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  • Tiffany and Stefania punish the traitor using theirs pantyhose

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The viewer and Stefania are police on the case of a mysterious criminal called the Pantyhose hitman. But the viewer is keeping a secret from his partner Stefania that will transform the nature of the case.
Scene 1 (3 min): The viewer is walking behind Tiffany down an alleyway (or a hallway if you want to film indoors). Tiffany wears a leather skirt, short white top, white panties, sheer black pantyhose and black boots. The viewer watches Tiffany's walk and crouches down a bit to look upwards at her, and Tiffany notices. She smiles, gently moves the viewer against the wall, and presses her body up against the viewer and asks him if he likes it. The viewer nods. She asks him to hold still, then puts him in a foot choke. The viewer struggles for a bit, while Tiffany says to him that she knows what he has done and that she is here to punish him. She lets him go and kicks him in the face for around 1min. She does a cartwheel backwards, then runs up and delivers a powerful kick that knocks the viewer down. She takes off her boots and her pantyhose, and ties the viewers hands with her pantyhose. She then puts the viewer in a scissorhold and breaks his neck.
Scene 2 (3 min): The viewer and Stefania are detectives. Stefania wears a police uniform with a miniskirt, white panties and black leather knee-high boots. (If you don't have a uniform like this, the denim coat and skirt would be a good fit). To start off the day, the viewer and Stefania practice by sparring. Stefania performs some light high kicks towards the viewer for about 2 min. Afterwards, they sit down and discuss the case. Stefania says they found evidence from the hitman scene - the victim was tied up with a pair of pantyhose. She takes out the pantyhose in a clear plastic bag and the viewer realises there are some words written on the foot. He asks Stefania to put them on, so she takes off her boots and does so. She puts her foot up to the camera and the viewer sees that "... scum" is written on each foot of the pantyhose. The viewer recognises the handwriting and knows where to investigate.
Scene 3 (7 min): Tiffany is at home. She is dressed in a short nightdress with white underwear underneath and practices kicks towards the camera. She puts on grey or tan pantyhose and practices kicks for another 1 min, and puts on black leather boots and continues kicking for 1min. There is a knock on the door, Tiffany opens it and lets in a male actor. She teases him with her legs and brings him into the room and onto the couch. She stands over him and teases him further with her legs and boots. She asks him if he knows why she brought him here, and he says no. She says that he is here so he can be punished for his crimes. The man is suddenly afraid and gets up to go, but Tiffany kicks him to the ground. She performs armbars and scissorholds on him and laughs at his pain. She pulls him up and attacks with many high kicks and acrobatic moves (about 3 min) and then knocks him to the ground. She takes off her boots and pantyhose and uses them to tie his arms behind his back.
Scene 4 (7 min) The viewer and Stefania, dressed in her police outfit, arrive at the front door of the apartment. They burst in to see Tiffany tying up the man from the previous scene, and they shout at Tiffany to stop and put her hands up. The tied man immediately recognises the viewer and calls out for protection, but Stefania recognises him as a wanted criminal. Tiffany nods to Stefania, and together they grab the viewer and hold him down. Tiffany explains to Stefania that she has been eliminating bad men and predators which the viewer has been letting go free. Tiffany takes one pair of pantyhose and ties up the viewer's hands. She gives a pair of black pantyhose to Stefania and puts on another pair of pantyhose herself. She asks Stefania for help in finishing off the criminal. Together they pull him up, perform high kicks on him and knock him down. Stefania uses a reverse headscissors to break his neck, and both Stefania and Tiffany put their feet in his face.

They then turn their attention to the viewer. They put on leather boots and pull the viewer up to attack him with high kicks. They knock the viewer down and use armbars and headscissors on him. (Please include a scene where one of the girls has the viewer in a headscissors and the other puts their boots/feet in his face). They then take their boots off and continue to kick the viewer. They knock him down and put their feet in the camera lens, the viewer can see that all the feet of the pantyhose have "... scum" written on them. They pull him up and take turns kissing him goodbye. Then they foot choke him against the wall together and break his neck. They take off their pantyhose and shove them in the viewer's face, put on their boots, and walk away.
Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany and Stefania punish the traitor using theirs pantyhose

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