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  • Stefania the barefoot ninja

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the actress is Stefania and an actor will play the different adversaries.

Stefania is the barefoot ninja, she is a specialist in infiltration missions, she uses her skills in martial arts, infiltration, ninjutsu and her bare feet to seduce and neutralize her adversaries.

Today his mission is to enter a building guarded by soldiers in order to retrieve confidential files stored on a USB key.

A soldier stands guard Stefania will start by neutralizing him first, the ninja will be in a position above the guard and wait for him to stop moving and grab him with her feet, one on his mouth to prevent him from screaming and the other on his neck. (Like in the stella black ninja video)

The ninja will caress the guard's face to seduce him. The man will worship her feet when the soldier is totally under her control. Stefania will put her feet around his neck again and choke him until he faints.

Stefania will enter the building and spot another soldier, she will throw an object on the ground, the soldier will bend down to pick up the object when he gets it back, he will look up and see the ninja's bare feet then look up along the ninja outfit and finish with Stefania's eyes with her ninja hood (pov).

The soldier is on his knees Stefania will place her sole on the guard's face so that he remains on his knees and give him a kick in the face to knock him out.

Stefania will enter the video surveillance room and see a soldier who is looking at the screen and remains obsessed with the images of the ninja on the screen.

The ninja will sit on the desk in front of the guard and place her soles on the guard's face to seduce him, when the guard is completely under her control she will grab his arms and leave her soles on his face until he is destroyed.

A soldier is patrolling a corridor, Stefania will come in front of him and look at him with her hands on her hips, then join her hands and lean forward to greet him.

The ninja will kick his hand so that he drops his weapon, then push him back against a wall, Stefania will place her sole on his mouth to stop him from screaming then bring her foot down on his throat (pinned against the wall), she will stay in this position then give him a kick in the face to neutralize him.

The last soldier is patrolling and at the bend of a corridor he discovers Stefania with her back to him and on her knees (meditating) and he sees her soles, he approaches and also gets down on his knees and immerses his face in her soles.

Stefania will let him enjoy then turn around and grab his neck with her feet and the stranger until he is destroyed.

The ninja will collect the USB key and leave.

During Stefania's movements, many views of her feet, her masked face and her soles.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Stefania the barefoot ninja

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