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  • Super strong Tiffany demonstrates her power. PartII

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Tiffany, same outfit, now against three guys rather than just two (two of them from the first movie).  Overall, similar in spirit. 20 minutes in length.  Since she is fighting three rather than two, it is a bit tougher for her, but not very much.

Three guys are practicing martial arts, when Tiffany walks in.  This time, she is already in her outfit.  

Tiffany: “Time for you to leave.  I rented this room now.  I hope you remember.”

New guy 3: “Wait, this is the girl that beat you up last time?”  Breaks out laughing.

Guy 1: “She is pretty strong.”

Guy 2: “Yeah, c’mon, let’s leave.”

Guy 3: “You are not serious.  This tiny girl is nothing.”

Tiffany: “This tiny girl will beat you up too, if you don’t leave now.”

Guy 3: “Oh really!  C’mon, cocky karate chick, what are you going to do?”

Tiffany: “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Guy 3, laughs hard, “Hurt me?”  Pushes her.  To the others: “She is really hilarious”

Guy 1: “Ok, funny, but let’s leave now.”

Tiffany: “Yeah, good idea, you have been warned.”

Guy 3: “Or you will do what?” Pushes her again.

Tiffany: “You do that one more time and …”

Guy 3: “… and what?” Pushes her again.

Tiffany: “I will beat you up and embarrass you in front of your friends.”

Guy 3 to the others: “Is she for real?”  Pushes her again.

Tiffany: “And when I am done with you, you will kiss my feet and you will apologize to me”

Guy 3 laughs, pushes her hard.

Tiffany punches him, he staggers back.

Guy 3: “That’s it, you cocky bitch.  I don’t like punching girls, but I am going to make an exception for you!”

They briefly fight, Tiffany wins.

Guy 3: “Ok, you got lucky. But your luck runs out now.”

Gets up, starts to motion towards her, but she raises her hand to stop him.

Tiffany: “One big guy against a small girl like me really isn’t fair.”

Guy 3, grins: “Who said anything about fair?”

Tiffany: “I mean, you don’t stand a chance alone.”

Guy 3, baffled.

Tiffany to the others: “Go help your friend here.  All three of you against me at once.  Let’s make it interesting.”

Many fights, her against all three.  Lots of trash talking back and forth.  Towards the end, she lets them tie her hands behind her back and blindfold her, still beating them.  

Some victory poses.

Tiffany, to guy 3, “It is time for your apology.”

Guy 3, kisses her feet, moans an apology.

Tiffany, “Next time, you better listen to your friends.”

She walks off.  The end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super strong Tiffany demonstrates her power. PartII

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