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  • Naomi is taking revenge for her friends

Custom clip request 

- 10-15 minute video most likely.  Extend if needed.

- 2 Participants:  Naomi and either a guy, or girl, opponent/boss.  Since I included shirt pulling, I figured a girl opponent might make Naomi feel more comfortable in this role, but I'll let you make that creative decision with whoever is available to work with Naomi.

- Naomi is in peril, taking lots of punches, mostly to the face, very few to the belly.  Naomi overcomes her peril, and wins at the end of her fight.

- Clothes:  Naomi should wear the same clothes she wears in "The bandit torments Naomi's stomach" video.  Denim shorts/Tank top/bra underneath

- Hair:  Long.  No ponytail.

- Content is similar to "Naomi lost the fight due to overconfidence". I liked her performance in that video:  the speed that she spun her head, nose over shoulders, her arms swinging, her hair flying everywhere.  It was good/attractive/sexy.  For my tastes, I want her to miraculously pull off a win for this video, as I like a young woman power being earned through struggle.

-Have the fighters stretch properly to prevent neck injury, etc, and take breaks when needed.

- Title:  "Naomi's Miracle"


Battle starts with Naomi entering from a door, and walking fast toward the arena.

"YOU!"  Naomi shouts.

We then cut to a front shot of her standing opponent, his/her eyes closed, back facing Naomi.

"You called the attack!  YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME!!!!"  Naomi shouts.  "My brothers are buried.  My sisters are missing.  The orphanage is destroyed.  YOU attacked them.  WHY!"

The opponent opens his/her eyes and speaks:

"The orphanage was a strategic position for my gang, who are at war with a faction.  The orphans would not willingingly give up their position.  Instead, your boys came to my turf, and vandalized our properties.  The price for that transgression were lives.  The orphan girls are locked in my prison.  I'm surprised that we somehow missed you."

"You shall pay for what you have done!"  Naomi shouts, and then runs to her opponent to throw the first punch.

Her opponent turns around, and takes the first blow from Naomi.  She hits them with fast lefts and rights.  15 of them.  Naomi then clenches her fist into a ball and smashes her opponents face, who spits out water as they spin around.

"Okay, young lady," the opponent says.  "You will join your brothers to the grave."

They spin around throwing a strong punch at Naomi's face.  He or she then grabs Naomi's shoulder straps and head butts Naomi, snapping her head back.  They then grab her tank top between her chest and pull her in, smashing their knees to Naomi's stomach.  Naomi vomits water.

The opponent then gives Naomi a bunch of left and right face punches.  15 of them.

The opponent gives Naomi straight face jabs, kicks in the face, and more left and right face punches (I'll leave it to you to extend this scene as needed to reach the 10-15 minute length of the video):

Next, after Naomi takes all those hits, a camera floor shot like this: 

Naomi's opponent is walking up to Naomi with the camera following his/her feet.  Naomi herself is dazed, and her two feet make short steps back, forward, back again, simulating dizziness.  Her head should be following in those directions too, but we don't see it as the camera is on the two fighters' feet.  

Soon after that short scene, we cut to the opponent throwing a strong right hand slap, quickly snapping Naomi's head over her left shoulder, her hair flying across her face.  She stays in that position for a bit.  

The opponent steps back and leaves her in that state for a few seconds, the camera closes in on Naomi's face while she takes a strong breath, and then the opponent walks up to Naomi, and strong arm grabs Naomi's tank top right between her chest, and they pull and push her top, bobbing her head back and forth.

With Naomi's head straight, the opponent, still strong arm holding onto her tank top, start's throwing straight jab punches to Naomi's face.  Naomi's head snaps back hard to every blow.  5 blows with the camera looking at Naomi's face.  The final punch leaves Naomi's head hanging back for a few seconds (3-5s) before the opponent shakes her again to get her head up straight.  Then 5 more blows with the camera behind Naomi.    Final punch, again, leaves Naomi's head hanging back, eyes closed, as if she were knocked out.  The opponent shakes her back to consciousness, and her head straight up.  Opponent lets go of her tank top, and it's back to the left and right face punches.  15 non stop punches, then they strong arm grab Naomi's tank top between her chest, and pull her across the arena to a wall, and they plant Naomi's back to the wall.  They take off Naomi's tank top.  Now she only has her bra on.  The opponent starts punching her belly.

The punches make Naomi bend down like this, her back off the wall, butt still touching, one arm around her stomach, with her head kicking up a bit from the blows.  Each hit with a fast reaction, and then she would quickly stand back up straight against the wall.  5 blows.  Then the opponent grab's Naomi's shoulder, and pulls her away far from the wall.  They proceed to punch her stomach again, making her butt kick back (she should jump back a bit) as she bends down, with both of her arms across her belly.  5 blows.  Final blow, Naomi stays in that down position, both arms across her belly, for a few seconds (5-7s) before the opponent grabs Naomi's chin, and raises her back up.  They then, again, pummel her with 15 left and right face punches.  After the 15, a massive left hook punch that has Naomi spitting out water.  Then cut to a massive right hook punch, again Naomi spits out water.  Then a massive uppercut!  Water flies in the air.  Naomi is dizzy, and slowly rocks back and forth for a few seconds, before the opponent throws a strong left hook punch that makes Naomi spin around, looking away from the opponent, before she crashes to her knees.  The opponent sits right beside the fallen Naomi, and starts throwing punches at her cheeks, each blow sending Naomi's arm's and hair flying.  5 blows.  Opponent gets up and sits on the other side of Naomi.  Five more blows to the face.

The opponent then picks Naomi up from the shoulder's and pushes her against the wall.  They run in for a strong punch to her stomach, but Naomi.... SIDE STEPS IT!!!  The punch misses Naomi, and the opponent's fist's crashes into the wall.  The opponent cries out in pain.  Naomi, who is still very tired and battered, slowly, and dizzly, grabs the opponent's arm, and smashes their fists against the wall some more.  (safety first.  Do it slow and fake if necessary). 5 smashes.  Naomi is so tired at this point, she then starts using her body weight to smash herself against the wall, while hugging the opponent's arm.  The opponents hands are busted.  They fall to their knees, crying.  Naomi leans into a nearby wall breathing hard.  She musters up the strength to start lifting her legs and kicking her opponents face five times, their head snapping back.  Naomi then, struggling, stands her opponent up, and pulls them away from the wall.  She then turns them to face the wall, but her strength starts to wane, and Naomi falls forward onto her opponent's back, which pushes them hard forward, smashing their whole body on the wall they had just gone away from.  KNOCK OUT!!!!  The opponent falls to their back.

Naomi, now on the floor, starts slowly crawling to a nearby wall.  She sits herself up, back against the wall, and just sits there, her cheeks resting on one of her shoulders, breathing hard, but alive and conscious. 

"It is done..."  Naomi whispers as we fade to black 

Miraculously, Naomi wins, and will avenge her fellow orphans off screen.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi is taking revenge for her friends

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