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  • Super Tiffany destroys the men blowing their heads. Part II

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Actor: Tiffany

Clothing: Same as last time

Scene: There are 5 indoor spaces, each scene requires 3 males

Tiffany is still a girl with various superpowers. She uses her superpowers to eliminate all enemies, including Heat Ray, Steel Body, Super Speed, Super Power, and so on.

Tiffany's personality is cute and sexy, she can effortlessly eliminate all enemies.

In the first scene: Tiffany lures the enemy with his feet, and the enemy resists. The enemy is eliminated(Only the first scenario uses a women's shoulder bag)

In the second scene: Tiffany attacks, the enemy resists, then kneels down to beg for mercy, and is ultimately eliminated

In the third scene: the enemy bravely resists, but is teased by Tiffany and easily eliminated

In the fourth scene:Tiffany angrily transforms into Supergirl (Women's Superman Clothing) and eliminates the enemy

The fifth scene:   (Women's Superman Clothing,No boots),Tiffany sexy takes off his shoes, teases enemies with his feet, eliminates enemies.

Video details:

1. The way people are eliminated in each scene is designed by Tiffany actors themselves.Tiffany is a slender and lovely girl, but she does possess unparalleled superpowers.Tiffany plays a superpowered girl who can eliminate enemies with her feet, hands, and any way she wants.The way for actors to use their imagination to eliminate enemies. I believe she can complete this creative work.

2. Show more actors, legs, sexy cleavage, and underwear. Close ups of cleavage and underwear (light color) are required during filming.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super Tiffany destroys the men blowing their heads. Part II

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Super Tiffany destroys the men blowing their heads

Super Tiffany destroys the men blowing their heads

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