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  • Melanie and Tiffany are dancing on the guys

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Melanie and Tiffany are dancers and they have booked the gym for practicing. Melanie is dancing in the pole while Tiffany is stretching in the mats.

Suddenly two guys enter the room. The guys tell the girls to leave because they want to they want to practice karate.

Melanie told them that they have to wait to end their dancing and then they can leave.

The guys does not accept this and threatens the girls to harm them if they don’t leave immediately.

The girls laugh when they hear the from the guys and tell them that they can easily beat them and dance on top of them.

Then the guys in anger they decide to attack the girls and the fight begins. This fight will last about 2-3 minutes and they will be paired and the start to fight simultaneously to each other (Tiffany vs Edward and Melanie vs the other guy). During this fight sequence, the pairs will change (the girls will change opponents, after they send their to the ground and step on them). At the end of the fight both guys are in a pile and the girls strike a victory pose with their feet in each one of them. They say ‘This was very easy… Lets make it more interesting’. 

They help the guys to stand and tell them that they will fight two rounds where one girl will face both guys. Firstly Tiffany will face the guys. After a short fight in the mats, she will beat them and send them to the ground side by side. Then she will step on both of them with each foot on each guy chest and she will tell Melanie laughing ‘Look how pathetic these guys are’. Melanie will say then ‘Come on, dont beat them to hard… I want to play with them too’. 

Tiffany then climbs down, steps on both of them and sits to the side letting Melanie to take the stage. 

The guys are standing up. Melanie goes to the pole and starts dancing. The guys try to hit her but she avoids all the strikes and manages to deliver some kicks by herself while dancing. After aa while both guys are on the ground near the pole. Then Tiffany starts to dance  using them as floormat. She steps on them, tramples them etc. At the same time she mocks them verbally and laughs at them. She calls Tiffany to join her. Then each girl tramples each guys and dance together (while they are trample them) and make them kiss their soles. 

Finally they climb down from the guys and help them stand again. They kick them simultaneously and send them on the ground again. Then the girls goes and wear their heels.

Melanie: ‘It was a pleasure boys to dance on top of you but we have to go now’

Tiffany: ‘Pathetic losers, I think you really enjoyed it!’

They step on them as they leave the room with laughs. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie and Tiffany are dancing on the guys

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