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  • Agent Glenda vs clones of Tiffany in sexy fights

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Fighters Glenda and Tiffany

The Plot Glenda has to fight three different versions of Tiffany, all clones. Tiffany wears a different outfit for each scene, and Glenda tries to match her. Glenda successfully defeats each Tiffany, but only after a back and fro struggle. Each Tiffany clone has a unique weakness that Glenda eventually uses to gain the advantage.

Glenda’s opening outfit is one she wore when she fought Melanie, but this time without the tights. Here is a screenshot…

Opening scene

Glenda addresses the camera as if the event is being livestreamed,

“Hi! Special Agent Glenda reporting for duty. Tonight, I’m on a mission to defeat those dastardly Tiffany clones. I don’t know how many of them there are, but they’re all going to get their asses kicked. Come watch me.”

Glenda winks at the camera and turns on her heels, wiggling her finger for the camera to follow. The camera then follows Glenda from behind and below as she climbs the stairs.

Fight 1

Glenda is confronted by the first Tiffany clone, who is standing legs astride hands on hips on the landing, half way up the stairs.

Attire Tiffany wears the black outfit she wore in Tiffany overpowers the bandit with her karate, plus very high black high heeled shoes or boots. Glenda wears the black outfit she wore in Glenda destroys the gang of dirty beard with her karate skills, plus very high black high heeled shoes or boots.

Moves Punches, kicks and knees to the face, body and crotch. Bearhug (front and from behind) and body-scissors.

Tiffany’s weakness her midsection

The Script

Glenda clicks her fingers and transforms into her first outfit.

Tiffany “Sorry, members only”

Glenda “Oh I have a VIP pass. Would you like to see it?”

Glenda launches a surprise attack punching Tiffany in the face. Tiffany only feels it a little bit, but stands her ground. Glenda tries again, this time with a high kick. This time Tiffany feels it a little more and stumbles back, but quickly steps forward again smirking. Glenda tries a knee to the crotch next and again Tiffany stumbles back a little, but soon recovers. Glenda looks shocked.

Tiffany “Oh dear. Are you the best they’ve got?”

Tiffany then launches her own series of attacks -punches, kicks and knees. Glenda manages to strike a few hits of her own, but Tiffany is hitting harder. After a while Glenda is overwhelmed and gets knocked down a couple of times.

Tiffany steps forwards again when Glenda rises, but she telegraphs her next punch. Glenda ducks under it and lands a punch to Tiffany’s tummy. This time Tiffany groans in pain and stumbles back winded.

Glenda realises Tiffany has a weak spot and immediately attacks it. She grabs Tiffany, wrapping her arms around her waist and pulling her into a tight face to face squeezing bearhug (even lifting her if possible. Tiffany groans in pain. Glenda now switches the hold to a reverse bearhug and squeezes Tiffany from behind. She eventually drags Tiffany down to the ground where she wraps her legs around Tiffany’s waist in a body scissors. Tiffany is weakened by these punishing holds and finally got weak.

Glenda pats Tiffany’s cheek “Yes I am the best they’ve got actually”

Glenda lifts her top leg high, holding the pose and rolls Tiffany off her. She gets to her feet, clicks her fingers and transforms into her opening outfit, looking at the camera and beckoning it to follow as she walks up the rest of the stairs.

“Well that wasn’t too difficult, was it? Lets see what’s in the next Level”

The final shot is Tiffany’s body splayed out on the ground.

Fight 2

Glenda reaches the top of the stairs and is confronted by the second Tiffany clone, dressed like a Night Club manager in a dress and heels.

Attire Both girls wear very short revealing dresses and very high-heeled shoes, in different colours. Tiffany in a darker dress and Glenda in a lighter dress if possible.

Moves Punches, kicks and knees to the face, body and crotch. Hairpulling. Rear headlock/choke and head-scissors.

Tiffany’s weakness her neck

The script

The camera follows Glenda to the top of the stairs. Glenda pauses hands on hips and legs apart as she sees the second Tiffany up ahead. The camera records this perspective from between Glenda’s legs, like this image below…

“Sorry, no dress, no entry”, says Tiffany.

Glenda winks at the camera, clicks her fingers and transforms into a dress and heels.

“Problem solved, but yours are just begining”

Glenda steps forwards and knees Tiffany in the tummy. Tiffany is pushed back but quickly straightens up. Glenda tries again with a punch and then a kick to the tummy, but Tiffany is only mildly hurt.

Tiffany then attacks with a variety of kicks, leaving Glenda staggering.

Glenda realises this version of Tiffany’s midsection is not her weakness, so she tries attacking other areas. She counters with a few athletic kicks of her own, to Tiffany’s face and crotch, but they don’t have much impact.

Tiffany smirks and torments Glenda, slapping and punching her a few times. Glenda staggers back again and turns to the camera…

“Ugh, this one is such a pain in the neck!” Lightbulb moment.. “Her neck! It’s the only place I haven’t tried!”

Glenda is panting, but she straightens up and defiantly invites Tiffany to attack her again. Tiffany lunges, but Glenda sidesteps, grabs Tiffany by the hair and then wraps her arms around Tiffany’s neck from behind. Tiffany is immediately struggling and panicking, so Glenda maintains the tight headlock.

Glenda slowly pulls Tiffany backwards until she finds something to sit on (a table, or a chair, or a photocopier maybe). Glenda sits and pulls Tiffany between her legs by the hair. Tiffany can be standing or kneeling.

Glenda keeps squeezing until Tiffany stop resisting. She again lifts her top leg high in the air and holds the pose while Tiffany slides onto the ground arms and legs stretched out wide.

Glenda hops down, steps over Tiffany, clicks her fingers, transforms into her opening outfit and turns to the camera, winking…

“Two down, one to go”

The final shot is Tiffany’s body laid out on the ground.

Fight 3

Glenda walks towards the stage, where the third Tiffany has materialised, doing a sexy dance on the pole.

Attire Tiffany wears the black costume from Tiffany punishes bold man who wanted to touch her legs. Glenda wears her opening costume (because this time she is already a close match to Tiffany’s costume).

Moves Creative attacks and reversals on and around the dance pole. Low blows, punches and slaps to face. Gymnastic moves.

Tiffany’s weakness her face and her crotch

The script

The third Tiffany clone is seen dancing on the pole. Glenda approaches and stands there, hands on hips staring at Tiffany, before she turns to the camera…

“Close enough costume. No need to change this time!”

Glenda approaches Tiffany on the pole, but is repelled by a flying kick. She approaches again, but is kicked again.

“Sorry, this pole is taken” Tiffany sneers.

Glenda changes tactics. She approaches the pole gymnastically and strikes Tiffany with a cartwheel kick to the face and Tiffany stumbles backwards losing her grip on the pole.

Now it’s Glenda’s turn to launch a few attacks off the pole, all aimed at Tiffany’s face. Tiffany is weakened, but she mounts a comeback and lands a few kicks and punches of her own. They compete for control of the pole, but eventually Glenda is shoved with her back to the pole, turning to the camera…

“uhh she’s the toughest one yet!”

As Tiffany approaches, Glenda drops down, does the splits launches a low punch between Tiffany’s legs. Tiffany groans in pain and stumbles backwards. Glenda is filmed from behind showcasing her ass and legs as she pushes up to her feet with her ass against the pole.

Tiffany is hurt, but she tries to attack again. This time she flips into a handstand and attempts to scissor Glenda around the neck. Glenda grabs her legs and slowly pulls them apart so she can strike again at Tiffany’s crotch with her elbow. Tiffany falls to the floor in agony (This is a move from Mortal Kombat: Rhea vs Tiffany).

Glenda hits Tiffany with a combination of blows, taking her time and strutting around as Tiffany is knocked down repeatedly. Glenda picks her up by the hair and slaps her a couple of times. Then she lets her go, moves to the pole, and finishes her off with a spinning kick off the pole that KO’s Tiffany and knocks her to the ground arms and legs spread wide.

Glenda finishes the scene with a sexy pole dance. Then she turns to the camera, as she walks out…

“Mission accomplished”

Fade out with a low angle shot of Glenda walking towards the exit.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agent Glenda vs clones of Tiffany in sexy fights

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