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  • The revenge of Catwoman Mabel

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Mabel plays Catwoman and Glenda plays her sidekick. They start the video looking for the criminal who stole something from them, and when they find him they engage in the fight. Soon Glenda hits Mabel and we find out that she has double crossed her partner. The rest of the video the guy and Glenda team up and beat up Mabel, using many wrestling holds. They eliminate Catwoman 6 times, taking 6 of her nine lives. Once they have finished her for the final time, the guy turn on Glenda and beat her up and brutally eliminate her too. Mabel would wear the catsuit and high heeled boots, and Glenda should be in something very skimpy that shows off her amazing ass and high heeled boots as well.

Scene 1: The guy has M in a standing neck hold, standing behind her. G is punching and kicking M in the abs and crotch. As she is getting weak she drops to her knees as the guy keeps the neck hold on. As she is going weak he pulls her head up and breaks her neck. She falls backwards and lies on her legs.

Scene 2: G pulls M's head down into her crotch, face into her crotch, then squeezes her legs around her head in a tight head scissors. The guy pulls M's legs up into a Boston crab. M is scratching at G's thighs, but is helpless as G twists her thighs and breaks M's neck. M goes weak and they hold her there for a few more seconds, then the guy releases her legs. G twists her legs again breaking M's neck again, and M's legs twitch. Finally G opens her legs, lifts M's head and slaps her, then drops her head to the ground.

Scene 3: Guy has M in a camel clutch. G holds her legs apart and digs her heel into M's crotch. G releases M's legs and the guy applies a neck hold and squeezes tight. After a while Mabel goes weak, and weak, we see her legs kicking weakly and slowly going weak. The guy twists and breaks her neck, her legs twitch again.

Scene 4: guy lifts M by the neck with her back against a wall. G lifts one of M's legs onto her shoulder and starts punching her crotch. She continues punching until Mabel is finished by the guy's choke.

Scene 5: guy is sitting behind M, and puts her head into a dragon hold position. He lies back with M on top of him, and he positions his legs to spread hers wide. G sits next to them and starts caressing M's body as she is fighting trying to get out of the hold - it would.be cool if you guys could put some dialogue from G here where she explains why she betrayed M. M is going very weak and the guy yanks on her neck breaking it. She arches her back for a few seconds, then her body falls to the ground finished.

Almost end for Mabel 6 (the double double cross moment): guy has M in a dragon hold, bending her over his knee. G lifts one of M's legs and digs her claws into M's crotch, M screams in pain but can't do anything about it. Guy tells G that they should let M go, that they have punished her enough. G screams at him that they need to finish the job, that this catty bitch needs to be finished tonight and insults him for being a pussy. He gets pissed off and punches G, then  releases M. He starts beating up G who cannot defend herself, and once M recovers she joins in the beatdown, leading up to...

G's end:  the guy slams G over his knee in a back breaker. He pushes down on her neck and leg, as M walks over in her sexiest walk. She positions herself so her ass is facing G's body, which is still on the guy's knee, and puts G's head between her thighs and starts to squeeze. G tries to spread M's legs, but no chance. M smiles as G is begging her not to hurt her, M squeezes even harder and enjoys watching Gs face contorted with pain and as G starts fading M tells her that nobody double crosses her and gets away with it. G goes weak and M twists her thighs to break G's neck, her whole body twitches. They release her and she lies face up spread eagle. Nice pans of her body as M puts one leg on her chest and stands over her victorious.

Wrestling moves/holds to be included:

- lots of low blows knees and kicks

- lots of double teaming, so when one of the ladies is being held in a wrestling hold the other woman is either punching or kicking her.

- over the shoulder rack 

- Boston crab

- camel clutch and Boston crab at the same time

- single leg Boston crab with punching of the crotch (this should be done to G)

- M is on all fours, G puts M's head between her thighs, and squeezes her head in a head scissors. A good shot of M's head protruding between G's thighs under G's ass, so we see a nice shot of G"s tight ass as well. Guy punches or kicks M in the crotch and abs while she is in the head scissors.

- crippler cross face

- bow and arrow 

- any other inventive back bending or stretching holds, I know Rob has an arsenal of them as we saw in the series of movies where he breaks girls' backs.

- a few more moves in the attached pictures

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The revenge of Catwoman Mabel

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