t, she terrorizes him (still on the ground)

with some punches and shuts again „Get up“ showing that it is not an option to stay on the ground. (0:25)

He gets up on his four but she pushes him with her foot (not a real kick) so he falls to the ground, again and laughs about him. Again she urges Dimitri with „Get up!“. When he is getting up, this is

too slow to her and she collars him or is hair pulling him up and takes him hin a choke from side (picture). (0:30)

To the coach, who again is trying to get up she says „Now look what I am doing with him!“

Looking to the coach, she releases one arm and flexes her biceps but still holds him in the choke with other one. (0:20)

She releases the choke an hits Dimitri, who is still in a stooped position and punches him into an upright position with an uppercut and one sided boxing continues. After several hits and after

boxing him more and more backward, he just wants to escape and starts running away, but she directly follows. (0:20)

This scene should show some desperate trying of Dimitri to escape but she is hunting and boxing him and stops him with her punches. She enjoys her superiority when hunting him with vicious

grin. After some hits, Dimitri again is able to run away and she is hunting him like before. This time, she is able to stop him with her punches. One punch follows the previous one, so he is not

able to escape again. Instead of this she is boxing him along the room and hits him with various kind of punches to head and body.(0:30)

After a hard punch he goes to the ground. She does some victory poses and is looking to the coach. She is in a very malicious mode, celebrating the knockdown with biceps flexing and

moving her hips showing she is strong and she is sexy at the same time. (0:20)

During her posing he was able to get on his four. She collars Dimitri up to standing for more one sided boxing. He is shows no defense any more. He receives punch after punch and always goes

to the ground frequently. When Dimitri is on the ground she looks to coach and shortly and proudly presents her biceps or boxing glove with a vicious smile. Then she always directly gets

him to upright and continues the beating. After one of these knockdowns she says to the coach full of sadistic pleasure „ You should come and help him! Otherwise I will box him to his end“ and

laughs. During this beating , the coach in deed coming closer (meanwhile she punches Dimitri) with the feeling, he has to do something to help Dimitri, but he (the coach) is full of fear and is very

careful. The whole time, she delivers some punches to Dimitri interrupted by smiling maliciously to the coach. (0:50)

When the distance is just 3-4 m , she knocks out Dimitri with a hard punch and attacks the coach, who tries to run away. She has him after only a few meters and now the coach is getting punched.

She needs just 3 or 4 punches to knock the coach out. (0:10)

Then she lifts up Dimitris legs to kick his balls to check Dimitri is still conscious or not. He screams, so he is not completely out and so she collars him in an upright position to knock him

out with a single extremely hard punch. (0:30)

She does the same „test“ again and this time he shows no reaction. Additionally she lifts up his arm to let him fall down, to see, he is completely out. She is that much bad, that this makes her

laughing. The she she sits down on him so his body is between her legs and does double biceps pose and laughs to the camera. (0:30)

Although he is knocked out she again delivers 3 punches to his head. Then she gets up and does some victory posing in different positions, from front side and backside, with and without

foot on his body. Her posing should also look sexy. (0:40)

The coach got up a little bit but not more than crawling on ground. She is standing in front of him with bad grin, punches glove against glove. The coach begs „Let me go!“, but she starts boxing

him while she is in a deep stance, because he is still down. 3-4 times she catches his head or hair with her left and then delivers a punch with her right glove. (0:30)

When the coach is obviously knocked out, she catches his legs and pulls him so he is laying over Dimitri. The she places her foot on the coach, so Dimitri and the coach are under her foot,

and celebrates to be the winner with long victory posing in different positions. (0:40)


She herds the 2 opponents to the wrestling mat. The fight is obviously complete involuntary from their sides. She changes between pushing them and kicking their ass until they are on the mat.


When the arrive on the mat, she kicks Ilyas stomach, so he goes on his knees in pain. Then she practices the following combination to Dimitri in a fast flow. She goes in a deep stance, punches

his stomach in karate style to get him in a stooped posture, then she holds his neck with her hands to do a knee strike (see picture), and the delivers a KO knee strike to his face while holding

his head or hair with her hands. He goes to the ground. (0:10)

Ilya is getting up and it looks he wants to run away, but before he can do this, she kicks his stomach with a backward kick (if she prefers other technique, she may do) and then sends him to

ground with roundhouse kick. (0:10)

Both guys now are on the ground and she proudly states „New record! 2 knockouts in 20 seconds! I am the champion!“ and starts a biceps flexing victory pose. (0:10)

Then she goes down to Ilya and chokes from behind and turns him to be above her, so she lays on her back and he is chocked with his back on her in a helpless position. Ilya os gasping for air.

Then she wraps her legs around his body and turns to side, so finally she has him in perfect body scissor. (0:20)

When she increases the power, Ilya is in panic and pain. She is that much bad, that she enjoys it and proudly shows one arms biceps (for longer time) while he is frightening and in pain. She

squeezes him and increases the pressure again until his ribs are breaking (with sound of breaking bones). He now is quite and his body is motionless. To get up, she kicks him away. (0:40)

Then she sits down on Dimitri in a way his body is between her legs and break his arm in painful hold. Let her break one or 2 more bones (your ideas). (0:30)

She gets up and he is on his knees in pain. She ends his pain by a face kick knocking him out(0:10)

Victory posing begins with double biceps pose while still sitting on Dimitri. More biceps flexing victory poses showing her from all sites follow. Let her move her hips, too, to let her look sexy.


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel beats the weaklings for her fun

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