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  • Agent Ronda breaks out of the trap

Secret Agent Ronda has been captured by a gang. 2 henchmen were sent for interrogation to find out from her the location of the secret files. Agent Ronda woke up with her hands in chains. 2 bandits began to crush her stomach with blows asking about the location of the files. Of course, Ronda wasn't going to tell anything, she just pretended helplessness moaning from the blows and waiting for the right moment to counterattack. Finally, Ronda managed to free herself. She beat up the bandits pretty badly, punishing them for their cruelty to her before wringing their necks. She snapped the neck of the first scumbag with her hands and the second bandit's neck with her hips, pinching his head between her legs. Ronda then stepped over the bodies of the defeated enemies to assume a victorious pose, placing her foot on the chest of one of them.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agent Ronda breaks out of the trap

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