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  • Policeman Edward vs Ninja in fight competition. 2nd round

Custom clip request 

Edward the policeman enters with tonfa in one hand and gloves inside his trousers.

As he enters the room and goes into the hall on the way he kicks the air with a karate scream.

As he enters the room he puts down the tonfa, puts on the gloves while looking around (and as he puts them on he starts to say "ninja I'm waiting for you let's see who's the strongest) and begins to do karate training, throwing yelling front kicks and punches in a karate stance.

The ninja then silently enters, telling him that with his ninja techniques he will get the better of the policeman's karate, the policeman while holding his hands on his hips replies that he has just obtained his black belt in karate and will show him everything he can do.

They begin to approach each other, walking in a circle in a fighting stance( edward has one arm pulled back as if giving a karate punch and the other arm is outstretched with an open hand. They look each other in the eyes and then begin to fight

The fight consists of many karate punches and kicks. They fight both the ninja and the policeman, as in the other video ( in this one I ask to avoid scenes with edward or the ninja with his back to the wall being repeatedly hit in the face, I prefer them to fight normally and do more karate punches and kicks.

The fight lasts 4 minutes. The initial presentation 2 minutes.

Edward is put with his back to the post and is tied with a rope by the ninja, who starts kicking him with his tabi on his pecs and kneeing him in the stomach, he then places one of his tabi on edward's mouth, who remains impassive. He then takes his nunchaku and with the weapon's chain he gets behind edward and tries to choke him.  Edward however resists impassively, despite the fact that he can be seen straining to prove himself tough and strong.

Once he's free edward rolls up his sleeves in revenge, showing his forearms, gets into a boxing stance with his fists up and starts to punch the ninja in the face quickly, first on the move as the ninja backs away, then once his back is to the wall he punches him full and finishes with a karate chop to the forehead from top to bottom (1 minute).

The angry ninja says he will pay for it. He tells him to take out his weapons, while he pulls the nunchaku and opens it in front of him, without rotating it. 

Edward takes the tonfas back in his hand saying( now you will taste my tonfas just as he tasted my gloves), takes the tonfas, spins them around and then meets them in front of him.

Then they start fighting with lots of tonfa and nunchaku blows and lots of kicks( similar to the other video)

Edward disarms the ninja eventually cornering him, throws down the tonfa( like you had done in the other video) and with a yell and a karate stance throws a mega punch at him(the camera needs to be beside edward to see his face as he yells and throws the punch) 3 minutes

The ninja falls and as edward approaches, edward is hit on the stomach, hit then with knees, karate moves, and repeated punches to the face. He is then choked with nunchaku and falls to the ground.  (The ninja's rematch lasts one minute).

The triumphant ninja is seen giving him one last kick on the breastplates, showing his tabi on the bare chest of edward lying on the ground now defeated.

(The ninja tells him that he has won the ninjutsu this time and is waiting for the next duel.)

The ninja as he leaves takes off his mask twirling his nunchaku.

Outfit: edward black trousers, shoes from the other video he had been wearing, the belt from the other video, black shirt open halfway to show abs and pecs( maybe the three or four buttons underneath are to be fastened) and a black bandana( the lace not too long) must give the impression of being Rambo.

The sleeves are laced up.

Ninja: like the other video, with the tabi boots,the pants seem to be inside the tabi boots and inside the long black socks.

Under the black kimono I ask you to put on a black T-shirt.

Black leather gloves also for the ninja

Balaclava ( the ones you have in the other videos where you only see the eyes and they are all black)

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Policeman Edward vs Ninja in fight competition. 2nd round

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