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  • Tiffany beats Mabel in her dreams

Custom clip request 

First 6-8 Minutes:

I would like to have the video start off with Tiffany daydreaming about getting revenge on Mabel for humiliating her in their previous fight. Her daydream fantasy scene will begin with an already worn out Mabel seen being comically beaten by Tiffany all around the room. Mabel will appear to be totally dazed and too weak to defend herself from Tiffany’s attacks. Some of Tiffany’s kicks will render Mabel super dazed with dizzy eyerolls.

I would like to see Mabel try a few spits as well during this portion of the video; with at least one slow motion cutscene of Tiffany's foot blasting the spit out of Mabel!  (See attached video samples)

Remaining minutes:

Tiffany snaps back to reality when Mabel walks in to answer her challenge. Tiffany aggressively goes on the offensive but her attacks are just aren’t fast or strong enough as Mabel EASILY blocks or evades everything Tiffany dishes out. Worry starts creeping in as Tiffany realizes she has made a very bad decision by challenging Mabel again. After allowing Tiffany to tire herself out Mabel goes on to beat the absolute daylights out of her smaller challenger! A beating even worse than the last fight!

At the end as Mabel readies her foot for the neck snap, she tells Tiffany to "beg for mercy or it's your end!". Tiffany will immediately begin pleading with Mabel to spare her, begging her not to snap her neck. While Tiffany is still begging for mercy, Mabel ruthlessly snaps her neck anyway!

The girls speak in Russian with English subtitles.

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Tiffany beats Mabel in her dreams

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