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  • Super Tiffany destroys the men blowing their heads

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clothing:Reference email attachment image。the upper part of the body:Light colored shirt or T-shirt(Can reveal a little cleavage)。Lower body:Black stockings and leather shoes,Pleated skirt。A shoulder bag。Overall, it looks like everyday wear。In the final scene, she will be wearing the clothes of a Superwoman's outfit

personnel:TIFFANY and Three male gangsters

Movie time:25 minutes

The background of the story:TIFFANY have powerful superpowers,She is in a very relaxed state,She likes to tease enemies and then finish them off.

Tips:Occasionally showcasing her sexy cleavage,When the female protagonist looks down or the gangster looks up from the bottom, I hope to occasionally capture the female protagonist's underwear,

TIFFANY is a college student with many superpowers. Eliminating bandits in the city will make her feel happy.She was very relaxed and eliminated them like playing. Destroying the bandits is a simple task for her.

Scenario 1:

TF is resting at home, lying sideways on the sofa to sleep (without wearing socks and shoes).Three thieves X, Y, and Z entered the room.X quietly walked over to her side, stroked her thighs, and then lifted her skirt to look at her underwear.She woke up, very angry, and asked them all to leave. The three of them laughed heartily.She gave X a slap on the face, and X fell to the ground. She walked up to X, grabbed X's head with her thighs, and X patted her thighs struggling.Y was behind her, ready to take out a weapon to shoot, but before she could shoot, she suddenly turned her head and her eyes quickly emitted rays, shattering Y's head. Then she said to X, "it's your turn."Then she twisted her thighs, causing X's neck to break and fall to the ground.Z ran up to her, ready to attack her with her fists. She laughed heartily and lightly tapped Z's forehead with one finger, causing Z to stiffen and remain motionless.She returned to the sofa, slowly put on socks and shoes, and put on a shoulder bag. In front of Z, spin the skirt to showcase her sexiness。She caressed Z's head and said it was the last three seconds. Then she walked towards the door with a smile and said softly: 3, 2, 1, BOOM. Z's head exploded and she left.

Scenario 2:

A room with three bandits X, Y, and Z inside, she knocked on the room door。She said, "I'm a superhero and I'm going to finish them today. "Several bandits burst into laughter.Bandit X went up to stroke her hair and thighs, and she pouted, feeling a bit unhappy。Suddenly, bandit X's head felt very painful, and then his head exploded。She pretended to be surprised and covered her mouth, saying, "I didn't do it.".Bandit Y took out his weapon and fired at her, but the bullet hit her body and fell off. She said it was my turn and her eyes shot hot rays.Bandit Y was shattered, and she clapped her hands to celebrate victory, very happy.

The last bandit Z was frightened and ran away. She instantly moved to the door, and the bandit Z collided with her.She was a bit angry and slapped bandit Z to the ground. She walked up to bandit Z and stepped on Z's chest with one foot。She took out lipstick from her shoulder bag and began to apply makeup.Z hugged her feet and struggled (capturing her makeup process from a bottom-up perspective),After finishing her makeup, she said, "Do you like my beauty? You can touch my legs“。The bandit touched her leg and she smiled happily, then gently twisted her body, causing the bandit's neck to break. She said, "I'm sorry, you're too weak.".

Scene Three:

She entered the corridor and found three bandits. She used her superpowers to easily finish them。(The plot is decided by the director, and she uses her superpowers to finish them in the process.)

Scene Four:

The room door is open, and three bandits X, Y, and Z are playing cards。She walked in and sat on the sofa while chatting with her classmates on the phone,The bandits were very surprised,She said to the phone, "The last three will be over soon.". Then she hung up the phone.Three bandits stood up and pretended to be very scared, saying, "Did I enter the wrong room?",X approached her, grabbed her hands, and then tied them together. The bandits felt very happy。X picked her up and threw her on the sofa. X took off her shoes and stroked her calves,She said, "Please don't touch me anymore, you will die.".X continued to caress her and she said, "I will give you a surprise.".X was about to pounce on her, but she disappeared and suddenly appeared behind everyone。(She changed into Superwoman's outfit).She said: The game has started. X took out a weapon to shoot, and she spread her hands and said, "I'm a superhero, it's useless.".X started shooting, the bullet hit her body and fell off。One of the bullets fell into her cleavage.She pouted and took out a bullet from her cleavage, using her finger to hit X's head, which was hit。She pretended to be surprised and covered her mouth with her hand, saying, "It's too scary.".Bandit Y rushed over and hugged her, and she shook her head helplessly. With a gentle power, Y fell to the ground. She made Y kneel down and looked down at Y from a high position。Y hugged her leg and begged for mercy. She said, "Give you 5 seconds.".Then, in the fifth second, Y had just run to the door when she shot through Y with the rays from her eyes.Z crouched in the corner, feeling very scared.She sat on the sofa, took out her phone from her shoulder bag, and started chatting with her classmates,At the same time, she gestured with her fingers for Z to come over. Z walked to the sofa and gestured with her fingers for Z to kneel down,Let Z take off her boots, then place her feet on Z's back,She lay leisurely on the sofa chatting on her phone, and at the end of the conversation, she said, "Wait for me, let's go shopping once the last one is resolved.".Then she hung up the phone, stood up, stepped on Z's head with one foot, and tidied up her socks,The bandit hugged her leg and begged her for mercy. She said, "Bastard, you've dirtied my socks again.".Her eyes emitted rays, the bandit's head exploded, and then she put on her boots and left.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Super Tiffany destroys the men blowing their heads

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