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  • Tiffany is looking for the worthy opponent

Tiffany is looking for the worthy opponent for the for the upcoming competitions. She is willing to pay a large sum to whoever manages to defeat her. Tiffany arrives at the gym, where two guys are being rubbed down before an upcoming competition. She offers them money in the hope that she will find worthy opponents. But the guys decide to just take the money, not seeing the small fragile woman as a threat to themselves. They laugh at her and tell her to get out while she's still in one piece. Tiffany just smiles and takes a fighting stance. It's not hard for her to take the guys down. She breaks one's nose and smashes the other's face into a punching bag. Tiffany then takes her money back, humiliatingly throwing one of the bills in the guys' faces and thanking them for a good workout.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany is looking for the worthy opponent

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